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Martyr Saleh Barghouthi - The Occupation Deprived Him of His Father as a Child and Killed Him as a Young Man

Martyr Saleh Barghouthi - The Occupation Deprived Him of His Father as a Child and Killed Him as a Young Man
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Mahmoud as-Saadi

The parents of 30-year old Saleh Omar al-Barghouthi, who hails from the village of Kaubar located northwest of Ramallah and in the center of the West Bank, did not believe the news that their son had been martyred.

An “Israeli” special forces unit intercepted his vehicle near the village of Surda north of Ramallah and arrested him on Wednesday evening. Even though the “Israeli” authorities announced Saleh's martyrdom, the family did not believe the news until it was officially informed by the Palestinian civil affairs on Thursday morning.

Based on eyewitnesses’ accounts, Saleh’s family confirms that their son got out of his vehicle intact and was not harmed after shots had been fired at the car, breaking its rear window. They insist that the occupation forces killed Saleh in cold blood after his arrest, according to freed detainee and Saleh’s relative, Fakhri Barghouthi, who spoke to Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed website.

The “Israeli” occupation forces claim that Saleh Barghouthi belonged to a cell whose members were arrested on Wednesday night in Ramallah. The group was accused of carrying out a shooting near the Ofra settlement last Sunday, in which seven settlers were injured. The “Israeli” forces have since tightened the noose around Ramallah. The army stormed the city more than once in search of surveillance footage and to hunt down the perpetrators.

Shortly after Saleh Barghouthi was detained, the “Israeli” occupation forces stormed the village of Kaubar and raided his family's home. They fired sound grenades at the people inside. They detained dozens of Palestinians who were inside the house providing support for the family. The forces searched the house using police dogs. They arrested Saleh’s father and freed detainee Omar Barghouthi as well as his brother-in-law Hadi Barghouthi and a number of his relatives.

Saleh Barghouthi, a self-made young man, grew up in a family targeted by the occupation for 40 years. He carried on with his life even though his father had been in detention for 28 years. Saleh did not complete his education. He only got as far as the secondary level. He worked as a driver for one of the public car companies in Ramallah. Saleh got married six years ago and had a child he called Qais. The child is four and a half years old now, and today he has been orphaned by the “Israeli” occupation.

The residents of Kaubar, and even Saleh’s family, did not anticipate what happened to him. The young martyr used to go to his work early in the morning and come back in the evening. Everyone loved him. He had a quiet temperament. He lived in a family of fighters. He witnessed the occupation’s oppression against his father, who he saw during prison visits when he was a child. He was deprived of spending his childhood among his brothers who were also arrested. His only uncle, Nael Barghouthi, is currently detained in “Israeli” jails and has spent more than 38 years in prison. All these made Salih a solid, self-reliant person, freed detainee Fakhri Barghouthi explains.

Martyr Barghouthi’s family house stands witness to the pain and suffering of its occupants. The martyr’s father, 65-year-old freed detainee Omar Barghouthi or Abu Assif, and his 61-year-old brother Nael Barghouthi were detained in 1978. They along with their cousin Fakhri Barghouthi were sentenced to life in prison for resisting the occupation.

Omar Barghouthi was released in 1985 in one of the exchange deals, while Fakhri and Nael were released in 2011 “Loyalty to the Free” deal [Gilag Shalit deal]. Nael was re-arrested less than three years later and handed another life sentence. Nael spent more than 38 years in “Israeli” prisons, while Omar spent 28 years. Saleh’s brother was not spared. Assim was detained and spent 12 years in “Israeli” prisons.

Martyr Saleh was never detained by the “Israeli” authorities. He, however, was deprived of his happy family moments and the company of his father during his childhood and adolescence years. He was also deprived from spending his childhood years with his father, uncle and brother due to their detention. His father and uncle also went through the same suffering. They were deprived of bidding their parents their final farewells because they were detained.

Source: Alaraby al-Jadeed, Translated by website team