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Poor Innocent Bin Salman

Poor Innocent Bin Salman
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Hussein Samawarchi

Mohamed Bin Salman may not be so lacking in the IQ department after all. Indeed, the man proved that he can turn an assassination conducted on a diplomatic mission’s premises in a foreign country into a comical affair. Alas, it is believed that when something is handled with absolute absurdity, it becomes almost entirely void of significance.

If that is the case, then Bin Salman is, hands down, the best media spin doctor to ever exist.

Consider the following:

  • State of the art security cameras in the consulate of one of the wealthiest countries in the world do not record any footage.
  • The Saudi consulate could not issue a simple certificate of divorce. It seems that the said certificate is of such importance that it needed to be flown in by 15 government operatives directly from Riyadh.
  • The Saudis asked the world to take their word for it that Jamal Khashoggi had left the consulate within 20 minutes of entering. His fiancé who was waiting for him outside suffered a case of temporary blindness at the same moment when he couldn’t recognize her on his way out due to temporary memory loss.
  • A team of 15 Saudi thugs happened to fly in onboard two private jets to visit the consulate at the same time Jamal Khashoggi was expected. At least one of those tourists is in the habit of packing autopsy and corpse dismemberment tools in his baggage.
  • The head of the mission at the consulate opened file cabinets for reporters to show that Jamal was not being kept in there.
  • Stories of Qatari assassins were told by Saudi media outlets. The Qataris made it through the Turkish diplomatic police, the consulate’s own security, and the consular employees undetected.

In the matter of the Khashoggi case, it could be said that the whole Saudi official rhetoric is comical if it wasn’t for the tragic nature of the event; using such a description would be in bad taste. There is nothing comical about a human being cut to pieces. But, it might all be a part of Bin Salman’s genius – he swarms the story with absurdities so that the public opinion finds the whole thing unworthy of serious interest.

This was all before Saudi Arabia decided to admit to the crime. If news spectators think they have seen enough ridiculousness coming out of the Saudis during the days prior to the confession, they have another thing coming to them.

17 days after Jamal Khashoggi had joined the rest of Bin Salman’s growing list of physically terminated critics, Saudi Arabia claimed that pursuant to its internal investigation, it has placed 18 persons under arrest and that it is conducting a clean-up of its intelligence service.
Poor trusting Mohamed Bin Salman turned out to be the victim of false information; the excessively naive crown prince was lied to. The psychopath who abducted the prime minister of Lebanon, who jailed his own cousins and had them tortured (at least one to death) in the Ritz Carlton hotel, and who personally ordered the imprisonment of women (executions of some) for speaking out would never, in his wildest dreams, believe that his own thugs would kill Jamal Khashoggi. That is the most recent absurdity released by the Wahhabi media.

As for how Jamal was killed, the tale told by the Saudis would make aliens skip planet Earth if they were screening the galaxy for intelligent life forms. 17 days of preparing a story and all they could come up with is that Jamal wanted to talk about returning to the realm of Bin Salman; the same Jamal who went on record not so long ago in an interview saying that he’s afraid to go to Saudi Arabia.

They say that once inside, he decided to engage in a violent confrontation with 14 military personnel and a forensic pathologist waiving a surgical bone saw. The 59-year-old writer had a fist fight with them thinking that the odds were in his favor but died in the process. The traumatized victims of Jamal’s bullying did not know what to do, so they just did the obvious. They cut him into pieces.

This is the Saudi logic in solving this scandal. Absurdity is an understatement.

Maybe they can’t be blamed when the US President has given them more praise than blame during the past few days. Perhaps, Mr. Pompeo returning home with an extra 100 million dollars tells them that the White House will still back up anything they want to do.

What is very sad is that beautiful little Yemeni children have been dying daily for the past three years or so at the hands of Bin Salman and 17 days of Jamal Khashoggi’s death mystery managed to claim more coverage. It’s a shameless media world.

The months to come will reveal the kind of deals that were made to patch all this up. Will the release of the pastor who stole billions in Iraqi gold bars when he still wore the uniform be reciprocated with an easier political climate for the Saudi branch of the Muslim Brotherhood? Will Bin Salman relinquish the claim of leadership of the Sunni world to the new Sultan of the modern Ottoman Empire? Time will tell what was brokered by Trump and how much his commission was.

Source: Al-Ahed News