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Security Agencies Avert Suicide Attacks in Beirut’s Southern Suburbs

Security Agencies Avert Suicide Attacks in Beirut’s Southern Suburbs
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Local Editor

A joint security investigation paved the way for security agencies to avert attacks in Beirut's southern suburbs, a media report said Saturday.

Security Agencies Avert Suicide Attacks in Beirut’s Southern Suburbs

The security report, published in As-Safir newspaper, said that the Lebanese Army Intelligence and the General Security Directorate busted a terror network and clamped down on members planning to carry out attacks during Ashura commemorations in Beirut's southern suburbs.

Sources told the daily that the General Security had detained one of the members in Beirut's Cola area. The suspect allegedly admitted to planning a suicide attack using an explosive belt in al-Rasoul Al-Azam Hospital.

The sources added that investigations had revealed that "terrorists" had provided the suicide bomber with logistical support. Three were handed over to the Army Intelligence.

The two agencies also foiled a suicide bombing, hours before the suspect planned to blow himself up at an Ashura procession in Beirut's southern suburbs.

The report said that a suspected suicide bomber was also arrested in the Tayyouneh area. He was reportedly contacting his agents in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the de facto capital of Daesh [Arabic acronym for ISIS" / "ISI:"].

Two of the suicide bomber's agents were identified as a Lebanese from the al-Satem family and a Syrian called Abu Maria.

The two operators had demanded that the suicide bomber wait for the delivery of the explosives belt before walking to the first Ashura council to detonate himself.

The report said that around 11 suspects had been arrested so far, one of whom was detained outside al-Rasoul Al-Azam hospital.

It added that the members of the alleged network don't know each other.

The newspaper reported that the network was among ten others that had been busted recently, six of which were by the General Security directorate.

Meanwhile, As-Safir said that the General Security referred the members of a network planning attacks in the southern city of Tyre to the Military Tribunal. Three were arrested in Beirut's Barbour area.

The Directorate had announced Thursday that an eight-member network was arrested "for belonging to a terrorist organization and for communicating with fundamentalist militants."

It said that the plan was to attack tourist restaurants, cafes, and UNIFIL patrols in south Lebanon.

Source: The Daily Star, Edited by website team