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Yemen Becomes World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis, UN Warns

Yemen Becomes World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis, UN Warns
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Yemen is said to be on the brink of famine after almost 2 years of war and disease.

Yemen Becomes World’s Largest Humanitarian Crisis, UN Warns

In the impoverished Arab nation, the world's worst cholera outbreak is unfolding amid the largest global humanitarian crisis, crippling health, water and sanitation facilities.

In this respect, three United Nations agencies warned that the conditions are now ideal for more diseases to spread.

"The country is on the brink of famine, with over 60 per cent of the population not knowing where their next meal will come from," according to the UN Children's Fund, the World Food Program and the World Health Organization.

At the end of a joint visit to the crisis-torn nation, the agencies' chiefs issued a warning that almost two million Yemeni children are acutely malnourished, and "malnutrition makes them more susceptible to cholera; diseases create more malnutrition ...a vicious combination."

They said they had witnessed the scale of the humanitarian crisis, observing that over the last three months, 400,000 cases of suspected cholera and nearly 1,900 associated deaths have been recorded.

"At one hospital, we visited children who can barely gather the strength to breathe. We spoke with families overcome with sorrow for their ill loved ones and struggling to feed their families," they added.

And they also saw "how vital infrastructure, such as health and water facilities, have been damaged or destroyed."

Saudi Arabia has been leading the campaign against Yemen to reinstate the former government and crush the Ansarullah movement.

The campaign has seriously damaged the country's infrastructure. Local Yemeni sources have put the death toll from the Saudi war at over 12,000, including many women and children.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team