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Zionist Theatrics

Zionist Theatrics
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Hussein Samawarchi

The “Israelis” don’t seem capable of allowing a week to pass without making threats and waving the flags of war against someone. They must have realized that the best way to keep foreign aid coming in is to be at a state of war with someone, anyone. They are the best practical example of the Arab saying: Break one’s own arm and beg over it.

As little children, we mentioned the word “Israel” constantly because when we did not get scared due to the sound of bombs dropped near us, we got scared from the ear-shattering explosions caused by fighter jets breaking the sound barrier. We were constantly terrorized by those who flood the media with stories of how they are victims of hatred in the Middle East.

We grew a bit more and almost got used to the sounds of explosions. Zionist terror became a part of our daily life to a point where when a couple of days would pass without the “Israeli” aerial machines of doom reminding us of their terrorizing existence, we would get scared that they would be preparing for something horrifically bigger than the usual.

Now that so many years have passed, their demented strategy has become more fathomable. What they did, and still do, was provoke reactions and prepare the global opinion to see those reactions as actions. Hence, portraying the Palestinians and Lebanese in particular, and the Arabs in general, as peace-hating violent specimens of humanity.

“Israel” is not a self-sufficient entity. It relies on an obscene amount of handouts from countries like the United States and on shares from profits of huge shady commercial organizations that deal in everything from soda to diamonds to weapons. “Israel” needs to keep up the image of a victimized peace-loving state so as to give the necessary grounds to colluding world leaders for sending aid. Otherwise, the people of the countries supporting “Israel” would object and might even go as far as removing their officials who actually serve the Zionists whose lobbies availed the offices they are in.

So, besides a natural tendency for crime and terror that motivates the “Israelis” to commit war crimes, there is the need to provoke Arabs; the murder and harsh abuse of the sons and daughters of locals serve both purposes. The Zionists satisfy their murderous instincts when they target Palestinian children almost on daily basis and they provoke reactions of their mourning families. Then, comes the part in which the Zionists excel most: twisting facts.

The story of the event becomes one of self-defense. International media reports a 16-year-old young girl trying to stab “Israeli” soldiers after the school books that laid in the pool of blood next to her body are exchanged with a kitchen knife. Then, the focus is made on her angry parents who are accused of brainwashing a minor to commit an act of terror.

If people realize this and prevent their leaders from fueling the “Israeli” war machine that is killing innocents, this war machine would have to rely solely on the shady organizations; but, chances are, these same people who have asked their leaders to side with ethics and humanitarian standards would have their governments crack down on mega-corporations that benefit terrorists like the ones ruling from Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu, Lieberman, and the rest of the “Israeli” political circus performers still make threats against any free soul that stands against occupation and ethnic cleansing. They still try to provoke everyone around them. It may be a good way to receive western support but it is about to backfire on them. The new generation of Arabs are very angry; those who have not been direct victims of the “Israeli” army know that the terrorists, regardless of what they called themselves, who beheaded their countrymen were created and commanded by “Israel”. Al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, “ISIS”, or whatever the name was, they were all the unofficial soldiers of “Israel”.

Indeed, after [Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence] Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah set an example of how a group of brave patriots could turn Merkavas into scrap metal and after Syrian President Bashar Assad showed the world that Arab nationalism is still alive and well, “Israel’s” image got downgraded from Ogre to a cat with little sharp nails. Their army was humiliated in South Lebanon and their mercenaries were wiped out in the Beqaa Valley and Syria. Zionist threat tactics don’t scare anymore.

Source: Al-Ahed News