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Ashura 2020


Ashura Generations, a School like No Other!

Ashura Generations, a School like No Other!
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Zeinab Daher

Whether past, present or to come, every generation raised on true Islam of peace and dignity will be seeded with sacrifice and showered with love to reap victory...

Ashura Generations, a School like No Other!

Since the very early morning, they arrived at the place where they had to gather in Beirut's southern suburb. They are not the strong and old people, nor those who are supposed to have deep knowledge and life experience. We are talking about the young generations participating in the march for Imam Hussein [AS] on the day of Ashura, happening on the tenth of Muharram every year.

Although young in age, they were deeply touched when listening to the mourning of Imam Hussein and his sons and companions [AS] on the day of Ashura. Children every year represent a noticeable portion of the participants in the marches held all over the world.

Young but warmhearted, they shed the tears of sorrow for the injustice that was practiced against the household of the Prophet of Islam Mohammad [PBUH] in Karbala in the year 61 for Hijra.

Ashura Generations, a School like No Other!

Not surprisingly, the little ones understand very well the reason for which they are marching. They have been well educated, since their birth, about the history of the battle of Karbala and the revolution of Imam Hussein [AS].

When asking any little one, he/she would tell you that Hussein's uprising aimed at fighting the unjust tyrant of the time, Yazid bin Muawiyah.

The tragedy of Karbala is being commemorated ever since it took place more than 13 centuries ago. For the occasion, many children came with their parents, while others came alone to participate with the Imam al-Mahdi Scout Association [AS]. They all came to console Imam Hussein's young sons and daughters, who witnessed the tragedy while they were in their ages.

Assil, 7-year old, from al-Mahdi Scout, said she came here to participate in the march for she loves Imam Hussein [AS] who was martyred defending Islam and protecting the coming generations from a deviated Islam. She also noted that her participation is because she wants to be a supporter of the awaited Imam al-Mahdi [AS].

Ashura Generations, a School like No Other!

Derived from the true Islamic teachings, the activities of the scout association include community service projects such as helping the disabled and cleaning places of worship, learning about Islam and protecting the environment.

In the same context, Hassan, 12-year old, said he participated in the march with the scout because it is the organization that teaches him morals and being kind to others, as well as fighting for freedom and opposing injustice, supporting the oppressed people and behaving in good manner to pave the way for the awaited Imam al-Mahdi [AS].

Moving to the elderly, Mona, a university student majoring in Biochemistry, said she stands today to raise the voice high against injustice and oppression spreading over the entire region.

She slammed the Saudi aggression on Yemen and the continuous "Israeli" brutal attacks against Palestinian landowners. The lady further highlighted the need to raise awareness in our day regarding the image of true Islam that is being defamed due to the Takfiri practices that claim belonging to Islam.

"It is very critical that every person should learn to separate Daesh and the rest of terrorist groups from Islam. They are two different poles, everyone should learn!" she insisted.

Ashura Generations, a School like No Other!

Whether a baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult or very old, lovers of Imam Hussein [AS] came of all ages to show support for the cause he stood up for. The cause of Imam Hussein, fighting injustice, successfully survived all attempts to silence it along history.

"You shall never be able to wipe out our remembrance," this is what Sayyida Zeinab [AS] told Yazid, and this is what truly happened. The eternal commemoration of Ashura is the best evidence that proves it. Every single attempt to put an end for it failed, it rather boosted it more and more.

Ashura Generations, a School like No Other!

For the Yazids of every time, for the inhumane practices storming the entire world, Imam Hussein's revolution is the remedy and the inspiration.

Future is in the hands of the believers, those who are well-equipped with the courage and the will to fight tyranny wherever it emerged. And because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, the young generations brought up on Ashura morals will always prove successful in the challenges of life.

Ashura Generations, a School like No Other!

Imam Hussein [AS] will ever stay the teacher of entire humanity. He is the man who sacrificed his all for the sake of dignity, and every dignified person will see him an idol, a light for life and an icon of freedom.

Source: Al-Ahed News