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Hizbullah Condemns Terrorism in Religious Shrine, Iraq

Hizbullah Condemns Terrorism in Religious Shrine, Iraq
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Local Editor

Hizbullah issued a statement in which it condemned "the crime committed by terrorists at the shrine of Sayyed Mohammad bin Ali al-Hadi [AS] in Iraq's Balad District, which caused the martyrdom and injury of dozens of innocent civilians."

Hizbullah Condemns Terrorism in Religious Shrine, Iraq

The statement further added that "this new crime stresses that those terrorists don't discriminate between people in their aggression, in which they kill Muslims, Christians, Sunnis, Shiites, Arabs and non-Arabs, without respecting sacredness of blood, places and times, they instead spread crazy killings in all directions."

Hizbullah statement also noted that "targeting a sacred place where Allah is being worshipped, is a new way of those terrorists' underrating sacred things in which they dared few days ago to attack the Mosque of the Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] in the Medina, and targeted other mosques, as well as churches and other places, and the victims of all this criminality were from peaceful innocent civilians."

The statement further concluded that "Hizbullah urges some to give up on their bets to benefit from this terrorism and achieve personal goals, to stop providing the terrorists with financial and moral aid, and to unite altogether to stop the extension of those thoughts and malicious deeds against all humanity, and uproot them."

On this tragic occasion, Hizbullah statement offered religious scholars and Iraqi people condolences, and prayed for the martyrs to rest in peace, and those wounded to get well soon."

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations, Translated and Edited by website team