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EU Has Limited Time to Preserve JCPOA, Rouhani Tells May

EU Has Limited Time to Preserve JCPOA, Rouhani Tells May
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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani late Sunday reiterated the need for ensuring Iran's interests in the nuclear deal known as JCPOA, saying that European Union has restricted time for preserving the agreement.

EU Has Limited Time to Preserve JCPOA, Rouhani Tells May

In a telephone conversation with British Prime M
inister Theresa May, Rouhani added that Iran is seeking to safeguard its national interests by remaining committed to the deal, although the other parties have not had satisfactory performance in implementing their duties under the deal.

Pointing to Britain's role in nuclear talks since 2003 until approval of JCPOA as a win-win accord, he described US withdrawal from the deal as unlawful, irresponsible and in contrast with UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

EU has limited time to keep the deal and help ensure Iran's interests enshrined in it, he stressed, noting that Iran's interests in JCPOA-related issues such as oil, gas and petrochemicals sales, banking ties and investment should be clarified and guaranteed.

Rouhani described expert meetings and Tuesday's session of foreign ministers of Iran, Britain, France and Germany as very important, hoping that the meeting would be able to meet Iran's interests by keeping the JCPOA alive. 

Elsewhere, Rouhani said that the US is responsible for every situation that may emerge following its withdrawal from the international pact.

Both sides have obligations under the JCPOA and it is not acceptable that only one side fulfills its commitments, Rouhani noted.

Maintaining that Middle East security is significant for both Iran and world, he said, urging all countries to work for peace in the region.

May, for her part, hailed Iran's adherence to JCPOA, saying that EU's aim is to keep the JCPOA.

"We and all European colleagues will do our best to preserve the deal to ensure Iran's benefits from it," she said. 

She further noted that European states have prepared a package of proposals for maintaining JCPOA that will be presented during the upcoming meeting of the Iranian and three European foreign ministers and High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team