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Fragile Yemen Truce into Effect under UN Plan

Fragile Yemen Truce into Effect under UN Plan
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A fragile cease-fire took effect in war-ravaged Yemen just before midnight Wednesday, under a United Nations plan, as warring parties face mounting pressure to end more than 18 months of fighting.

Fragile Yemen Truce into Effect under UN Plan

The UN special envoy for Yemen, Ismail Ould Sheikh Ahmed, had announced on Monday that the cessation of hostilities would take effect "at 23:59 [11 p.m.] Yemen time on 19 October 2016, for an initial period of 72 hours, subject to renewal."

It is the sixth attempt to end the bloodshed since a Saudi-led Arab campaign launched a war on Yemen in March 2015 to support the government of President Abed-Rabboh Mansour Hadi.

Shortly after the truce began, the coalition issued a statement claiming it "will abide by the cease-fire," which aims for "distribution of the greatest possible humanitarian and medical assistance" to Yemen's people, especially the besieged city of Taiz.

It said it will continue an air and maritime embargo and will maintain airborne reconnaissance.

The Yemeni military spokesman, General Sharaf Luqman, said his forces will respect the cease-fire as long as the enemy also abides by it on land, sea and air.

However, he urged his fighters to be ready to retaliate against all aggression.

Civilians have paid the highest price in the war. Almost 6,900 people have been martyred - more than half of them civilians - while another three million are displaced and millions more need food aid.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team