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The Liberation of Aleppo is Victory over the Takfiri Project

The Liberation of Aleppo is Victory over the Takfiri Project
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Fatima Haydar

The battle in Aleppo is nearing its end. The Syrian Army and its allies are advancing into the city and closing in on the Takfiri groups.

The Liberation of Aleppo is Victory over the Takfiri Project

Aleppo has been the Takfiri stronghold ever since the crisis in Syria saw light. But why Aleppo and what is its strategic importance?

In an exclusive interview with al-Ahed News website, former Syrian Army Brigadier General Ali Maksoud shed light on the developments in Aleppo.

"Aleppo's strategic significance comes from being Syria's economic and cultural center. Moreover, by bordering Turkey, it comes in the line of contact with the NATO," Maksoud said explaining that these countries made Aleppo the stepping stone through which they carried out their projects in the region.

The retired brigadier general believed the Takfiri terrorists are mere "tools and means of the enemies of Syria to apply their projects."

He went on to say "the return of Aleppo and its liberation from the Takfiris, means that the Syrian nation is on its way to recovery."

Maksoud asserted that "this liberation will be reflected on Idlib and Hama and even the rest of the eastern cities since Aleppo is the path way of its fuel pipelines as it is the corridor of food product exports from al-Hasaka to the Syrian ports."

He added that "the liberation of Aleppo means the fall of all these projects that aimed to divide the region based on the dark Takfiri doctrine which is a threat to Arab national security and Arab regional order."

The retired brigadier general emphasized that "with the return of Aleppo, Syria has defeated terrorism," indicating that Aleppo is the pillar of all the proposed projects in the region be it from Syria's east, south or center.

"When it was impossible for the US and its allies to accomplish any of its goals in Aleppo and its surrounding areas, they gave up on their projects notably the withdrawal of the Kurdish forces in Raqqa and the US blacklisting al-Nusra Front," Maksoud noted.

Accordingly, the army official considered that the end of the battle in Aleppo is not going to take long "since the Syrian Army and its allies had already liberated 10 strategic neighborhoods particularly Hanano, leading to a dramatic collapse of the terrorists and the neighborhoods one after the other."

"More than 60% of these neighborhoods are under the army and allies' control and the Takfiris will either have to surrender or die fighting," Maksoud said.

While the Syrian Army and its allied forces are battling the Takfiris, they are also faced with the illegal Turkish intervention.

The former brigadier general described Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan as "a teenager," explaining that "although he has a vast political experience, his boyish attitudes led Turkey to burst out and left it unable to face the dilemmas."

"He tried to preoccupy the army in an attempt to achieve a single goal of satisfying internal Turkish affairs and postponing Turkey's outburst, that's why he went to al-Bab after Jarablus [to face the Kurdish project]," Maksoud said.

He believed "the annexation of areas in Syria' north is a means of satisfying Erdogan's dreams of reviving the Ottoman Empire."

Maksoud concluded that "Turkey had failed. Erdogan received the message: he will be face with Syria and its allies specifically Russia, leading to the destruction of Turkey,"
shedding light on the strained relations between Turkey and the EU, as NATO had abandoned Erdogan.

Source: al-Ahed News