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«Israel» Withdraws Hundreds of White Helmets to Jordan

«Israel» Withdraws Hundreds of White Helmets to Jordan
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Hundreds of White Helmet members and their families had been evacuated by the “Israeli” entity to Jordan on Sunday for resettlement in Western countries as Syrian Army forces advance.

Jordan's foreign ministry announced in a statement that the kingdom received 422 individuals, after earlier saying it had given permission for 800 to arrive.

Foreign ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Kayed said Britain, Germany and Canada had initially agreed to accept around 827 White Helmet members and their relatives, but eventually settled on a figure of 422.

He said they would be allowed to stay in Jordan for a period of time not exceeding three months.

The White Helmets, is a western-backed group of undercover militants allegedly taking on rescue mission. It was founded in 2013.

The “Israeli” military said it had transferred the so-called “rescue workers” and their families to a neighboring country, adding that the operation was "exceptional".

"A few days ago President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and others approached me with the request to help extract from Syria hundreds of White Helmets," “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement.

White Helmets head Raed Saleh said the evacuees had arrived in Jordan after withdrawing from Syrian provinces of Deraa and Quneitra, which respectively border Jordan and the “Israeli”-occupied Golan Heights.

The entity seized 1,200 square kilometers of the Golan from Syria in 1967, in a move never recognized internationally.

Britain's Foreign Office said it had helped facilitate the overnight evacuations.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told Bild newspaper that Germany would take in eight White Helmets members and their families.

Canada will take in up to 50 White Helmets members and their families, totaling up to 250 people, the country's public broadcaster CBC said citing senior officials.

It was unclear how many White Helmet members remained in both the Deraa and Quneitra provinces after the evacuations.

The White Helmets, referred to by Australian national Professor Tim Anderson as a fake humanitarian group, had published several clips and pictures of its members treating and rescuing civilians from a staged chemical attack in the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta.

However, the Russian Reconciliation Center has spoken with doctors in Douma, who reported that they had not received any patients with sign of chemical poisoning. Neither did the Syrian Red Crescent Society. The center also said that no traces of chemical agents were found in the area where the alleged attack had taken place, adding that videos spread by the White Helmets were “fake”.

On June 19, Syrian Army forces launched a Russia-backed offensive to retake Deraa and Quneitra provinces which are under militant occupation.

Just a month later, the Syrian Army have regained control of most of these two provinces with the help of a Moscow-brokered surrender deals.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team