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Hizbullah Condemns Suspending al-Wafaq: Reveals Tyrant Nature of Bahraini Ruling Regime

Hizbullah Condemns Suspending al-Wafaq: Reveals Tyrant Nature of Bahraini Ruling Regime
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Local Editor

Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Hizbullah Condemns Suspending al-Wafaq: Reveals Tyrant Nature of Bahraini Ruling Regime

Hizbullah denounces the new oppressive action by the Bahraini authorities in which they suspended the activity of al-Wafaq Association, the greatest of Bahraini associations, and dissolved the Islamic Enlightenment Society and al-Resalah Islamic Society.

Such measures represent bold aggression against rights and freedoms that any people in the world should enjoy. They also represent the tyrant nature of the ruling regime in Bahrain, which was clear in killing protesters, detaining activists as well as oppressing and sieging civilians.

Such crimes targeted the vast majority of Bahraini people regardless to any rules of politics, religion and ethics.

The societies dissolved by the regime are not violent ones, and they didn't adopt any speech or action that would harm the society. They are rather entities with peaceful slogans, ideology and practices, which make the authorities' crimes bolder and more dangerous since they tight the grip on the popular movement and deepen the political and social crisis in the country.

We place such authoritative practices in front of the international community, which claims keenness on freedoms and adopts democracy. In the same time, we witness that the international community's associations are silent and careless to confiscating the people's right to express its opinion and practice the peaceful political activity, which uncovers their malignancy and fake claims.

There is no doubt that the regime in Bahrain wouldn't have dared to commit such oppressive actions hadn't it been supported by the tyrant protecting powers, atop of which is the Saudi regime and its regional and international protectors.

Hizbullah believes that those criminal actions wouldn't bend the people of Bahrain or push them toward giving up on demanding their rights and seeking achieving them no matter the sacrifices. They also won't let them abandon their peaceful choice, which embarrassed the Bahraini authorities and made them crazy in their measures that displayed them losing patience, disable and almost yielding to the will of the patient Bahraini people, and their rightful demands.

Hizbullah sends the most sincere greetings to the individuals of this peaceful enduring people, who taught the world how to stand firm against oppression and injustice. They further stressed their right to use all peaceful means to oblige the Bahraini authorities keep their tyranny away and begin a true political path that protects Bahrain and the region, and fulfill the people' legitimate hopes and ambitions.

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations, Translated and Edited by website team