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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on July Victory’s 11th Celebration: ’The Era of Victory’

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on July Victory’s 11th Celebration: ’The Era of Victory’
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In His Name
Full speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during "The Era of Victory" celebration, which was organized by Hezbollah on the 11th anniversary of the July Victory, in Khiam Plain, on Sunday August 13th, 2017.

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on July Victory’s 11th Celebration: ’The Era of Victory’

I seek refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad, and upon his chaste and pure Household, and upon his chosen companions, and upon all messengers and prophets.

Allah Almighty says in His Holy Book: {In The Name of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful, Already has Our Word been passed to our Servants * That they would certainly be assisted * And that Our forces surely must conquer} True is what is said by Allah Almighty.

I welcome you all to this blessed ceremony. I thank you for your huge attendance on this day on which we mark a great holiday. It is one of the days of epics and days of victories which were made by heroism and sacrifices. I welcome all scholars, ministers, deputies, and all officials, security forces, military, partisan, political, social, cultural, municipal, civil, and media representatives. I welcome you all and especially the families of the martyrs, the wounded brothers, and the freed captives who are among us today.

I will start with the particular significance of the place. However, allow me first to comment briefly on the atmosphere of happiness which we witnessed a while ago. This joy is required and recommended. The martyrs offered their souls so that you and us all remain in our land, living in pride, honor, and with raised heads. Be sure that your martyrs today are happy for your happiness. What makes them happy and what rejoices their hearts is to see your smiling faces, your joyous souls, and your cheerful celebrations.

I will start with the specialty of the place. I will start from here, the Khiam Plain, which witnessed one of the epics of steadfastness, courage, perseverance, and great battlefield achievements, which was in itself part of a group of battlefield achievements that formed the battle and led to its decisive outcome.

This plain is known as the Khiam Plain. Khiam is a large town high up there on the highland. It is the town of knowledge, culture, jihad, resistance, steadfastness, benevolence, and coexistence between Muslims and Christians. It summarizes all of Lebanon. After the plain, this kind town with its kind residents is known for its detention center which is known as the Khiam Detention Center. When Khiam is mentioned, the detention center comes to mind. The enemy sought via this detention center to break the will and determination, to cause souls and spirits to submit, and to crush the minds and hearts. However, it recorded via the detained men and women heroic epics of great patience, unmoved perseverance, and loyal adherence to the resistance, and refusal of occupation, humiliation, and disgrace, despite the great sufferings which these captives met in this detention center. This epic of suffering and heroism must be part of the educational curricula to be taught in schools for the generations to come.

Khiam and the other frontal border towns, as well as the towns deep in the interior, fought for 33 days and remained steadfast despite thousands of aerial bombings and artillery shelling and incessant advance attempts to occupy and control them. Still they remained steadfast.

The eye of the enemy was on Khiam for its value in terms of morale and its geographic position which is decisive in the battle. Still, the resistance men in the town and the residents who remained in the town with them fought as the residents of the other towns on the barbed wire line fought, recording marvelous legends of heroic steadfastness and perseverance.

Most of the town was destroyed but it was reconstructed, as here in Lebanon there is the will of resistance, steadfastness, construction, revival, and life - a life with dignity and pride. This is an expression of the adherence of this great people to their land, villages, hills, fields, and valleys, which this people will never abandon.
Now we return to the Plain. Years ago, we marked the anniversary of the July War in Wadi al-Hujeir. No doubt Wadi al-Hujeir was a Merkava massacre. The "Israelis" too talk about a Merkava massacre in Wadi al-Hujeir. Khiam Plain comes as number two. It follows Wadi al-Hujeir, and it is called the ‘Merkava conflagration'. It is enough to read the text of the commander of the battalion which entered this plain. He and the commander of the squad above him thought that Khiam is a besieged, destroyed town, and that this plain is empty and that no one in it will resist. There is no possibility for resistance in it. They thought that it would be an easy operation and victory such that it is realized and final. However, read the "Israeli" text. The head of the battalion says: "Here it is difficult to find an expression better than geese under fire." So it is as if there is a group of geese or ducks and the hunters are opening fire on them. Imagine the scene depicted by the head of the battalion: "The tanks were under fire. Merkava tanks and Puma vehicles were being directly hit. One of the soldiers was killed. The engineering battalion commander was directly hit. As such the force dispersed all over the valley, whereas the panic-stricken soldiers (who like mice were hiding in their vehicles) got out of the vehicles and hid inside the area". Indeed, several tanks were destroyed, and this is documented, and the footages are available. Several tanks were burnt, and several tanks fled. He also said that two tanks fell in water canals. I don't know which water canal. I am not there to go and search in which canal the tanks fell. He added: "The tanks drowned, and their muzzles sunk too, which made it very difficult to rescue them". Later on, the commander of the Northern Area talks with the commander of this battalion and tells him: "You have to end this mockery which you staged and withdraw. Enough with the idea of controlling Khiam!" He added: "A few Hezbollah soldiers made a full military battalion lose their way and get perplexed using the simplest fighting concepts."

O brothers! The story is not that of numbers and tanks. The story is about men. A few men remained in the plain despite thousands of "Israeli" raids and thousands of artillery strikes, and the horror of the advance of a full military battalion. Still they remained steadfast like the deep-rooted mountains. They do not get shaken or unsteady. On the other side, a battalion of the "Israeli" army, when it gets hit with some anti-tank missiles, flees like terrified mice in the area. This is the formula that prevailed in the July War. Here you find the resistance man who believe in Allah and his cause, rights, path, and resistance. This is the truth of these men whom we call the men of Allah. The men of Allah believe in Allah and work to achieve His content; they love Him and adore meeting Allah. On the other side, you find those who falsely claim to be the worshippers of Allah, to the exclusion of mankind. They do not wish for death, they rather love life even with humiliation, fleeing, and hiding. This is the main lesson for today.

The sample presented by the resistance in Khiam Plain, Wadi al-Hujeir, and all the other plains, hills, mountains, and valleys in the south, is the very sample (present today), with the exception that it is much more developed and advanced. It is advanced on all levels, whether regarding quality, quantity, and type. It is developed on the level of men, fighting expertise, fighting types, and the kinds of capabilities. Any "Israeli" land troop which may enter our land, mountains, valleys, or hills, will not be met with a sample of the Khiam Plain or Wadi al-Hujeir of 2006. That would be a hundred times more advanced. This is the truth which awaits them. The defeat, the humiliation, and the shame which were afflicted on them in that war would be tenfold in any future war.

Brothers and sisters! Eleven years have passed on the war which we are marking victory in, (a war) which the "Israelis" call the Second Lebanon War. Still it is forcefully present in the minds of the "Israeli" military, political, and security leaders, "Israeli" public opinion, and popular "Israeli" disposition. This is proof that it left a deep impact on the recesses of the "Israeli" mind, and the "Israelis" deal with it as an exceptional, historic event in the history of this entity and this people who usurped Palestine and al-Quds. Thus, this anniversary has never passed without being the focus of comments, research, and scrutiny. For 11 years, this never stopped. This war was and is still the subject of their research, studies, arguments, discussions, plots, concerns, expectations, and psychological warfare. That's because for the "Israelis", this was a great, important, and crucial event which they are still studying. Days ago, I was following some statements. Some want to summon the Winograd Commission again because after 11 years more things were discovered which were not revealed 11 years ago. They are still studying and drawing lessons and filling up gaps. They are still exerting efforts to restore the confidence which was destroyed in the July War between the "Israeli" people, the "Israeli" Army, and the "Israeli" leadership. This was the most crucial repercussion of that war. They are trying to search in the minute details to find an achievement here and an achievement there even if that would be a lie - now I do not want to go into details. After 11 years, they are still acknowledging their defeat on the one hand, and the magnitude of the challenge which the resistance in Lebanon forms on the other. I want to draw your attention to this point. For the last 11 years and especially in the previous year, the "Israelis" have been talking about the growth of the power of Hezbollah. They talk about "Hezbollah" by name. They talk about the number, the troops, the vast experience, the arms, the kinds of ammunition, the missiles, the range of these missiles, the precision of these missiles...

Here I am telling you on the July anniversary: with every statement and every time the "Israelis" talk about the growth of the power of Hezbollah, they are acknowledging their defeat in the July War 2006. Why? Because the main goal of the July War and July aggression in 2006 was to crush Hezbollah, and not (merely) weaken it. The goal was to crush Hezbollah and to defeat it once and for all. Well, for 11 years, the "Israelis" have been talking about the growth of the power of Hezbollah, the development of its capabilities, the number of its missiles, the precision of its missiles, and the number of its fighters. What does that mean? That means that they are acknowledging that they failed to achieve the main goal of the July War 2006, and they are facing this problem now, especially in the Herzliya Conference which took place a few months ago. The focal point is the main threat posed by Hezbollah. How are they to deal with this threat? Then comes Gaza, the resistance in Gaza, and the experience of Gaza which is the twin and comrade of the resistance in Lebanon. This is the main problem which the "Israelis" are suffering from and which they articulate continuously.

Usually in every speech on "Israel", it is supposed that we say something specific. Today, I do not want to talk about the number of fighters because I tackled this point before. I do not want to talk about missiles because I talked about that before, and there are other things which I will postpone for the future. However, there is something specific I will talk about to make clear the subsequent responsibility as per Lebanon. What is the responsibility of the Lebanese people and the Lebanese politicians and everyone? When we talk about the liberation in 2000, whether by the hands of Hezbollah or the Amal Movement or the other Lebanese and Palestinian resistance front factions, the liberation of 2000 was not made via claims, slogans, calls, hopes, dreams, and expectations. It was rather the result of the serious hard work of the resistance in all domains. The same applies to the victory of 2006 which today we are marking. Were it not for the serious resistance which fights in the field and were it not also for the official political steadfastness (which I will talk about later), this victory would not be achieved. I want to tell you that following the victory of 2000 and 2006 and following all that is taking place and the events that took place in relation to the Lebanese people and "Israel" on the other side, there is a resistance in Lebanon - a serious resistance that does not have time to joke, to have fun, or to waste. It does not have an annual vacation. It is a resistance that works day and night. It thinks, plans, follows up, and studies all the new developments. It scrutinizes all the developments of the capacities of the enemies and the developments in the region. It reprograms and reconsiders incessantly its plans, programs, and structures. It trains and arms with the best kinds of arms it can obtain - and this is its natural right. It always makes serious, honest, and transparent updates. When it is engaged in a battle, it evaluates it, and it benefits from the experiences and lessons and accordingly takes the appropriate stances, just as what took place days ago in the Arsal and Flitah Outskirts. You have this serious resistance which has these men, capacities, and abilities. The enemy knows that this is its problem - this is the resistance whose value and importance we must know.

We are here also before a human value. This resistance is characterized by loyalty, honesty, and work aimed at achieving major and national goals. It does not search for personal benefits or partisan interests or factional profits. Days ago, I was reading (the words of) one of the politicians in Lebanon. The man is quite respectable. He has a good intellect. He said: "We fear that after the battle in the Arsal and other outskirts comes to an end, Hezbollah will demand an amendment to the quotas in the Lebanese factional system, requiring a greater quota for the Shia". Here I am reassuring him. We did not do that in 2000; we did not do that in 2006; now we will not do that (either); and we will not do that after we are through in Syria. I will talk about Syria in a while. The humane and moral characteristic of this resistance is that it puts national aims before its eyes, and it works to achieve these goals. It does not seek political profits as is the Lebanese way of things. Not at all! This is its primary value which must be comprehended, safeguarded, and protected. This must not be feared, it must rather be the haven to which one resorts, is assured by, and depends on. Moreover, the power of this resistance after the July War and today is becoming more and more powerful. They wanted to crush it in July 2006 but since August 14, 2006 - like tomorrow - till our day, its power is increasing. I am not exaggerating. This is what the enemy is saying, this is what is acknowledged by the antagonist, and what is known by the friend.

The hopes of everyone who bet on crushing the resistance in the July War were lost. Today, the hopes of everyone who bet on crushing the resistance by hitting its axis in the region was lost and is lost, and all their hopes will be lost God willing, based on this development and growth in power. This is the importance of this point.
Now allow me between parentheses to say that when I talk about the resistance and the enemy, I am not sending internal messages. I am not addressing the interior, and I have no business with internal antagonisms, internal considerations, and internal grudges - meaning the internal Lebanese politics. The enemy reached a conviction - not now but since 2006 - which is growing with the development of the resistance. This conviction is expressed in the specialized studies and the statements of current and former officials and leaders. Moreover, a general conviction and a general culture are now being formed among many of the "Israelis". This conviction is the following: Any war on Lebanon - because now they do not talk about a war on Hezbollah, they rather talk about a war on Lebanon - no matter what its targets are, it is not worth or is not equivalent to the costs which "Israel" would bear in such a war. The costs will be huge for the enemy - this is what the enemy is saying - and its state, people, and army. Some say the costs are unsustainable, and consequently, there are broad and wide calls in the enemy entity - even among the most extreme politicians and military men - to evade going into any war with Lebanon for whatever reason or under any condition. They say war may take place only under one condition, that of having no choice, meaning that there is no choice but war. Since when are they that much kind? They are rather saying sit calm. Things are over. The game in Lebanon is over. The story of dispatching a musical band to Lebanon or having a ride is over. The case of the invasion of 1978 and 1982 is over.

Well, was this conviction born as a result of US pressure, or the international community, or the enemy's respect of international resolutions? There is nothing of this sort. This conviction was born because the "Israelis" know for sure - they say that they know that more than the Lebanese know, and this is quite possible - that in Lebanon there is a force which if added and integrated in the golden equation it won't remain a resistance but rather it becomes the resistance-army-people formula. We have witnessed this in the July War. In any war, the cost will be very high on "Israel", and it is not known whether it will achieve its goals and make victory. Well, if victory is absolute with a high cost, things would be disputable. But rather they are talking about eventual high costs and a dubious victory. This is what prevents "Israel" from staging an aggression against Lebanon. This is what prevents it from staging an aggression on Lebanon in the future. This is what turned our borders, towns, plains, and valleys into safe places.

This is the power which as I said we must guard and protect. The enemy takes this force into consideration. When we guard this force as Lebanon and as Lebanese, and when this power is complemented via the people-army-resistance equation, walls will be raised higher in the "Israeli" entity, and fears will grow more and more among the "Israelis", and the "Israeli" deterrence from staging any aggression against Lebanon will also grow. The world will respect you because - brothers and sisters and respected people - we are living in the world of wolves. We are living in a world in which the bones of the weak are crushed. We are living in a world which recognizes only the strong. So only as such will the world respect us, and only as such will the enemy respect us and take us into consideration.

We will give you a simple and new example. Some time ago we talked about the ammonia tank in Haifa. Indeed there are great economic and commercial interests from the ammonia tank. By the way, it came to be owned by someone from the Trump family - though he is not a kin of the current US president.

The "Israelis" were stubborn, but after all they reached a (realization) that they have to close the ammonia tank. For a year, they studied the alternatives, the choices, the Negev, and the sea. However, after all the issue was over. Thus after long and wide-ranging discussions, judicial cases, and appeal cases, I read days ago that the court ruled that the Haifa tanks must be closed finally because of the danger it poses, and it will be closed by September 13 and 14, I believe.
If the "Israelis" do not respect you as a resistance, do not respect your word, and do not respect your promise and your intimidation, why do they go into a crisis of this sort? You know it is a matter of millions of dollars - which is the most valuable thing according to the "Israelis". That's because they respect you. Why do they respect you? That's because you are strong, and they know that you are capable. Now if they believe that you are weak, should you deliver speeches 300 days a year, should you lose your voice, that would be worthless, and that would go with the wind.

As the ammonia tank case is over, we hope God willing that they will reconsider the Dimona nuclear reactor which is more dangerous than the ammonia tank in Haifa, and this must be addressed anyway.

Now because the enemy knows that a military and security war on Lebanon - a military war in particular - can't achieve its goal to crush the resistance and its cost would be enormous, it must not remain silent on the growth of the power which they talk about daily, thus they resort to other means. What are these other means?
This issue requires the resistance of the Lebanese. Here I will talk about a collective responsibility. The factor on which the "Israelis" bet today is the Trump administration and the pressure this administration would practice to achieve this goal.

The Obama administration used to work against us, and it never failed in doing so. Still, they bet that the Trump administration would be tougher and harsher, that the US administration would practice more pressure on Hezbollah, practice pressure on the Lebanese government, practice pressure on the Lebanese people, practice pressure on the friends of Hezbollah and the supporters of Hezbollah, and the masses of Hezbollah, whether in Lebanon or in other states in the region.

Any person, bank, media outlet, newspaper, political, deputy, or minister who talks kindly about Hezbollah will be confronted with pressure and threats. This is the means available now.

They resorted to the US financial sanctions. Efforts are being exerted to confront this issue but it is required (that we all) not submit to it. Here I will jump directly to the conclusion: neither financial sanctions, nor US threats and intimidation, nor all the means available and possible to the US administration can do harm to the force of the resistance, the will of the resistance, and the determination of the resistance, and the growth of the power of resistance in Lebanon.

They are troubling themselves. That does not mean that they stop trying. The financial sanctions are still ongoing. They tighten Hezbollah financially. Should anyone grant and donate money, they will impose sanctions on him, and they started some procedures to this effect.

What is more dangerous and crucial is the psychological pressure and intimidation practiced on states, governments, parties, and personalities, not only in Lebanon but also in the entire region: who contacts Hezbollah? This is a terrorist party? Whoever contacts Hezbollah will be punished and boycotted. This is a supporter of terrorism. So they want to silence everyone.

There is something which I postponed talking about the other time. That's when the US president Trump talked about Hezbollah in the presence of the Lebanese Premier as well as the statements made by US officials or secretaries or the UN ambassador. Have you noticed that the successive US ambassadors are all women, and they all overbid Netanyahu? What is the rhetoric they are using?

First, let's comment briefly on Trump's acquaintance and knowledge with the political situation in the region. In fact, the Lebanese media outlets did not make a precise quote. Later the quote was translated with precision. That's when he said that the US and Lebanon are partners in the war on terrorism represented by Daesh and Hezbollah. Imagine that there is a person who does not know that Hezbollah is a partner in the Lebanese government, and (someone who believes) that the US and the Lebanese government are partners in the war on terrorism represented by Daesh and Hezbollah, and he does not know that Hezbollah is in the Lebanese government and part of this government, and he doesn't know that some of its friends in Lebanon claim that Hezbollah controls the Lebanese government - which is merely an invalid fabrication. We never controlled the Lebanese government - neither this government nor the former one nor all the previous ones. He does not know this, and he wishes to lead the battle in the region. Furthermore, I want you to listen to me very well. Second, he does not know that the Lebanese government up until that time had not been engaged yet in a war against Daesh. Well, the security apparatuses are exerting efforts, and the intelligence directorate and the security apparatuses are doing a respectable job. However, the military battle with Daesh up until that time had not started yet. Now the Lebanese government will start in its battle against Daesh in the remaining outskirts in Beqaa. I will tackle this point later.

Let's put his knowledge or ignorance aside and move to the expressions with which he described Hezbollah. Allow me to talk extensively about Hezbollah because we are on top of the black list. He referred to Hezbollah as a destructive power. So first comes terrorism. Next, it is a destructive power. Third he referred to it as a dangerous power, by saying that Hezbollah poses a danger on Lebanon and the region.

I want to add one quick comment. You already know what I'm going to say, but I'll just talk about it to show that we've responded.

First as per terrorism, the terrorists are America, "Israel", and the groups formed by America and "Israel". I've repeated this a hundred times. For one year and throughout his electoral campaign, Trump kept saying that Obama and Hillary Clinton created Daesh. You have created Daesh, and Hezbollah was one of those fighting the terrorists in the region.

Hezbollah is not terrorist. Hezbollah is a force that fights terrorists alongside all those who are fighting it.

He said that Hezbollah is a destructive force, a dangerous force. Yes someone could stop at these words and say that the Sayyed admitted that Hezbollah is a destructive, dangerous force. You can take this extract (only), there is no problem. But the continuation of this would be that Hezbollah is a destructive, dangerous force for the "Israeli" project (in the region). It was and will always be.

Hezbollah as a basic part of the resistance destroyed, shattered, and smashed the great "Israeli" project in 2000. The downfall of the Great "Israel" is being proved every day and every time a big wall is raised in Lebanon on the frontiers with Palestine, and every time a wall is raised in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Great "Israel" has been destroyed, and Hezbollah was a part of the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance in the region which destroyed it. Indeed Hezbollah was part of the regional resistance that destroyed the haughty arrogant Great "Israel" in 2006, as did Gaza in its successive wars, the last of which was in 2014.
Hezbollah destroyed the "Israeli" project in the region, or some parts, alternatives, or options within this scheme.

In the July War during which it was the spearhead, Hezbollah was the one that destroyed the "New Middle East" - the project of Condoleezza Rice in the region.
That's right, Hezbollah is destructive and dangerous, but (only) for your schemes, occupations, and hegemony. Now what about you - America and "Israel"? "Israel" is an entity that occupies and usurps land and commits massacres. It commits terrorism daily in the al-Aqsa Mosque, in al-Quds, in the West Bank, in territories occupied since 1948, in Gaza, and everywhere. You perpetrated all the aggressions, destruction, and demolition, and all the wars waged upon the states, governments, and peoples of the region. You financed and commanded them as well as the wars in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. These are all (the result of) the US and "Israeli" will, administrations, and commands.

So don't describe others with traits that better describe you.

Hezbollah along with the other resistance groups is a force of goodwill, defense, and protection. It is a force that maintains existence and destroys danger. Therefore, these traits and accusations won't affect our will.

So where is this leading to? Whether knowingly or not, when Trump and the Americans talk this way, they actually want to practice pressure on the Lebanese people. Today, we are facing an act of intimidation. I hope that no Lebanese are covert partners in this act of intimidation. This is manifested when someone shows up and says that Lebanon will be facing international sanctions from America, Europe, the Arab world and the Gulf. Woe unto you, O' Lebanon! So, I hope none of the Lebanese are covertly instigating or are a partner in this intimidation. This is intimidation practiced against the Lebanese. We have lived (being subjected to) intimidation since the day we were born. During past decades, we've witnessed a lot of intimidation. The officials in the government are more affected by this intimidation, and I'm talking based on information and facts. This intimidation is found in closed rooms, in diplomatic meetings, and in international visits. There is intimidation, pressure, and threats. Look and make some comparisons, and I urge the Lebanese officials to make this comparison. The "Israelis" are saying that they don't want to make war with Lebanon, they don't want to go to war. The costs are high, they are higher than any goal that could be achieved via this war. They say that they only launch war when they have no other choice. But in closed meetings, the Americans and Europeans tell the Lebanese officials that if they don't do so and so, then "Israel" will wage a war on Lebanon, or that if Hezbollah doesn't do such and such, then "Israel" will declare war on Lebanon. How is that possible?

I say that we should be strong. Once we're psychologically strong, we'll be practically and eventually strong, and we will be strong in the field. Strength starts from within. Everyone should know that strength is born inside, and it is not the weapons, tanks, missiles, planes, or the number of your army that matters. What matters is who you are. What does your will, state of mind, soul, intellect, determination, preparation, courage, firmness, dignity, honor, and saving your face mean to you? When we're strong from within, we should not be scared of anything. Aren't we in the era of victory? The era in which the "Israeli" threatens and implements his threats has long gone. The tables are turned.

I will make a nice digression here. I'm not saying hypotheses, I'm just stating what happened. If an environmental or agricultural association, or a municipality in the South planted a green tree on the frontiers, "Israel" would file a complaint to the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council against Lebanon. What is the complaint, they would ask. They're planting trees on the frontiers. What is the problem? They would say that the UNIFIL went and saw the tree, any they didn't find any explosive device or camera or weapon. Unless they tie the green color of the tree to the military uniform, then they are right, that could be a violation, for example.

Why is it so? Today, the "Israelis" are afraid of our trees on the frontiers because they think that trees protect our country, our villages, our people, and those who will face their aggression should they choose to attack. Thus they want to have trees while they wish for us to be in a desert. This applies not only to nature but rather to everything. They want to have knowledge and to leave us in ignorance. They want to own a nuclear weapon while we are not to be allowed to own a missile or a machine gun. They want to have technology while we go back and ride on donkeys and camels. They want to stay above trees and greeneries while we stay below in a barren land. Should we accept that? After all that we've been through, we, the Lebanese people, should not accept that.

Alright, today they object to the tree. Now should a young Lebanese man not wearing military attire go up and walk along the frontiers and look in the direction of Lebanon, that would not be considered a violation of Resolution 1701. But should he stand at the barbed-wire fence and look in the direction of Palestine, he would be violating Resolution 1701. They would talk to the Security Council to charge the UNIFIL to inspect this problem which needs to be resolved. No young Lebanese man should look in the direction of Palestine when walking on the barbed-wire fence. Why? Because he would be exploring and gathering information. On the other hand, the "Israelis" have the right to install cameras, radars and piloted aircrafts every day and every hour in Lebanon's sky, and it would not be a violation. But when a young, civil, Lebanese man, whether he belongs to the resistance or not, stands on the frontiers and looks in the direction of Palestine, that would be considered a violation of Resolution 1701. Who do they complain to? They would complain to the Security Council, and they already did. We've complained to the Security Council for 60 years but it was in vain. So go and complain. We are going to keep planting green trees on the frontiers. The municipalities will, and so will the associations and the people. Not just the municipalities and the associations should plant trees, I also urge the people of South, of western Bekaa, of Baalbek-Hermel, and of the eastern and the western mountain ranges to plant trees wherever there are mountains and frontiers. This is a part of the resistance. This is a part of protecting Lebanon. So plant trees and don't wait for the government, the ministry, the associations, and the institutions to do it. Each person should plant trees around and in front of his house and in his garden. This protects our country on the security and military level. So besides being good to keep the environment green, trees have other benefits.

Today, the "Israelis" have the right to do whatever they want with the settlements. They can build high passages and install radars on them. However, if a front-lying village builds a water tank which is a bit high, the UNIFIL climbs up the tank to make sure no cameras are installed or to see if they are spying on "Israel". They tell the "Israelis" that there are no cameras, yet still the "Israelis" would keep thinking what would become of this tank in the case of war.

This is excellent. This feeling reflects weakness. When the "Israelis", who never took Lebanon seriously and always underestimated Lebanon and its people and everything inside it, reach a state in which they fear the tree on the frontiers and in villages and fear the water tank and the young man walking on the barbed-wire (fence) looking at Palestine, it means that they hit rock bottom, even if they have a tremendous armed force. That's because their psyche is in a state of weakness and feebleness. When our people have the courage to build their homes near the barbed-wire, plant trees, and walk in the middle of the night along it, and when they work in their fields and plains, that means that we've reached the peak of our psychological power, apart from our military force.

This is what they want us to compromise today. This is why I urge everyone to confront and resist them. They can't do anything about it. If anything, they will practice pressure. But there are lots of obstacles that will not allow them to be successful in this file and in this regard.

Well, now we reach the second last section. From July 2006 to July 2017, we witness a new victory in another battle, which is nevertheless linked to the very first battle. It is the victory which was achieved weeks ago in the Arsal and Flitah Outskirts. We witness the same norms and standards and considerations. Why am I saying the same battle? Look at the "Israelis". They are the most saddened side by what took place in the Arsal and Flitah Outskirts. The "Israelis" are the saddest side. As for those in Lebanon, I had said let's not say who was saddened and who was not. I am talking about the "Israelis"; the "Israelis" got sad - very sad. What took place in Syria made the "Israelis" very sad. "Israel" is weeping over the terrorist and Takfiri groups upon which "Israel" bet in Syria and which have started to lose now. "Israel", along with the US, is expressing its frustration, especially in relation to Daesh. The "Israelis" are exerting efforts and are still exerting efforts along with the US administration to the effect of preventing the defeat of Daesh in Syria. That's because the defeat of Daesh in Syria means the victory of Iran, President Bashar al-Assad, and Hezbollah in particular. The "Israelis" are keen that Daesh, al-Nusra, and the armed groups gain victory in Syria. In fact, the "Israelis" have ties with these armed groups which they support, finance, and arm. They also submit their wounded into their hospitals and provide their militants with information. Furthermore, if the armed groups feel uncomfortable in southern Syria, the "Israelis" interfere and back them with artillery shelling and airstrikes. Thus this battle is an extension of that very battle.

Well, I have three quick points under this topic.

First, it is assumed that tomorrow or the day after - within a few days at most - the remaining militants should quit the Arsal Outskirts and head into Syria - based on the facilitations thankfully offered by the Syrian leadership as usual. The Lebanese Army took the decision to deploy in that area - and this is a popular request. Consequently, what remains of this area in the Arsal Outskirts and along the confrontation line with Daesh from the side of Arsal will be in the hands of the Army. Once the Army goes up and sets up bases, we will withdraw and give them the area. Hereof, I am informing the residents of Arsal that henceforth, they can go and contact the Army - indeed in what falls in line with its new condition. Still, these are your rights, orchids, trees, and quarries. Trust in Allah. The days that separate you from that are but few.

The second point has to do with what we are up to. Indeed not only we in Lebanon but also Syria is awaiting the decision to be taken by the Lebanese Army command which is the side which will decide the time of the new battle to liberate the rest of the Lebanese outskirts and on the other side, liberating the Syrian outskirts from Daesh.

The decision is final. There were attempts to frustrate the Lebanese from moving along in this decision, but Lebanese President Michel Aoun's call for the Higher Defense Council to meet and the consultations that took place there finally settled on this choice. We can say with pride that today we have a true national, political, sovereign decision, which is not submissive to any external considerations, to liberate a part of the Lebanese land which is occupied by Daesh - this Daesh which the whole world, the friend and the foe, unanimously agree is a terrorist organization. Consequently, the decision is final. This stage is over. The timing is in the hand of the Army. Everyone is waiting, and things will move in the right path God willing.

Here I have a request because people started tackling this point. I hope that no one will make a mistake and put a timetable for the Army on this front and on that front. Let no one say it is required that the Army settle the battle in two days or seven days. Why? I also hope that no one will make comparisons between this battle and that battle. Put grudges and machinations aside. We are now heading towards a national battle in which blood is to be shed - the blood of the young men in the Lebanese Army and the resistance and the Syrian Army....It is not time for overbids. At least no one in our political and media side must try to score and make records. You know that our coalition is wide. We don't want anyone from the March 8 bloc to say that the Army is late in putting an end to the battle, the resistance ended the battle in a couple of days. This is nonsense. Let no one put a time table for this battle. Let them fight at ease. Let no one compare between battles. Every battle has its own conditions and facts and difficulties. However, I like at the end of this point to say that God willing we will be before a final victory. The victory will be achieved God willing. As for Daesh, they will be defeated and they will flee. This is for sure. That is if no other solutions were sought. So it is only a matter of time and a matter of dealing with a national and humanitarian spirit with the upcoming battle which is to the interest of everyone.

The third point in the second last section has to do with the discussions taking place in Lebanon. We have witnessed arguments pertaining to coordination between the Lebanese and Syrian armies unfortunately this week and in the past ten days at most: shall the ministers go to Syria or not? Shall we coordinate with the Syrian government or not? There are well known political forces in Lebanon which have sharp stances as per this issue, though it is not we who evoked this argument in the government to cause a crisis - others evoked this topic to make a crisis. We do not want to make a crisis. Ministers used to go to Syria always. This is not the first time, this is not something new. However, I want to talk about more than coordination between the two armies in the upcoming battle and more than whether this minister will go to Syria or not. I want to address these political forces which have a sharp stance in a calm, responsible way: listen to me and reconsider things. The scheme you bet on in Syria collapsed, and it is about to come to an end. It is clear that the scheme you bet on and are still betting on in Syria collapsed or is in the last stages of collapsing. Wherever you are now in Lebanon - whether in the city or the village or the mountain or the valley as it is summer now - make your contemplations and reread the developments that took place in Syria and the region. See the facts and take stances accordingly.

First: put the grudge, dreams, hopes, desires, and expectations aside. Take the facts, analyze them, and take the decision accordingly. Facts say that Daesh is a matter of time in Syria. It is a matter of time in Iraq. The decision to eliminate Daesh is final. Daesh will not find anyone to defend it in the world after all the atrocities, crimes, and massacres it perpetrated against Islam, divine religions, and all people.

Second: the armed opposition is in its worst conditions, and in most places it is besieged.

Third: the political opposition is weak from the very beginning, and now it is becoming feebler following the political crisis between the Gulf and Qatar.

Fourth: the new administration in France, which was most fanatic and extreme about Syria, now recognizes President Bashar al-Assad as the legitimate president of Syria.

Fifth: one after the other, the Gulf States started pulling their hands (out of Syria). Now wait for more. Later, this will blame that, and that will blame this. This is what we will see in the future. I am talking facts and not predictions.
The Americans announced that the groups they funded, trained, and bet on failed, are hopeless, and may be dangerous, thus they stopped supporting some of these groups.

America today is negotiating with Russia over its interests and the interests of "Israel" in Syria. This is America. They know that the game is over as per America.
The entire world is now acting on the basis that this regime will remain, that this army will remain, that this state in Syria and its institutions will remain. Some time ago, they used to believe that these are over. They were still arguing on the president. But now, everyone is acting and telling the opposition in closed sessions: act as if President Bashar al-Assad will remain in office. A political settlement will be reached in Syria. How will the "moderate opposition" - if it exists - find a way to be in power and be a partner in the political authority? This is the information and facts of the closed sessions - most of which are now reported by media outlets.

To return to the concerned officials in Lebanon, I tell them reconsider this issue very well. I do not want anyone to rejoice at the misfortune of others. I do not want anyone to open up accounts with anyone else. Let's see what the interests of Lebanon in all of this equation are. We are talking about the interests of Lebanon. Let's put the interests of Syria aside. We are with them to achieve the interests of Syria.

In fact, these opposing and reserved political forces can't help Syria whatsoever. Neither your recognition makes any difference, nor does your normalization make any difference. Now, there is no need for such negative rhetoric. Let's talk about the interests of Lebanon.

Geographically speaking, besides the sea, Lebanon has common borders with Palestine which is occupied by "Israel", and Syria. By reason of geography and history, the interests of Lebanon with Syria are by far more than the interests of Syria with Lebanon. This is nothing new in Lebanon. Even now, in all or most of the files, we - Lebanon - need to contact Syria. Lebanon needs that.

I can give many examples. For example, when the border is liberated, the army wants to go and deploy there. How is it to deploy on both sides? Are we to talk with the Americans? How shameful! They agree to sit with the "Israelis" in Naqoura. They agree to sit with the "Israeli" enemy who slaughtered us, killed us, destroyed our country, and waged wars on us, and we say that in Lebanon there is a consensus that "Israel" is an enemy - still, they argue whether officers from the Lebanese and Syrian armies can sit to coordinate with each other. It is in the interests of Lebanon that they talk with each other. It is in interests of Lebanon and not the interests of Hezbollah or this party or that movement, or this faction or that sect. Not at all! It is a national interest that they sit and talk with each other.

It is in our natural interest that the border between Lebanon and Syria be open. It is our national interest that Lebanon agrees with Syria over agriculture and our products and their products. Our national interest imposes on us to agree with Syria because soon the borders with Iraq will open as well as the borders with Jordan. Then you will want to export Lebanese products.

In the past when they closed the borders with Syria, a senior official in Lebanon told me personally that he does not want to talk with the Syrians, he rather wants to transport Lebanese agricultural products via airplanes. What a witty economic mind! Imagine that the Middle East airplanes are transporting potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, and bananas to be sold abroad, because if we do not transport them on board of airplanes we will not find a market for them. But you know already that the cost of labor in Lebanon is expensive.

We in Lebanon - all the Lebanese, whether working in agriculture, industry, or trade - need to have ties with Syria. As per the security situation, we need to talk with Syria. As for the oil and gas blocks in the north, you need to delineate the borders to be able to bring companies. You have to talk with Syria. You are ready to talk with "Israel", but you don't want to talk with Syria.

So let's put such personal considerations aside, our partisan considerations aside, our grudges aside, and discuss our national interest. This is Syria: its regime, state, and president will remain in office, and it is heading towards a political settlement.

The only neighbor for us is Syria because on the other side we have the enemy. What is the interest of Lebanon as per gas, oil, electrical power, agriculture, industry, security, and the borders? Is it in talking with the Syrians or in building barricades and sleeping and dreaming of the projects which fell and collapsed?

Today, as far as this issue is concerned, we can benefit from the July War. Excuse me, I took much of your time. I still have a few minutes. I thank you for tolerating me, and I apologies for talking for more than an hour. In the July War, there was the resistance. We had the Army too and a popular supporting environment in most of the regions, if we are not to say in all of the regions and among most of the political movements. There was an official solidarity but there was a political gap in the July War.

As for political solidarity, His Excellence President Emile Lahoud was heading the cabinet and leading a battle along with the rest of the ministers. In the political, negotiating, media, popular, and military battle, we had a full partner named Speaker Nabih Berri.

Frankly speaking, we had a gap which is the Premiership and the formation of the government. You know that, I am not attacking anyone. The battle was in the government.

Despite this official and popular gap, we could gain victory over an enemy of this magnitude. Well, perhaps this word is a bit heavy for them. Let's say we could frustrate the goals of the aggression.

Today, we have a new experience under the new President, the old-new Premier, and the Speaker - may Allah prolong his life span and the life spans of everyone God willing. We have a national conviction, and we will make use of this atmosphere prevailing now in the Arsal Outskirts. We do not want to invest the atmosphere now prevailing in the Arsal Outskirts for partisan benefits. Let's invest this atmosphere for national interests and for talking about national interests. Why should anyone be afraid? No one must be afraid should we have ties with Syria. Let's talk with Syria, negotiate with Syria, and coordinate with Syria. This is in the interest of Lebanon. We can all talk with each other and cooperate to achieve it.

On the anniversary of the victory of rightfulness over injustice in July 2006 and the victory of blood over the sword, allow me to tackle a point outside of the battle with "Israel", though in fact it is within it. Allow me to mention the worst humanitarian catastrophe, which is taking place in Yemen.

The United Nations is saying that currently the worst humanitarian catastrophe is that which is taking place in Yemen. Thousands are dying from cholera. Hundreds of thousands are infected with cholera. Millions are threatened of dying by hunger. What is the reason? That does not need much wit...the reason is war and the siege. Who is waging the war and imposing the siege? They are America, Saudi Arabia, and their allies.

To stop this humanitarian catastrophe, the whole world must call on America and Saudi Arabia to stop the aggression and war on Yemen lift the siege imposed on it. In my own viewpoint, all those who are silent in the world are held responsible. Should America and Saudi Arabia hear all world governments, states, parliaments, parties, scholars, movements, forces, and media outlets calling on them to stop practicing this terrible, loathsome aggression on this people, they would have at least thought of stopping the war.

A global, Arab, and Islamic call is required. Otherwise what would a condemnation from here and a description from there do while the catastrophe is continuing, mushrooming, and worsening every day in Yemen?

On this day, we are supposed to say this rightful word though it may disturb some people. Apart from all considerations, this is a humanitarian stance and a moral stance. Stop this war. Lift the siege. Treat the Yemenis for cholera. Stop the outbreak of Cholera. Stop the famine. Look for a political solution. The political solution is always possible and available, however, there are always sides which want to humiliate others and impose their conditions on others.

O' brothers and sisters! As we will soon be marking the sad anniversary of our absented Imam Sayyed Mousa al-Sadr and both his comrades on August 31, we salute this Imam who launched the resistance movement and revived in us the spirit of resistance and the culture of resistance. He consecrated in our culture the cause of al-Quds and the al-Aqsa Mosque. He is the Imam of coexistence and transcending sensitivities and personal, factional, sectarian, and partisan considerations. He is the Imam of honesty, faithfulness, and loyalty to the homeland, sanctities, and the nation. We greet, highly esteem, and express our gratitude to the teacher, the inspirer, and the master and tell him we are all your sons and daughters and your men and women. We will move along on your path and realize all your dreams God willing, and the victory of July 2006 is no more than one of the fruits of the seeds you planted.

Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings, and may you be blessed every year.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations, Translated by website team