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Intel’ Minister: Iran Foiled 30 Bombing Plots in 2016

Intel’ Minister: Iran Foiled 30 Bombing Plots in 2016
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Iran's Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi stressed the efficacy of Iranian counter-terrorism work, uncovering that the Iranian intelligence forces foiled a total of 30 bombing plots in the country last year.

Intel’ Minister: Iran Foiled 30 Bombing Plots in 2016

Speaking on Friday, Minister Alavi compared and contrasted the state of security in Iran with that in most other countries.

"Whereas people in most countries in the world, especially countries in this region, face a crisis of bombings, assassinations, and insecurity, the nation in the Islamic Republic enjoys lasting security," he said.

Thanks to the alertness of Iranian intelligence forces, "there is no such [security] challenge as assassination, explosion, and bombing in the country," Alavi added.

He further noted that over the previous year, 30 bombing plots had been learnt about and thwarted in the country. He said only four cases were publicized at the time, however.

Last June, the Intelligence Ministry said it had thwarted a large-scale plot to stage attacks in Iran's major cities, including the capital, Tehran.

It also released video footage detailing intelligence operations to track and arrest would-be-attackers in the capital.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Alavi said the Iranian people do not fear death, which he said acts as a powerful deterrent against any form of aggression against the country.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team