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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Ashura 2016

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Ashura 2016
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In His Name

Full speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, during Ashura rally on the tenth of Muharram 1438 (12/10/2016).

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Ashura 2016

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household and on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.

Dear scholars, brothers, and sisters! Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Peace be upon you, my master O' Aba Abdillah, and upon all the souls gathering around your holy site. Peace be upon you as long as I remain alive and as long as night follows day. May Allah make it not my last visit to you. Peace be upon Hussein, ad upon Ali the son of Hussein, and upon the children of Hussein, and upon the companions of Hussein.

Scholars, brothers, and sisters! Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings. May Allah reward you abundantly for your sorrow for your Imam, the Master of Martyrs, Aba Abdillah (AS). Like this day, and these hours, the tragic catastrophe took place. We offer our sincere consolation to our afflicted Master, the Prophet of Allah Mohammad (PBUH) the grandfather of Hussein, to the father of Hussein - Amir Al Mu'mineen Ali Bin Abi Taleb (AS), to the mother of Hussein, Sayyeda Fatima Al Zahraa, one of the best ladies of the world (Peace be upon her), to our Master Imam Hassan Mujtaba (AS), and to all our chaste Imams, the children and grandchildren of Imam Hussein (AS), and to our Master the Imam of our time (AS).

We offer our consolation to them and to their deputies: our great leader His Eminence Sayyed Ali Khamenai, to our senior authorities, to all Muslims, and to all the devotees of the Household of the Prophet (PBUH). We offer them our consolation and express our sorrow and agony for the affliction of the martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet on the tenth of Muharram 61 A.H.

We will tell the Prophet of Allah: You said: "Certainly the killing of Hussein will kindle fire in the hearts of the believers until eternity, which will never extinguish". True are your words, O Prophet of Allah! The fire caused by the killing Hussein is kindled in our hearts, in our bodies, and in our souls from the fathers and ancestors to the children, grandchildren, and the coming generations until the Day of Judgment. They will eternally cry out: ‘O Hussein!'

Brothers and sisters!

Thank you for your great and blessed attendance on this great day which expresses your loyalty, commitment, love, and your perpetual willingness to offer sacrifices. You are the people of loyalty, honesty, and sacrifices. On top of the consolers to the Master of our time and the afflicted Household of the Prophet, today in Lebanon are the families of martyrs, the fathers of martyrs, the mothers of martyrs, the wives of martyrs, and the daughters and sons of martyrs. They are the martyrs of the resistance and the martyrs of defending (our) existence, dignity, and the sanctities. These families offered their dear ones and their children on this path.

On top of those who came to offer their consolation are the wounded fighters who moved on the same path of Al Abbas. They lost their hands, legs, or eyes; still they did not stop. Among the consolers are the fighters who are present on all fronts, fields, and squares, and they never retreated. Among the consolers also are the noble families in all our cities, towns, and villages who are offering their sons and dear ones on these fronts to defend the country and its dignity, sovereignty, and honor.

I offer you - the real consolers - all our consolation. Many thanks to you, and may Allah reward you abundantly for your loyalty, perseverance, and attendance.
Brothers and sisters!

First, we must address the souls of the martyrs who were martyred yesterday in the Afghani capital - Kabul - and in Baghdad and several other places in Iraq. They were killed by the Takfiris just because they were offering their consolation to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). We ask Allah to have mercy on the martyrs of loyalty to Hussein and to reward them with high lofty ranks. We also ask Allah for a quick recovery for all the wounded. These processions were never stopped by bombings and will not be stopped by killings, injuries and aggressions. This was the case all throughout history, and this will be the case in the future until the Day of Judgment. Indeed, however, there is a noticeable decline in the number of bombings and attacks on the Husseini processions as compared to the previous years, thanks to the jihad and victory of fighters on all squares and fronts, which led to the defeat of many of these Takfiri groups and to their inability to inflict harm, though they have all the determination to cause the severest harm and affliction.

Today, I will shortly speak on a few topics; indeed, I can't talk extensively as last night I spoke for 90 minutes.

The first topic is Yemen. We said that our procession today in the southern suburb of Beirut (Dahyieh) and our Ashura processions in the various Lebanese regions from Tyre to Baalbek, Hermel, West Bekaa, Bint Jbeil and the other regions, have one essential title: showing solidarity with the struggling, oppressed, steadfast, brave, and patient Yemeni people along with the Yemeni leadership, army and popular committees.

Today, I want to add to what I said yesterday: It seems for the observer that the war on Yemen staged by Saudi Arabia and imposed by Saudi Arabia on Yemen - is no longer a war waged for achieving political goals. In fact, it is a battle that reflects the extent of hatred, rancor, and revenge nurtured by the Saudi regime against Yemen, represented by this level of war and this form of killing where stones and souls are being crushed. Every human being, whether young or old, is being crushed, and everything is being targeted in Yemen.

This is not a war for political targets. This is a war of grudge - the Saudi-Wahhabi grudge. This is a war of spite through which it wants to take revenge from the will of the Yemenis.

Saudi Arabia had always viewed Yemen as a subordinate state. Its people must be submissive and yielding to the will of the kingdom. When the people of Yemen expressed their will and called for independence, sovereignty, and independent decision-making and for a strong Yemen, a proud Yemen, and a great Yemen that is historically known for knowledge and civilization, back when Najd was still drowned in the desert, the Saud Dynasty wanted to take revenge from the Yemeni people.

This is the horizon of this war, and this is its background. Yemen is today's version of Karbala. It is a scene of tragedy and sacrifice. It is a scene where chopped bodies of children, women, and men mingle with rubble in the Grand Hall in Sanaa, and all over Yemeni cities, villages, and neighborhoods.

This is a scene for pain, agony, and tears. However, just like Karbala too, there is also a scene for zeal and enthusiasm, a scene for bravery, chivalry, and heroism, and a scene for steadfastness and perseverance in the face of the US-Saudi killing machine that is also allied with other worldly devils.

This Yemen will not surrender in this war, and it will not fall either. Today, I will tell you in a few minutes what I know about Yemen and the people of Yemen, based on direct friendships and field information.

When I talk about victory, I do not talk about zeal or slogans. I am rather talking about facts. Let the world listen very well, especially the people who watch satellite channels that are known for their lies. In Yemen, there are hundreds of thousands of dauntless fighters who are patient and steadfast. They are not appalled by mountains or deserts. They fought for more than a year and a half, and they are still fighting. With their courage, insight, faith, and their defense of their dignity, people, and honor, they made victories and will make victory, and as Imam Ali Khamenei (May Allah guard him) said: This war will trample the Saud Dynasty's nose in the mud, and here I am telling you: At the onset of the war, the Leader said these words, and here I am telling you: On the Saudi borders, in garrisons, in mountains, and in hills from where their soldiers flee, the Yemeni fighters had trampled the nose of the Saud Dynasty in the mud of Saudi Arabia.

From afar, we tell our brethren there: Based on our common faith and our similar experience, trust in Allah Almighty and Allah will not abandon you, Allah will not forsake you, and Allah will grant you victory over these savage tyrants.

On the Day of Ashura, on the day of Al Hussein, we can't but address the Yemeni people and extend our condolences for the martyrs. We ask Allah to have mercy on them and to reward them with lofty statuses. We ask Allah for a quick recovery for the injured, and for the oppressed Yemen, we pray that it will be a proud, cheerful country again.

The second topic is Palestine: Our first Qiblah and our sacred land which was and is still the love of our hearts, the eyes of our martyrs, and the minds of our fighters. Every day asserts that the true choice of the people of Palestine is the correct choice: the Intifada of al-Quds, jihad, resistance, and confronting the occupiers.

Many bet that the al-Quds Intifada with the beginning of its second year will flop, come to an end, and wither. But the past days have proven that this Intifada exists in the deep recesses of the consciences, minds, and hearts of the young and old men and women of Palestine. The message that must be clear and understood is that the exhaustive, jihadi heroism through the resistance operations inside occupied Palestine will let the "Israelis" - who came from all around the world to occupy the land of others - know that the land of Palestine is not the land of milk and honey; it is rather the land of death, loss, and bloodshed, and that the invading "Israelis" must go back with their families to the countries they came from. This is the aim of the resistance in Palestine and the message of the resistance in Palestine.

As for any other tracks, brothers and sisters, such as courting the "Israelis" in a sad or a joyful occasion, that will not make any difference as per the Palestinian people or the Palestinian cause. Courting the Americans will not make any difference other than the flatterer receiving a word of praise. It is "Israel" that is always receiving from the Americans the most advanced arms and military technology, besides tens of billions of dollars and the right to veto in the Security Council and the unlimited support from the successive US administrations. The followers of the news find out that Clinton and Trump are contesting to announce their absolute support to "Israel". As for Palestine and the people of Palestine, and the oppressed in Palestine, they have no place in US debates.

So that is not the right path. The right path is the path of the martyrs and fighters which was confirmed days ago by martyr Misbah Abu Sabih, as a self-sacrificing martyr, and his daughter too, through their awareness, insight, and the jihad of fighters and the sacrifices of martyrs. This heroic operation asserted that the Palestinian people, and despite all the negative, frustrating conditions in the region, are aware of their path and fate, and that they will move along in their path in various forms. We in Lebanon, not just like every Ashura day but like every day, we give an oath because we are with the Palestinian people in one position, one battle, and one fate. Today, we renew our adherence to the same stance, the same fate, and the same battle.

The third topic is Iraq: The Iraqis are moving towards decisively settling their crucial battle with Daesh. They moved from one victory to another. Their armed forces, their popular mobilization, and their tribes, whether Sunnite, Shiite, Kurds, Arab, and Turkmen, made these victories by their chaste blood, cooperation, and unity in confronting the terrorists and the Takfiris, and they do not have any choice other than moving along in extracting this cancerous gland that had made all the Iraqis, whether Shiite, Sunnite, Yazidis, Christians, or Turkmen, suffer from torture, pain, and agony and massacres perpetrated against them.

Today, the Iraqi troops are moving towards Mosul. Besides what I said yesterday, I want today to address the brethren in Iraq, the Iraqi leaders, the Iraqi government, the Iraqi leaders, the Iraqi government, the Iraqi armed troops, and the Iraqi popular mobilization. The Americans are seeking to open a pathway from Mosul to the eastern region in Syria.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Iraqi brethren know very well that a pathway was opened from Fallujah towards Syria. It was a very big procession that comprised hundreds of vehicles and thousands of fighters under the eyes of the Americans who did not do anything. The Iraqi warplanes and the Iraqi troops were the ones who interfered and bombed the procession. As I said yesterday, the Americans want to intensify the presence of Daesh in the eastern region of Syria. Here I am telling the Iraqis: O Iraqi brethren! Not only for the sake of Syria, but also for the sake of Iraq, for the sake of the Iraqis, for the sake of the Iraqi people, what will intensifying the presence of Daesh in Syria after its defeat in Iraq lead to?

First, the Americans will exploit their military and security presence in the eastern region - meaning at the western border of Iraq - to execute security, terrorist, and suicide attacks, wherever they can reach in the Iraqi interior, and you will find yourselves obliged to enter the eastern region in Syria to stop these suicide Takfiri operations.

Second, the Americans will mobilize Daesh to return to Iraq. In fact, years ago when Anbar, Salahuddine, Ninevah and Mosul were under the control of the Iraqi government, where did Daesh burst from into these areas? They entered from Raqqah, Deir ez-Zor, and the eastern region in Syria.

So, this US deception will waste your victory in Mosul. The true Iraqi victory is to hit Daesh, arrest its leaders and fighters, and hurl them in prisons to be tried fairly and not to open the way before them to move to Syria because their presence in Syria will form a very big danger to Iraq above all.

As for Bahrain: the tenth of Muharram this year comes and a noble and brave Husseini leader is being besieged in his town Darrazz in Bahrain. The leader is surrounded with masses of loyal men and women who overcrowd the Square of Sacrifices around his house to defend their Hussein - the struggling Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem - who is being threatened by imprisonment or deportation under oppressive formal trials and false accusations in a country with jails crowded with scholars, political leaders, opinion makers, and struggling young men for the sake of freedom and the simplest rights of people which are robbed in Bahrain.

On the tenth of Muharram, we laud the people of Bahrain and their loyalty to their leader and cause, and their steadfastness and determination to move along and not to abandon their goals and legitimate rights for which men and women were martyred and wounded in Bahrain, and the best among their scholars and men are spending their days of youth in prison. We tell the Bahrainis: be patient and tolerant and cling to the right position you are in. Those who are standing behind your oppression and siege are moving towards the abyss, and they will fall God willing thanks to the blessings of the Yemeni fighters who will let the Saud Dynasty fall into the abyss and with it will be the relief of the oppressed Bahraini people. On the tenth of Muharram, we raise our voice to let the whole world and especially the conscientious people pay attention to this cause in Bahrain and to this oppression for everyone to shoulder his responsibility.

Finally, I will return to Lebanon with quick words to renew their pledge and allegiance of loyalty.

First: We assert the positive political track in the country, despite the struggles in the region and the divisions of the Lebanese towards these struggles. We also stress that the track of the Lebanese presidential elections lead to the required results. Yesterday, I said that our stance is clear, decisive, final, and does not need to be reiterated on a daily basis.

Second: We call on the government, apart from what separates it from the presidential elections and forming a new government, to work hard and seriously and to show great concern to addressing the pressing issues burdening the Lebanese, whether the environment, health, the Litani River, water, electricity, roads, unemployment... It is not allowed for whatever reason and under the pretext of political laziness that the government stops performing its duties.

Third: The eye of this resistance will always be on "Israel" and the southern borders. We in Hizbullah follow everything "Israel" says, does, prepares, conspires, threatens, the weak points that afflict it, and the points of strength it piles. Here I am telling you: The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon will not leave the battlefield with "Israel". We know very well that what guards our country in the face of "Israel" are not political factors but rather the strength of Lebanon, that is represented by its army, people, and resistance. When we ignore this resistance, its presence, its strength, its readiness, we will find "Israel" in our skies and lands. But we will never neglect it.

As we will keep our eyes open on the southern border, our eyes will also remain open on the eastern borders in the Bekaa Valley, to fight the Takfiris where we are present and will continue to be present.

Now we move to Syria, to Sayyeda Zainab (AS) and to Sayyeda Roqaya (AS). We will continue shouldering the great responsibilities there. Your sons, men, brothers, and husbands will continue defending (our) existence, dignity, resistance, the axis of the resistance, the peoples of the region, Palestine, honor, pride, history, the past, and the future.

In this battle, in this war which was imposed by the Americans and the Saud Dynasty and their allies on Syria and its people and on the resistance and its axis, our stance remains that which we took and are still committed to. Every day, we grow more aware and certain of this jihadi stance and the jihadi presence in the battlefields, because we are facing the choice of war being imposed on us to humiliate us. This is the very logic of Imam Hussein (AS), which your voices became husky as you reiterated it yesterday at night and today from the very morning. Still these voices will not become harsh.

Imam Hussein lectured us on the eternal stance and on the integrated school of faith, jihad, politics, life, society, and stances.

"Beware! Now this illegitimate son of the illegitimate father has stationed me between unsheathing the swords or then bear humiliation, and far be it that we accept humiliation."

Why is it so, O Aba Abdillah? Why is it so? He tells us why.

"Verily, Allah disagrees to it and so does His Prophet, and the sacred laps which nursed us, the modest, and those who abhor disgrace."

What do they disagree on?

"They disagree to it that we bow down to the ignoble men, and they exhort us to being killed manly in the battlefield over it."

Our martyrs - whether our scholars, leaders, or fighters - and our wounded men and women are evidence that we will not favor bowing down to the ignoble men to being killed manly in the battlefield. We will not compromise our pride, not for one moment.

This will always be our stance.

This is the message of the crowds gathering now. I wanted to reiterate this slogan to you not only to repeat a slogan but to tell those who are watching and hearing us in Lebanon and in the region, the following words:
Some are betting on the resistance being besieged financially and economically. Weeks ago, a senior Zionist figure in the former American administration, Dennis Ross, you all know him, said that in confronting Hizbullah, they had in the first place, to distort the image of Hizbullah. This is as a prelude. This is what I used to say. They want to make from us drug gangs, criminals, killers, and robbers.

This is untrue. They are betting on our exhaustion. They search around the clock for a mother, wife, or a daughter of a martyr to say a word that suits them to work on it and exaggerate it. But so far they have not found anyone.
Your message today which will be conveyed via the Ashura processions is that we will not get tired or exhausted or bored or defeated or broken, because the banner held by a supporter, devotee, and follower of Hussein and Zainab will never be defeated.

This is our message today in all fields: in Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, and every field and square. When we own this will and this great, favorable patience which we were taught by our Lady Zainab (Peace be upon her). No matter what the number of martyrs and wounded is, our families are proud of that. The families of our martyrs are proud of their martyrs because they know the truth of the battle in which these martyrs are fighting, and they do not listen to all those who want us to sit in our homes so that Daesh, Nusra, and the Takfiris, the Americans and the Saud Dynasty behind them, would come to destroy the entire region, crush its souls and stones as they are doing in Yemen.

So we will reiterate the message which we say by the end of the word for the world to hear. Raise you fists high and at the top of your voice say:
"Beware! Now this illegitimate son of the illegitimate father has stationed me between unsheathing the sword or bearing humiliation, and far be it that we accept humiliation."

May Allah reward you abundantly.

Together we move with our hearts, minds, and souls to Karbala, to Hussein, to Abbas, and to Zainab: Peace be on you, my master Aba Abdillah, and upon all the souls gathering around your holy site. Peace be upon you as long as I remain alive and as long as night follows day. May Allah make it not my last visit to you. Peace be upon Hussein, and upon Ali the son of Hussein, and upon the children of Hussein, and upon the companions of Hussein. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relation, Translated and Edited by website team