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Trump Presidency: Majority of ’Israelis’ Believe He Will Be Pro-’Israel’

Trump Presidency: Majority of ’Israelis’ Believe He Will Be Pro-’Israel’
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Local Editor

The Zionist entity has been one of America's strongest allies for decades, and now that Donald Trump will be the US' next president, "Israeli" settlers delivered him a powerful message.

Trump Presidency: Majority of ’Israelis’ Believe He Will Be Pro-’Israel’

A new poll conducted by the Dialog polling firm on behalf of the Ruderman Family Foundation found that the vast majority of "Israelis" believe Trump will be a "pro-"Israel" president."

Trump, who said he will seek to broker an "Israeli"-Palestinian so-called peace deal, was painted by his own statements and those of his advisers as supporting or being willing to tolerate the illegal settlement building and recognize a unified Jerusalem/al-Quds as a capital for the occupation entity, two issues on which the Netanyahu government often clashed with US President Barack Obama over the last six years.

Meanwhile, the poll found that 48% of "Israelis" believe there is no chance that Trump's election will lead to a peace deal with the Palestinians, while another 47% said there is a "possible chance."

On Trump's promise to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied al-Quds, only 22% said they believe that there is a high probability he will make the move, while 49% said there is a "possible chance" and another 26% said there is no chance.

The head of the organization that conducted the poll believes that ""Israelis" are optimistic that President-elect Trump will be a friend of "Israel" while at the same time they are concerned about the growing incidents of anti-Semitism in the United States and its impact on the American Jewish community."

While most of the Zionists settling in Palestine are optimistic about Trump's pro-"Israel" presidency, Hillary Clinton won the Jewish vote in 2016, which Ruderman said is a result of Clinton's strong relationship and recognition within "Israel."

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team