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About the ‘Israeli’ Skylark 1 Hizbullah Captured in South Lebanon

About the ‘Israeli’ Skylark 1 Hizbullah Captured in South Lebanon
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Local Editor

The Islamic Resistance's Central Military Media published a report stating the specs of the ‘Israeli' "Skylark 1" drone that crashed in South Lebanon on Monday as follows:

About the ‘Israeli’ Skylark 1 Hizbullah Captured in South Lebanon

- Light unmanned drone, silent in which its sound is barely heard

- One of the most advanced spy vehicles of the ‘Israeli' army, was manufactured by the ‘Israeli' Elbit Systems Company which made several deals to export it to several countries including Australia and France

- The estimated cost of each drone is about 50,000 dollars

- Skylark 1 is known for its light weight, ranging between 7 and 7.5 kilograms according to its manufacturer, it is allowed to carry a load of 1.2 kilograms

- With respect to its intelligence mission, Skylark doesn't emit sounds, its engine is silent and is barley heard from 10-meters distance

- It is 1.5-meter long and 3-meter wide, capable of flying between 1.5 and 3 hours to a distance of 40 kilometers

- Unlike other samples of unmanned drones, Skylark 1 doesn't need any essential technical or logistic requirements; it can be launched by hands of two-member crew and control it via a portable computer system

- It is used by ‘Israeli' ground troops for intelligence missions and data collection since it has massive capability of scanning and identifying targets accurately, flying at night without grabbing the attention of the observed zone because it is equipped with electrical visual cameras, as well as laser and infrared cameras

- Skylark 1 contains electronic devices that carry full high definition cameras over 24/7 to monitor the battlefield and its geography, they also support the ability to observe targets at night

- International technology offers it the chance to follow up stable and mobile targets with high definition, making it qualitative and reliable for ground forces

- Upon finishing its mission, Skylark returns to its position but this time using a rubber pillow-like shape to protect its load upon landing

- It was owned by more than 20 sides across the world, in which the Deputy Chief of Elbit and the General Manager of the Systems' Department at the company, Haim Kellerman, stressed that there is an increasing global demand on this kind of drones in favor of the Special Forces, protecting borders and private-owned facilities, monitoring shores and combatting terrorism

- The ‘Israeli' army used Skylark 1 in its war on Lebanon in 2006 to collect intelligence information for the ground forces, yet the Islamic Resistance downed many of its kind and still have them

- The occupation army had uncovered in the year 2006 an advanced version of the drone, known as ‘Skylark 2', which is capable of flying for some 60 kilometers in a time period of 4 hours

- The new version, whose length is 6.5 meters, weighs 65 kilograms and is capable of carrying a 9-kilogram load

- The Islamic Resistance has downed, controlled or obtained similar drones since 2012, namely in al-Quneitra, until 2016

Source: Central Military Media, Translated by website team