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Report: Hezbollah Is «Israel’s» Biggest Challenge among Arab Groups!

Report: Hezbollah Is «Israel’s» Biggest Challenge among Arab Groups!
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Amidst the turmoil going on in the Middle East, the “Israeli” entity had hoped for the best but continued to plan for the worst. What best suits this situation is the French epigram which literally means “the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing”!  

A report published by the United States Army War College explained that while dealing with Hezbollah, “Israeli” vigilance is most necessary.

Accordingly, the “Israeli” entity has undertaken initiatives to increase regional cooperation with its patron, the United States, and the entity’s Arab neighbors. The report explains that aligning “Israeli” and Gulf Arab interest pose a bigger threat to Hezbollah.

Since the Lebanon 2006 War with Hezbollah, the entity has been readying itself for another round, as that war proved how effective Hezbollah could be.

The report acknowledges Hezbollah’s military strength which includes infantry units, armed with anti-tank missiles and hundreds of drones. It sheds light on the number of powerful missiles the group possesses – amounting to 150,000 rockets and missiles. Those rockets and missiles have various warheads and ranges, a few of them cover all of the “Israeli” entity, which is about 20,000 sq. km.

Moreover, Hezbollah has the capacity to fire more than a 1,000 rockets a day, reaching anywhere in the entity, the report adds. Not to mention, the group’s high competency and experience in urban warfare, which they would use to great effect in a renewed conflict with the “Israeli” entity.

Based on the report, having the capacity to storm villages on the “Israeli” border, Hezbollah would use that ability in the start of the war; it would then use its rockets to attack “Israeli” targets, including vital infrastructure, air fields, headquarters etc. aiming at causing casualties and damage, undermining morale and disrupting “Israeli” activities.

In a parallel platform, the report highlighted the lack of readiness on the part of the “Israeli” army, saying that the war of 2006 against Hezbollah revealed how the troops lacked training. It explained that “Israeli” troops were unprepared to deal with the nature of the terrain of Lebanon, while Hezbollah was obviously familiar with the landscape of that country.

To this extent, Hezbollah has become the core notional opponent in “Israeli” so-called “defense” strategy.

Hence, “Israeli” troops have increased training, as it has been working on improving operational skills, fearing another war with Hezbollah.

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