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Suhaila Ibrahim Zakzaky: My Parents are Detained at a Security Apparatus Facility

Suhaila Ibrahim Zakzaky: My Parents are Detained at a Security Apparatus Facility
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Daughter of the Head of Islamic Movement in Nigeria [IMN] Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, Suhaila, detailed some facts about the injuries her parents sustained during the Zaria Massacre, describing the mother who still carries the bullets inside her body, and the father that became almost blind due to Glaucoma, in addition to delaying access to the required treatment, which resulted in new protests emerging in the country.

Suhaila Ibrahim Zakzaky: My Parents are Detained at a Security Apparatus Facility

Suhaila further described the means of communicating with her family, told us about her dad as a father and a leader, and spoke of Palestine...

Speaking to the U-News news agency, Suhaila Zakzaky explained how her parents were repeatedly shot: "Soldiers were randomly shooting at my family when I was with them," adding that "removing some bullets from her mother's body took place without anesthesia or painkillers," while she was still living with other bullets in her abdomen and thigh.

Moving to her father, Suhaila added that bullets have been removed from his body, but "he was much harmed because sometimes he couldn't use one of his hands, which he can barely use right now."

Referring to the injury in his left eye, which led to complete blindness in it, in addition to the weakened eyesight in his right eye: "He can barely see unless he uses eyeglasses. He suffers from several medical conditions such as migraine, and pressure on the only functioning eye."

"We can call them for one hour a week or something like that," she added.

Elaborating on the same issue, Ms. Suhaila said that "the government's physician examining her dad noticed some symptoms of Glaucoma since late February 2016, and prescribed some preventive medicines to slow this deterioration, and on April 7, 2018, another independent physician examined him and said that the Glaucoma is developing and causing deterioration in his health situation."

"The Dr. stressed that the medicine he has been taking is useless," she explained, noting that one of the most essential needs other than seeing doctors, is that "the doctors themselves must have access to the required facilitations for this, which we don't have," in addition to the lack of suitable health facilities in Nigeria.

"My parents are at a center of the security defense system, which is sort of like a house, and they have been there for a year and a half after staying at another place for a year earlier," Suhaila added.

She, however, declined any information related to a progress with the authorities regarding the release of her parents.

Referring to the efforts exerted to liberate them, Suhaila said that she has "filed a lawsuit in this regard" reiterating that a court has ruled stopping the detention and releasing her parents, which still didn't take place until the moment."

As for the IMN, it has exerted huge efforts, "atop of which is the continued protests in the capital, Abuja, and several cities," she said.

"This is a positive point, protests have certain influence on the government's officials and embassies to watch and listen what the people are saying, which, in turn, facilitates the issue because the government cannot neglect the daily protests," she said.

She further stressed that "this is not enough, it is not sufficient at all, some people are still silent regarding this issue, especially abroad, and other still don't know what is happening."

Commenting on her relationship with her father, Suhaila Zakzaky said "I have never thought whether my father represents a leader of a father, when I was younger, he was just my dad, then when I grew up and understood more about life and his path, I decided to follow his footsteps, and he hence became my leader. When you look at dynamism from a religious point of view, it is normal that he will first be my leader then my dad."

On the Palestinian issue, Suhalia expressed how impressed she is with young Palestinian detainee Ahed Tamimi: "All of her stories are impressing especially that she is truly young."

Then she expressed that she believes that the Palestinians' struggle for their liberation and the cause they believe in is a source of inspiration for everybody, calling them to continue what they are doing and do not stop no matter what happens.

It is worth mentioning that Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky faced several assassination attempts in 1999, 2007 and 2015. He has lost his eye, his wife was injured, and 6 of his sons were martyred during the "Black Friday" massacre, and al-Quds international day. His sister and nephew were also killed and th
e graves of his mother and sons were bulldozed. His house was also razed.

Source: U-News, Translated by website team