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MP Ammar: Sisons presence at ISF graduation "insult to Lebanese"

MP Ammar: Sisons presence at ISF graduation
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Source: NowLebanon, 17-04-2008
MP Ali Ammar launched a round of criticism against American Charge D'Affaires Michelle Sison, likening her to a "new high commissioner" as the Charge distributed medals to ISF members. Ammar said the TV coverage of Sison's presence at the ISF graduation was "an insult to the Lebanese," particularly the victims of the July War, a month-long war between Hizbullah and 'Israel' fought on Lebanese lands.
Ammar questioned the extent of American custodianship over Lebanon, implemented through the ruling team in Lebanon on the country and its institutions and the American reach within the Lebanese economy and security situation.
"The Lebanese are today more conscious of the American insistence on maintaining the vacuum through Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice," Ammar noted.