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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Martyr Leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine’s Memorial

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Martyr Leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine’s Memorial
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In His Name

Full speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Nasrallah, during the memorial held to honor Martyr Leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine on Friday May 20, 2016.

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Martyr Leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine’s Memorial

I seek refuge in Allah from Satan who was casted away. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi al-Qassem Mohammad, and on his chaste and pure Household, and on his chosen companions, and on all prophets and messengers. 

Scholars, deputies, brothers, and sisters! Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Allah Almighty says in His Holy Book: {Among the believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah: of them some have completed their vow (fully), and some (still) wait: but they have never changed (their determination) in the least}

First, I would like to welcome you all to this memorial held in honor of this martyr-leader. I thank you for this attendance which expresses the spirit of solidarity, embrace, support, love, and care. I first extend my loftiest consolations and condolences as well as felicitations to his tender, patient mother , Hajjeh Om-Adnan, his persevering, faithful wife, his dear son and daughters, his honorable brothers and sisters, his dignified family, and all his peers and brethren on the path of the resistance. 

Today, we are partners with the parents in consolation, because our martyr-leader is the son of his small family, and the son of his big family, as dear brother Mohammad (the brother of the martyr) said a while ago.

Before this great martyr-leader, I also address the families of our martyrs who showed patience and tolerance, and expressed their pride for the martyrdom of their sons in all these squares and fields, especially the martyrs who fell in Syria, where their leader was this great dear martyr.

I also thank all those who expressed their consolations and felicitations, whether through their direct presence, through representatives, through issuing statements, through sending messages, or through holding consolation and felicitation sessions in Lebanon and throughout the world. 

I would like to divide my speech into three points, and as usual I will make an outline.

The first section will tackle the person of the Sayyed.
The second section will highlight the event of his martyrdom and related issues.

The third point addresses the post-martyrdom era. Where are we going? What is our stance?

As usual, when we talk about martyrs during their lives, we almost always use their jihadi codenames. For example, we say "Sayyed Zulfiqar", "Hajj Radwan", "Hajj Alaa" etc. But after their martyrdom, we almost always go back to using their real names. Thus we say: Sayyed Mustafa, Hajj Imad...For this reason, I will now use this name: Sayyed Mustafa. 

Sayyed Mustafa was one of the first men of this Resistance who worked in this Resistance from its (very) first moments and hours. Sayyed Mustafa was one of the first men of this Resistance, from its first moments and hours. So the first section is an introduction to this great jihadi leader. He was at the forefront of confronting the "Israeli" enemy in Khalde along with a group of mujahedeen who formed the essential core and the first components of the Islamic Resistance. Later, some of these fighters, including Sayyed Mustafa, became some its best leaders.

Sayyed Mustafa and these brothers fought side by side with the brothers in the Amal Movement during the battle of Khalde. He further fought with the Palestinian brothers and was severely wounded. His injury left a scar on his body and legs, which influenced the way he moved and walked. The effect of this injury lasted until his martyrdom. In fact, he was one of the first fighters to be wounded in the Islamic Resistance. During the first years and months, he partook with his brethren leaders in forming jihadi groups and training them, and transferring expertise to them, besides equipping them and directing them. As a result of this incessant jihad and work, and along with what the other resistance factions and movements in Lebanon did, the "Israeli" occupation was expelled from the Dahieh, Beirut, and Mount Lebanon, and from along the coastal line, Sidon, Tyre, and Nabatieh, all the way to the security belt in 1985. 

In 1995, Sayyed Mustafa assumed the leadership of the Military Central Command in Hizbullah until mid-1999. Through this central and leading post, he worked at developing the structure and actions of the Resistance. Everyone knows that with the beginning of the 1990s until the year 2000, the action of the Resistance witnessed an enormous, escalatory development on the qualitative and quantitative levels, which led to the great victory in 2000. 

One of the major challenges that took place during his (time leading) central military command was the great confrontation of the Israeli aggression in the April War 1996, which the "Israelis" dubbed as "the Grapes of Wrath". During this war, the Qana Massacre was perpetrated, but the Resistance remained firm and steadfast. Thanks to the steadfastness, firmness, determination, and will of the Resistance, "Israeli" goals were frustrated - especially the goals of Shimon Peres - from that war, which ended with the so-called April Understanding that laid the foundation for a new stage in the work of the Resistance, which led to the final victory in 2000. 

One of the major achievements of Sayyed Badreddine during his military post was the famous Ansaria Ambush, about which much was said. All the Lebanese followed this operation, which was since the very first moments of its discovery of the target on the technical level, up until the end, under the co-direction and control of both leader martyrs Sayyed Mustafa and Hajj Imad.

Furthermore, one of the important achievements that occurred during his leadership is the development of the media and psychological war. In fact, he had a very advanced look, special disposition, and great interest in this perspective.

Afterwards, he continued his work in leading jihadi activity in Hizbullah. He was one of the military leaders in confronting the aggression of the July War 2006, which the "Israeli" enemy dubbed as The Second Lebanon War. After the martyrdom of the brother and leader Hajj Imad, he assumed several responsibilities. Among his achievements was dismantling the networks of collaborators with the "Israeli" enemy in 2008 and the years that followed. In fact, the security apparatuses and units in Hizbullah and the Resistance played a central and essential role within this perspective. There were close ties between the Resistance and the official security apparatuses which had a great role in disclosing these networks. 

When Hizbullah decided to partake in the war in Syria that took place in a gradual, escalatory manner, martyr-leader Sayyed Mustafa was in charge of leading and commanding the Hizbullah military and security units inside Syrian territories. During this stage, he was operating from Lebanon. From my position as his direct commander, I used to prevent him from going to Syria so as to guard and protect him. 

However, later he insisted saying: "I can't run a field with such importance, and (that can have) such a critical impact and challenge to Lebanon from here. Wherever the risks are, we are supposed to storm into them. Neither my mind nor my heart and emotions allow me to stay here."

Thus he spent most of his time in past years in Syria. He shouldered great responsibilities in the hardest times. With the blessing of his presence and leadership, along with the other leaders in the resistance, with the blessing of the blood of our martyrs which was shed there, and with the blessing of the pains of our wounded fighters who were injured there, our Resistance had the honor of contributing along with the Syrian Army, all the popular forces, and all the allies and friends, to making achievements, topped by the greatest and most important achievement which is preventing Syria from falling in the hands of the Takfiris and their American masters and their collaborators in the region, in confronting this global war that has been continuing for years. 

From this same military post, martyr-leader Sayyed Mustafa played a central role in confronting the terrorist networks in Lebanon which inflicted Lebanon with booby-trapped cars. He worked at hitting, dismantling, and confronting these networks on the security level along with all the great efforts exerted by the official and security apparatuses in Lebanon in dismantling these networks, fortifying internal security, confronting these terrorist groups, and disabling booby-trapped cars. I mentioned all of these sides because we acknowledge the gratitude, right, and good favors of every one. 

This is a resume' of some of his achievements and not all of them. 

In conclusion, we are before one of the senior men of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, one of its major minds, and one of its pioneer founders who spent their lives at its service; a fighter in the battlefield, a leader in the squares, and eventually a martyr - the passion of ever resistance fighter and every leader. 

Sayyed Mustafa was known to everyone for his bravery, steadfastness, and boldness on one hand, and his keen smartness, high professionalism, fervent zeal, and incessant vigor that knew no boredom or weariness. On a third level, he is known for his overwhelming emotions. This sharp sword used to come to tears quickly and abundantly when the situation requires tears. He was generous with his blood when the situation requires blood. His sword was sharp when the situation requires a sharp sword. Blessed is he with his martyrdom which he aspired for and sought, and which all his other friends envy him for. 

The second part: As I mentioned in the first part, he used to direct the operations from here - the Southern Suburbs of Beirut, or the Dahieh, though when we used to discuss going to Syria, he used to insist on going.

At one stage, I agreed with him to go only to the borders - the Masna - from where he could call his brethren, the commanders who work inside Syria, and follow up with them, and then return to Beirut, and that he would not go frequently there. Here, I find myself obliged to say this story, because it is a prelude to the following part of my speech. Before his strong insistence on going to Syria, I told him: You are different from the other jihadi leaders. He and some other brethren share this remark which I will say now. First, there are many jihadi leaders who are not known. Even those who are known, there is no controversy over their figure. So we do not say that this is a controversial figure. It's not we who have this ambiguity. This ambiguity was fabricated by the foreign media. Going back to the story, I told him that going to Syria and to the Sayyeda Zainab region which was in danger and the field of fierce war as the western Ghouta was in the hands of the armed groups who used to block the Airport Road in Damascus with fire. So the capital was threatened. 

Many of the regions were threatened by great challenges, and the probability of martyrdom was high. So if you, Sayyed Zulfiqar, were martyred in Syria, we would hear much gossip, as was the case of your dear brother Imad, because the foreign media also made of Hajj Imad a controversial figure. I am not sure if what I am saying is understood. I mean that it is they who made an enigma of this figure and targeted it with accusations and remarks. Now when a controversial personality is in a certain field, and he is martyred, that opens the gate wide before much talk from the enemies, the antagonists, the immoral, and those who wish ill for this procession - the Resistance - and its reputation, fame, and morals. So this remark poses a primary problem.

He said: O Sayyed! Should I get martyred in Lebanon, the same problem will be evoked too. Perhaps if I get martyred in Lebanon, the problem would be bigger. Still, this remark must not be an obstacle for me to go to Syria because the battle in Syria is above all such remarks. We are offering martyrs in Syria, and we cannot stop due to these remarks. He said jokingly: Unless you do not want me to get martyred and rather die on the deathbed?

Anyway, he went forward. Now notice with me: We have a great number of martyrs in Syria whom we respect and speak highly of, including senior martyrs who assumed primary responsibilities alongside Sayyed Mustafa. Among these martyrs - who were recently martyred - are martyr-leader Hajj Abu Mohammad Salman, and Hajj Ibrahim al Hajj from the West Bekaa, who spent years in Syria from Qalamoun to Aleppo, to the rural areas in Damascus...So he was present on several fronts. Later, when the events started in Iraq and "ISIL" invaded several Iraqi provinces, he went to Iraq and was martyred there. Still nobody stirred problems and doubts or wrote articles because Hajj Abu Mohammad Salman was not a problematic personality, though he was a senior leader in the Resistance and had a long history in the Resistance.

Martyr-leader Hajj Alaa, who was martyred weeks ago, also was a senior leader in the Resistance, and since the first days that Sayyed Mustafa went to Syria, Martyr Alaa was in Syria. He moved from Sayyeda Zainab to eastern Ghouta, to western Ghouta, to Aleppo, to Athrayya Khanaser Road, and to Al-Ghab Valley, among several other squares. When martyr-leader Hajj Alaa was martyred, no problem was stirred because he is not a problematic personality too. 

There are several other examples such as martyr-leader Hajj Abu Mohammad Iqleem and martyr-leader Hajj Hassan Lakkis. Some of these brethren were martyred by gun fire. Others were martyred by rocket and artillery shells. Still, no problems were evoked. Indeed, the story differs with martyr-leader Hajj Samir Quntar because he was killed by "Israeli" warplanes which bombed the place where he was.

So we will read and listen a lot about what took place last week because that is a part of the machine that has been operating since 2005 and even before that. This machine is working against the Resistance and against Hizbullah to distort their image, esteem, morals, and the faith of their masses. Anyway, I believe that is something normal. How do you see it? I see this as something normal because we are talking about a special, distinctive personality and leader. 

In this section, there are some points which I want to mention:

The first point has to do with the lofty status from the very perspective of the occasion. 

As for us, the status and eminence of the martyrs is achieved when someone is killed for the sake of Allah Almighty in confrontation with any occupation or aggression, or while defending one's people, nation, sanctities, values, religion, central causes, and the men, women, and children that are deemed weak. They are those killed while confronting the US-"Israeli" arrogant, hegemonic schemes on our countries and region. These are the martyrs, whether they were killed by "Israeli", American, Takfiri, or by any hand or collaborator who fights on the other front. This is from the perspective of the status of the martyr, because some people who write and talk say that there is a difference between one martyr and another. 

The martyrs of the Resistance are the martyrs of Resistance, whether they were killed in South Lebanon, on the land of Palestine, on Syrian territories, on Iraqi land, or on any land on which they are fighting the enemies of Allah for the sake of Allah. There is no difference because the battle is one, the enemy is one, and the scheme is the same.

Talking from a religious perspective on the religious status, all of us, Muslims, look up to and dignify the Prince of Believers, Ali ibn Abi Taleb (Peace be upon him). Ali ibn Abi Taleb defeated the Jews of Khaibar, pulled out the gate of its fortress, killed its giant (warrior), and Allah blessed him with victory. This story is unanimously agreed upon by all Muslims. When the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him and his Household) said: "I will hand the banner tomorrow to a man who loves Allah and His Prophet and is loved by Allah and His prophet, who attacks and never retreats", he gave the banner to Ali. Allah blessed him with victory. Then the events and developments followed and led to the War of Nahrawan between Ali ibn Abi Taleb and the Khawarej who are dissidents from Islam and the nation of Muslims, those who split the wombs of pregnant women, killed the companions of the Prophet and transgressed upon the dignities of the people. Ali fought them in Nahrawan, and some remained alive. Ali wasn't killed in Kufa Mosque by a survivor from the Jews of Khaibar. He was killed by a survivor from the Khawarej of Nahrawan. Still, does anyone doubt the status and the great martyrdom of Ali ibn Abi Taleb?

This is the first point. 

On the status too, I will discuss the "Israeli" issue which was also stirred up during the past week.

Unfortunately, what I will mention now and comment on was said by the "Israelis". Unfortunately, I am telling you that our malignant "Israeli" enemy with whom we have been fighting for 34 years was just to us, while the so-called Arabs who serve America and "Israel" - the more "Israeli" than the "Israelis" - evoked this issue and made it the topic they wrote about and tackled in media outlets to instigate our masses, and they are still doing so in Lebanon and in the region by saying that Hizbullah did not accuse "Israel" of killing its martyr-leader Sayyed Mustafa, and did not hold it responsible because it cowered and shrank in fear of accusing "Israel", as Hizbullah is not fit and competent to confront a war as a result of so and so - the absurdities that they mention.

It is unfortunate that Arabs, Lebanese, and media outlets say this while the "Israelis" act fairly with us. The "Israelis" said: No, Hizbullah is honest. Why? That's because they know that we are honest, because during the 34-year-struggle with the "Israeli" enemy, the enemy knows very well through the field, that we did not lie at any time or on any day. We never said that we detonated a bomb or bursted into a post without that taking place. We never said that we made an achievement without that achievement being a reality. They know this. We never promised and threatened without executing that. Imagine that during the past week, the "Israelis" acknowledged our honesty and bravery while these so-called Arabs, who are more stubborn in disbelief and hypocrisy, still doubt all the traits which historic facts proved. No, that is not the case. In 24 hours following the martyrdom of Sayyed Mustafa, we were concerned about knowing what took place. An Israeli aggression or operation was one of the possibilities. 

We made precise scrutiny. Someone may say that we wish it was the "Israelis" who were behind the operation. On the first point, I mentioned this, and we are through with the story of what we love or what we wish for. I tackled the value and the status of martyrdom a while ago. The story is not that of what we wish. We want to go to facts. We examined the data that have to do with the atmosphere, the "Israeli" movement, the nature of what we find in the zero zone, we did not find any indicator or evidence that leads us to point the finger at the "Israelis". Do you want me to accuse the "Israelis" by force?

That has to do with honesty and truth. Listen very well, and today I want to highlight the following point. We do not acquit the "Israelis". We are saying that we do not accuse the "Israelis" because we do not have evidence to accuse them. We are not like others who cast political accusations. It is very easy to accuse politically and say it is "Israel" and head to the reaction and all the following repercussions. However, we do not cast political accusations even against our enemies. I always used to tell you: We practice psychological warfare; yet our psychological warfare differs from all such wars in the world. In all wars in the world, they study in academies and universities and colleges how to lie, deceive and cheat as part of psychological war. As for us, in our psychological wars, we do not lie. This psychological war is unmatchable in human history except for wars at the time of the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him and his Household and companions). Or else this is natural and it takes place. Still, as for us, even in psychological wars, we do not lie and cast political accusations.

Well, why did the data indicate the armed terrorist groups present in the region? As an honest person, an honest party, and honest officials, I will say another story to the family of the martyr and our masses and people, and I will also bear the consequences of this conclusion and commitment. 

Today, I will reiterate the very stance I delivered a month ago. In the framework of this point, first I say that when we have data on accusing "Israel" we accuse it, and it is enough to have circumstantial evidence to cast our accusation. So certitude is not a condition. Circumstantial evidence is sufficient, as was the case with the martyrdom of Hajj Imad (May Allah have mercy on him). As for when things are clear - as was the case for the martyrs of Quneitra - things are evident already.

Second, history shows that "Israel" never killed any of us on any day and we backed down in the face of the perpetrator. Provide us with one such evidence.

Third, our history shows that when we vow to retaliate, we do retaliate, as with the case of the Quneitra martyrs. We were never frightened or afraid. We spoke with you frankly and said that the retaliation for the assassination of the Quneitra martyrs might have led to a war, and we were ready for a war. On that day, we evacuated all of our camps. We had thousands of training camps. We evacuated our garrisons. We took all the precautionary measures. We activated our operation rooms. We were ready to go to war because it was not right to stay silent towards the assassination of our brethren in Quneitra in broad daylight. Also, when brother Samir Quntar was martyred, and despite all the "Israeli" threats and intimidations that ‘if you undertake any act, we will retaliate\', our brethren went deep into the Shebaa Farms and to the proximity of an "Israeli" garrison, and erected a massive bomb which could have destroyed a convoy and killed officers. However, Allah Almighty wanted it to be a very strongly armored vehicle in which only three soldiers were injured. This has nothing to do with our will. It is the will of Allah; however, our decision was to retaliate. 

Here I want to reiterate that our history does not show that we cower, shrink in fear, or retreat. When we speculated - not that we are certain - that it is the "Israelis" who killed us, we took a decision within the leadership of Hizbullah and within the framework of the jihadi leadership, and we announced this decision months ago - perhaps it was in the memorial held to honor martyr Samir Quntar. We warned the "Israelis" that from now on, whenever they kill any of our fighters - and not commanders - our retaliation will be direct and tough. Today on the memorial held to honor the great martyr-leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine (Zulfiqar), I also tell the "Israelis" who were fair to us, and the so-called Arabs who are more stubborn in disbelief and hypocrisy, to those who accused us, to the world, to the friend, and the foe: O' Zionists! Should you kill any of our fighters, our retaliation will be tough and direct, and even beyond the Shebaa Farms, no matter what the repercussions would be.

The third point: We witnessed in the past few days - since the martyrdom of Sayyed Mustafa till today - silly comments and behaviors from certain political sides, political personalities, and media outlets. I only want to say a couple of words to this effect before moving to the following point. These comments and behavior manifest the mean level of moral deterioration some have reached in this country. They do not have human feelings and do not value the human feelings that other people have. They do not act except based on grudges and malice, and they represent themselves as civilized men of law and men of state. You are not men of state. In fact, you are gangs and even worse. Your Special Tribunal did not judge the man yet and did not accuse him, and you sentence him daily and act accordingly. Are you men of law? In fact, you don\'t have moral feelings and human feelings? Anyway, indeed, we are all humans, and we are offended by these words and these acts. Still, I call on the masses of the Resistance and the adorers of this martyr to overcome what they heard and saw because every pot sprinkles from its contents. Whoever has honor sprinkles honor; and whoever has meanness showers meanness; whoever has dignity sprinkles dignity, and whoever has disgrace showers disgrace. This is enough. 

The fourth point in the second section has to do with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL). Indeed, we also heard many words and demands from the STL during these days. Here, I also agreed with my brothers not to comment on this issue or get engaged in contests with others for a very simple reason. O' our people and dear ones! We had said everything we had on the STL years ago. In fact, the STL does not exist as far as we are concerned. It is forgotten. If you scan our minds you do not find a place for the STL. We spoke enough of its invalidity, its falsification, its being influenced by politics, and its being exploited as a weapon to target this Resistance and the leaders of this Resistance and their moral and bodily assassination. That's why everything that is said in this perspective, all what is demanded from it or by it from this perspective does not concern us at all and does not deserve any comment from us at all. As such, we come to an end with regards to the issue of the STL.

The fifth point: Also during the past few days - i.e. during the week from the martyrdom up until day - we heard and read many comments; some of which are antagonistic and waylaying us. They lament Hizbullah and the defeat, loss, and feebleness it was afflicted with. Others are friendly comments which express love for us, fear for us, care, and concern, following what had afflicted us for the loss of a senior leader such as Sayyed Mustafa. As this is part of the ongoing war, it is also my duty to comment on this issue: First, from years ago Hizbullah has become an integrated organization and a true institution in all respects, including and on top of which is the jihadi dimension. Several experiences and the status quo has proven that this institution does not depend anymore - in its motion, survival, and development - on the existence of a certain person, no matter how great he is, or on the existence of certain people no matter who they are. This resistance is developing qualitatively and quantitatively. I am telling the foes to hush up and the friends to feel peace and rejoice. This is the truth. 

In fact, the Resistance is in a state of qualitative and quantitative development, and its leaders are developing too on the level of qualification, competence, education, training, and inheriting the aggregated expertise and experience from generation to generation. Second, on the jihadi level, we in Hizbullah and the Islamic Resistance do not have just one, two, three, four, or ten leaders. We have a generation of leaders who are not young men. They are in their forties and fifties, and some have crossed the 50 mark, and we have a generation of leaders who between their thirties and forties, and we have a huge generation of field commanders. If this is not the case, how can Hizbullah be present in Lebanon, in the Resistance, in the face of the challenges in Syria, and in the other fields and countries, and offer these martyrs and these leaders and proceed in its work and proceed in its movement? 

Thus, when any of our leaders is martyred, he causes a gap for us indeed, as per the emotional feelings of our brothers, and his distinctive personal characteristics; however, very quickly this gap is filled by his brothers from his very generation or from the generations that followed. So from this perspective be very much assured.

Third: The blood and sacrifice of our senior martyr-leaders form a thrust forward, a new spirit, a new responsibility, a new challenge, and a new zeal. Wasn't this what took place following the martyrdom of Sheikh Ragheb, Sayyed Abbas, and Hajj Imad?

Fourth: Following the martyrdom of Hajj Imad (May Allah have mercy on him) much was said by the friend and the foe to the effect that the jihadi structure of Hizbullah will weaken, retreat, and dwindle. However, the entire world knows that following 2008, and based on the achievements of the martyr Hajj Imad and his sacrifices, mind, and chase blood, his brothers continued and moved along on this path and track. Thus the jihadi power of Hizbullah grew, and the entire world confesses that it developed from a local force to a regional force. Did it retreat? Had it developed to regional power in speeches and by speeches or through influential action in the battlefield, represented by the jihadi structure in the first place?

Fifth and last in the second part, before turning to the third and final section and wrapping up the speech, I want to tell you: O' brothers and sisters! Whoever stays at home dies on the deathbed. Sayyed Zulfiqar was martyred, Hajj Imad was martyred, Sayyed Abbas was martyred, Alaa was martyred, Hassan was martyred....It is natural that they got martyred. Whoever sits at home dies on his deathbed. As for those who are present in the squares, in battlefields, in confrontations, and amidst challenges, he may be blessed by Allah the Almighty with the honor of martyrdom. Thus Sayyed Mustafa is not the first martyr-leader in this procession and will not be the last.

As long as our procession is moving forward and assuming its jihadi, religious, and historic responsibilities, as long as our martyrs insist on being present in the field, we will receive more martyr-leaders. This must not cause us - now or in the future - as it has not done so in the past, any feeling of feebleness, weakness, or loss because through these martyrs and through their blood, we will proceed, gain victory, and achieve victories as I will say in the third section.

The third section: regarding our status quo and what lies on the horizon based on the past - when we headed to the battle in Syria, we went there based on a vision, an understanding, and a clear identification of the dangers, threats and opportunities. We talked about this issue frequently during past years and on various occasions.

Day after day, facts and documents are being disclosed and confessions are being revealed on the goals of this battle, the role of the Americans and the west in the battle, the role of their regional allies, who exploited these groups, funded them, attracted them, equipped them, trained them, commanded over them in Syria, and facilitated their arrival at Syria from all over the after day, this issue is becoming clearer.

A week ago, I was delivering a speech in which I quoted some testimonies. I am calling on you again, and I call on all those who search for the truth, all those who still have ambiguities on what is taking place, and all those who are still questioning the authenticity and the rightfulness of the battle, to neglect the Arab media for a while, because most of the Arab media is biased and conspiring. Have a look at the US media and the western media in general. What is written? What is said? What confessions are they making? 

Read what is written and said by senior American and western military men and diplomats - some of whom were foreign ministers - senior intelligence men in the CIA and other agencies, and senior journalists who are known for their authentic information. They write and talk about the very first preparations for all that is taking place in Syria.

Why did they start talking? Because they started feeling remorse. It's time for trials. They hold trials there. They started asking and inquiring and searching for solutions to address the catastrophic consequences which they wanted to afflict our region, but which is now afflicting them. 

When we go back to these facts, we become more confident. Whoever has an unclear vision will have a clear vision, and whoever has insight will have sharper insight and more awareness and faith in the battle. 

All the field data which was disclosed in past years assert this truth. Let's take one example as per regional intervention, namely the Saudi intervention in Syria. Saudi Arabia tracks Iran to condemn it. It talks about Iran\'s intervention in the affairs of Arab states. What are you - Saudis - doing then? Are you praying and fasting in the two Holy Shrines?

The Saudis confess that they are interfering in Syria. Biden - the US vice president who is not from the Resistance axis - confesses that Saudi Arabia and other states had spent billions of dollars and sent thousands of tons of arms and artillery. So he mentioned Saudi Arabia in name.

Everyone knows that Saudi Arabia is practicing media and sectarian provocation. It funds, arms, attracts fighters from all around the world, drags them to Syria, and controls operations too. There is an operation room for Syria run by Saudi Arabia. It is in Jordan, and everyone knows that. It also controls the so-called Riyadh negotiating delegation. It is fighting in the field and breaking down political (efforts).

What are the Saudi goals in Syria?

Though we are on a day of consolation, we are also on a day of jihad, a day for truth, and a day for insight. In this battle, Sayyed Mustafa was martyred. Saudi Arabia wants a new constitution in Syria; well, does it have a constitution? It has a regime for the king and the Saud Dynasty. However, is there a constitution? If I am wrong, tell me where I am wrong. 

Saudi Arabia wants early parliamentary elections and presidential elections in Syria. Had there ever been parliamentary and presidential elections in Saudi Arabia since it was first founded till our day, so that it fights the Syrian people under this pretext? 

Saudi Arabia wants reform and freedom in Syria, at a time when nobody dares to utter a word in Saudi Arabia and stage a reform movement or a demonstration of a ceremony. If anyone writes a couple of sentences he is sentenced to a thousand lashes. Where did they get these thousand lashes from? In which jurisprudence is this found? This is not found in Islamic jurisprudence. Well, they have this in their jurisprudence for anyone who says a couple of words or objects to the regime. Do you really want reform and freedoms? 

They want the circulation of power in Syria. Do you have circulation of power in Saudi Arabia?

They want multiple parties in Syria; do they have one party to have many parties in Saudi Arabia? All what the Saudis say is senseless. The same applies to all what those in their front say on freedoms, constitutions, elections, reforms, circulation of power, multiple parties...They are all lies and the worst images of hypocrisy. They don't have anything of what they say.

In past years, we all talked about the goal. All the data and confessions that are made worldwide assert that the goal from targeting Syria was because it was an independent state, free from American hegemony and the American tools in the region, because it adhered to its national and Arab stance, because it opposes the Zionist scheme, because it adheres to Palestine, the Golan Heights, and the occupied Arab territories, because it is a state in the Resistance axis, because it is a state that still preserves Arab identity, because it is a state that still says "No" in face of "Israel", and because it supports the Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine. 

This is the crime of Syria. Now if President Bashar Assad announces in the name of the Syrian leadership that he is ready to be at the service of America, the US scheme, and the Zionists, the war will come to an end in Syria. I swear by Allah this is the case; I do not want to disclose some secrets and offers which we may talk about in due time.

This is the true goal behind the war waged by these regional states and all these armed groups. Unfortunately, the US in cooperation with its regional allies, and after its direct failure and the direct "Israeli" failure, found whom to exploit and employ to fight the Resistance axis, and to fight the true popular intifada and to change the priorities in all the Arab world which witnessed popular intifadas. Thus to change the first priority seeking from reform to confronting terrorism. They found the Takfiri groups such as "ISIL", Nusra, and other groups. The core is one; the mind is one; the nature is one. They do not differ from one another. They found these groups, which are mobilized intellectually. The US did not find itself obliged to pay one penny from its pocket. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE fund, and Turkey equips with arms and facilitates and paves the way, besides other states. The US found the groups that have the ability to destroy.

Whom do they want to destroy? They want to destroy the national community? Is it required to fight the Christians? These (groups) are ready for that. Is it required to fight the Yazidis? These (groups) are ready. Well, what about the Islamic sphere? Is it required to destroy the followers of other religions? They are ready intellectually, ideologically, politically, and spiritually. They are even ready to send suicide bombers. As for inside the Islamic sphere and the followers of other Islamic sects, "ISIL", Nusra, and their like are ready to fight them. As for within the Sunni sphere, if it is required to destroy a community within the Sunni sphere, they are ready to do so. That is the case of Egypt. Is the fighting in Egypt between Sunnis and Shias? This is Libya. Is the fight in Libya between Sunnis and Shias? This is Boko Haram in Nigeria which kidnapped female high school students. Are these girls Sunnis or Shias? 

America and "Israel" too found preprogrammed groups which are intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually willing to destroy everything, and they have the will and the capabilities to do so. They have no problem in destroying the national community, the Islamic community, or the Sunni community. They are exploiting them so far to serve its schemes - to fight its enemies.

Who are its enemies in the region? They are the Resistance movements. Then go and destroy the Resistance movements, the regime in Syria, the Islamic Republic in Iran, the new status quo in Iraq, and the great Islamic, popular, and national uprising in Yemen....They are ready. They do not need US troops and the "Israeli" army. The "Israeli" army is there relaxed, watching and rejoicing. Why? It\'s because the US-"Israeli" army came holding a black banner in the name of Islam. On the banner is written "There is no god but Allah, Mohammad is His messenger".

This new savage black army with its arms, ensures (seeking to) achieve all the US-"Israeli" goals in the region while the Americans and the "Israelis" watch without paying any penny. They will invest in this army to the very end. Then they will present themselves to the peoples of the region as fake protectors and defenders. They are taking "ISIL" and al-Qaeda a pretext to return to their base in Yemen from which the rebels expelled them, to return to their bases in Iraq from which the Iraqi Resistance expelled them, and to enter Syria which its Assads (note: also refers to ‘lions') did not allow them once to erect on its pure land a military base. They are taking "ISIL" as a pretext now to return to their military bases in the region. 

This is the truth. We went to the battle, and Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine was martyred in this battle. We went, and martyrs fell to defend Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, the entire nation, and the axis of the Resistance. This is what we used to say and what I will reiterate today as I renew our stance based on these questions.

Since the very beginning, we knew the repercussions of this stance and this choice. We also said that we will bear it, and our people are ready to tolerate with us. We offered a great number of martyrs and injured. We faced a fierce media campaign to distort our image and reputation. There is a global media siege and campaign against us. We are not allowed to talk. We are also besieged on the financial level. They threaten the lives and livelihood of all those who support or love us. Martyrs fall. We knew that all of this will take place; however, these are sacrifices for the sake of something more important. Should Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, the region, Palestine, and the Palestinian cause be saved, and these groups be defeated, that deserves this sublime level of sacrifices.

Brothers and sisters! Before all of this, I tell you certainly and by trusting in Allah Almighty that over the (past) 34 years, we have passed through worse, harder, and tougher circumstances than today. On the contrary, compared to all the previous circumstances, our status, morals, condition, insight, choices, capabilities, popularity, presence, respect, power, and structure are better now. So God willing, we will pass this stage too with our patience, steadfastness, faithfulness, and by moving along on this path.

Second, there is something that forms an additional motive besides conviction, certitude, and insight. It is that we, along with the rest of our friends and allies in Syria, are advancing and gaining victory. See what has been taking place in Syria for five years now. First, they used to say in a month or two, they will take control over Syria, and the Saud Dynasty, the Americans, the Jews, and the Zionists would gulp it. Where is Syria now as per what was being propagated five years ago? There are victories and achievements which were made over these years, and they are being achieved now in recent times. Thus we say that the martyrdom of Sayyed Mustafa and the other martyrs in Syria and their blood, besides all the martyrs who are falling in Syria, are the fuel which helps and contributes to making this achievement and victory in the great and historic defense of the nation, the causes of the nation, and the existence of the nation.

Accordingly, our decision is the following. Many wrote, said, and foretold that the martyrdom of this leader will lead to the withdrawal of Hizbullah from Syria or to Hizbullah reconsidering the scaling down of its presence in Syria. 

Here I am telling you today, that firstly, up until this day and hour, the martyrdom of any of our leaders never led us to retreat from any battle. Rather the martyrdom of our leaders had always made us more efficient in the battle. This was the case with Sheikh Ragheb, Hajj Imad, and Sayyed Musa Sadr.

Second, this chaste blood will make us have a stronger and more efficient presence in Syria because we believe in the rightfulness and truthfulness of this battle, and also because we are certain that the battle will end with our victory. We will stay in Syria. We will stay in this battle. More leaders will go to Syria. We will be present in various forms. We will continue in this battle because this is how we show loyalty to the martyrs and to this martyr. We are certain that our battle, our blood, our jihad, and our contribution, which I always refer to as humble as compared to all the other efforts exerted in Syria, will lead to the failure of this project - the US, "Israeli", Takfiri, Saudi scheme that wants to practice hegemony and control, and drive away and expel the other. This scheme will fall and be destroyed in Syria. They won't be able to control over Syria, its leadership, people, army, land, and wealth, and consequently, they won't be able to take control over the region. This whole project that is schemed for the region fell in Syria and will be destroyed in Syria God willing. 

To provide you with information, weeks ago Sayyed Mustafa and his brothers were preparing to contribute to the recent achievement made in Western Ghouta. They considered participation and decided to participate. Today, the Syrian army with the participation of all of these heroes managed to restore a great number of towns in western Ghouta to keep danger away to a great extent - not to exaggerate and say completely - off Damascus International Airport, where Sayyed Mustafa was martyred, and the Sayyeda Zainab area, where he fought and offered many sacrifices. 

These achievements will increase and integrate when we are present efficiently and strongly. 

Before wrapping up my speech with a final word on Sayyed Mustafa - "Sayyed Zulfiqar" - and our obligation towards his blood, I want to say a word which may be way off topic. However, since there are municipal elections in the South on Sunday, I have a couple of words to say.

I recommend a couple of things for our people in all the towns and cities in the south:

First, I call for wide participation in the municipal elections. So they must not say that there is already Amal-Hizbullah lists, (allied with) other factions and parties occasionally, in agreement with the families. (By the way), the story of families and parties needs to be spoken about in detail because it involves great misconceptions. This alliance is sound and blessed by all intellectual, moral, jihadi, political, and religious norms. This alliance between Amal and Hizbullah is relevant to everything, including the municipal elections. Perhaps some brothers and sisters or our people in the South, or even in Dahieh, (many of) whom travel in any case on Sundays to the South - so they do not have an excuse - consider that these lists will indisputably win. So there is no need to bother ourselves to vote. No, we will go to the ballots because in this atmosphere in which a vehement media war is waged against us and in which even the blood of the martyrs is being exploited as we have seen during the past week following the martyrdom of Sayyed Mustafa, the results of the elections will be invested in too. 

So tomorrow they would say in so and so city - the capital of the resistance - the turnout was 20%; in so and so city, the capital of the resistance the turnout was 15%; in such and such town, the town of martyrs, the turnout was 8% or 23%. This is what they will say because they are hypocrites and crooks who exploit everything. They will not conclude that the people favor this list and consider it the winner so eventually there is no battle and thus they found no need to go to the ballots. 

They will deduce that there were no votes on the municipal lists, and this is a vote regarding political paths. Well, if you want to vote on political choices, there is another way, not through municipal elections. We will talk about this issue later. 

Finally, some people may consider that the list will win, so why should we bother ourselves. So we do not want to give the enemy and the antagonists, who are corrupt from inside, and who are liars, hypocrites, and crooks, that you don't give them a pretext, knowing that the highest level of turnout in the municipal elections so far was in Baalbek-Hermel but still they fabricated lies regarding that. 

We call for the highest level of participation in the South. Brothers and sisters! Our people! Our Resistance fighters and wounded fighters! Even the wounded are invited to go on their wheelchairs before the eyes of the cameras to vote to address the world with their message: Do not exploit this natural right in such a bad way. This is the first thing that I recommend.

The second thing is to adhere fully to the lists of this alliance. This commitment is required from the brothers and sisters because one of its most important results is the success of the municipality. After all, there are sides which have to assume the responsibilities of the municipality in the upcoming stage that consecrates and consolidates this coalition and unity which we need in the face of all of these storms. 

Brothers and sisters! On the day of the great jihadi martyr-leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine "Zulfiqar", what is our - Hizbullah's - great revenge? Regarding the battle he was leading and in which he fell as a martyr, our great revenge will be in two things. The first thing is in continuing and increasing our presence and working to increase our presence in Syria. Our great revenge will be in absolutely defeating these Takfiri terrorist criminal groups which conspire over our causes and our people. This is our great revenge for Mustafa Badreddine.

The second thing is in guarding the Islamic Resistance and protecting and developing it, because martyr Sayyed Mustafa fell to defend and guard the existence and strength of this Resistance, and the strength of the axis of the Resistance. This is our great revenge and this is our great responsibility.

May Allah have mercy on our martyr-leader and on all of our martyrs. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Source: al-Ahed News, Translated and Edited by website team