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Ashura 2019


In Memory of July Victory: Iranian Leaders Congratulate the Resistance through Al-Ahed

In Memory of July Victory: Iranian Leaders Congratulate the Resistance through Al-Ahed
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Mokhtar Haddad

On the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Resistance in the July 2006 war, Iranian officials congratulated the government and people of Lebanon.

In an exclusive statement to Al-Ahed news website, the Deputy Chief of the Judiciary for Islamic Affairs in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hojatoleslam Sheikh Hadi Sadeghi, congratulated "all the sons of Hezbollah and the free world on this great occasion."

"This victory is unparalleled in the last 80 years of world history. One of the most important messages was that by relying on God Almighty, victory could be achieved (O you who have believed, if you support Allah, He will support you and plant firmly your feet.). This is what Hezbollah did. With empty hands, the Mujahideen resisted an enemy that possessed a sophisticated military arsenal. By relying on God and with courage, steadfastness and the weapon of faith, the resistance managed to defeat the Zionist enemy," Sheikh Sadeghi stressed.  

He added that "if we moved in the same way in our confrontation with the United States and the enemies, surely God will bestow victory on us in the end. Thus, we will not trust the enemy, and we will not put our hopes on it. Our hope is on God Almighty. We are steadfast. Our people in its unity will overcome this stage. Victory is near and coming, God willing."

For his part, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Mohammad Rasulullah Division of Greater Tehran, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Yazdi, congratulated "dear brother, the Secretary General of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Islamic Resistance and the Lebanese people on this occasion".

He asserted that "their historical resistance has pleased the hearts of the martyrs. Victory is for the resistance and victories will continue with God’s help."

Brigadier General Yazdi stressed that "Hezbollah and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah played a great role in fighting terrorism and saving the world from the dangers of the Zionist and American Takfiri agents."

"The enemies know how important the role of the Islamic Resistance is in confronting and defeating this Takfiri and the Zionist-American plan. Thus, they are trying to confront the resistance. But victory is near," he concluded.

Source: Al-Ahed News, Tehran