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«Israel» Keeps Eye on Hizbullah, Readies for «Super-Tech» Fighters

«Israel» Keeps Eye on Hizbullah, Readies for «Super-Tech» Fighters
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The apartheid "Israeli" entity is keeping an eye on the powerful Hizbullah, with which it fought a devastating war in 2006.

«Israel» Keeps Eye on Hizbullah, Readies for «Super-Tech» Fighters

It will receive Monday its first F-35 stealth fighter jets, hailed as technological marvels whose helmets alone cost more than most people's homes but criticized for their price and initial flaws.

Built by US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, the first two planes' arrival in the "Israeli" entity is being welcomed as a major event for the country's military as it seeks to maintain dominance in the turbulent Middle East.

US War Secretary Ashton Carter is to attend the arrival along with his "Israeli" counterpart Avigdor Lieberman at the Nevatim air base in the country's south.

The delivery of the first two of 50 F-35s to be purchased by the entity came as the years-long development of the most expensive plane in history reaches a critical stage.

While a list of countries had ordered the planes, the "Israeli" entity, which receives more than $3 billion a year in US military aid, will be the first with an operational F-35 squadron outside the US.

"I think we don't fully understand the big advantage of the F-35," an "Israeli" air force official said.

"I think it's going to be learned in the next few months, maybe years. I think it's a very super-tech airplane."

The "Israeli" entity had given it the name "Adir" -- which means "mighty" in Hebrew. Its first planes are expected to be operational within a year after delivery.

It will be receiving the F-35A model for standard takeoff and landings. The B and C models are for short takeoffs and aircraft carriers.

Among their main features are advanced stealth capabilities to help pilots evade sophisticated missile systems.

The single-pilot jets can carry an array of weapons and travel at a supersonic speed of Mach 1.6, or around 1,200 miles per hour [around 1,900 kilometers per hour].

It is unclear if the entity's planes will be able to deliver nuclear bombs. The "Israeli" entity is believed to be the Middle East's sole nuclear-armed power, though it had never acknowledged it.

The planes are seen as helping the entity maintain its edge in the Middle East.

"The F-35 has been designed to deal with the most advanced threat systems now being fielded in the Middle East," Lockheed Martin's Steve Over told AFP by email.

Yiftah Shapir of "Israel's" Institute for "National Security Studies" affirmed that the F-35 was "the only game in town" since the "Israeli" entity relies so heavily on US military aid.

"We couldn't go and buy French or British or Russian," he said. "When you have an ally like the United States, the United States would not have allowed that."

Source: News Agencies, edited by website team