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Syria Ends Daesh’s 4-Year Presence in Aleppo

Syria Ends Daesh’s 4-Year Presence in Aleppo
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Daesh [the Arabic acronym for the Takfiri ‘ISIS/ISIL' group] no longer has a presence in Syria's Aleppo province after withdrawing from a series of villages where the Syrian Army forces were advancing.

Syria Ends Daesh’s 4-Year Presence in Aleppo

Daesh "withdrew from 17 towns and villages and is now effectively outside of Aleppo province after having a presence there for four years," said Rami Abdel-Rahman, head of the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The withdrawal came a day after Iraqi forces made significant gains against the terrorists in the Iraqi city of Mosul and Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared an end to the group's self-proclaimed caliphate.

The Syrian Army had been advancing on a sliver of southeastern Aleppo province around a key highway linking Hama province to the southwest and Raqqa province further east.

Abdel-Rahman said the Army seized control of the road late Thursday night, prompting the remaining Daesh fighters to flee.

Meanwhile, a Syrian military source in rural Aleppo confirmed the withdrawal.

"The military operation is ongoing and Daesh withdrew from the Aleppine countryside toward rural territory in Hama and Raqqa," the source told AFP. "The Syrian army is clearing out the last few meters."

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team