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DAILY SCOPE: Lebanon Remains with No President, Shift in Yemen Foils Saudi Attacks

DAILY SCOPE: Lebanon Remains with No President, Shift in Yemen Foils Saudi Attacks
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Lebanese newspapers on Wednesday focused on the sudden declaration of Lebanon being member of the Saudi coalition that is supposedly set up to fight terrorism, reporting that the Lebanese PM had made the decision without consulting Lebanese officials on the matter. The papers also followed up on the other files that are still pending, including the presidential vacuum. Papers also touched on the different developments in the region and the world.

DAILY SCOPE: Lebanon Remains with No President, Shift in Yemen Foils Saudi Attacks

AS-SAFIR: Salam Defends Decision on Lebanon's Joining of Saudi Coalition

Prime Minister Tammam Salamtold As-Safir newspaper that he is entitled as premier to take a preliminary decision on Saudi Arabia's invitation to take part in this coalition, especially since cabinet is not holding sessions.

Salam had made a decision on Lebanon's joining of the Islamic alliance against terrorism without informing the majority of political powers, saying that "anyone has the right to object to this choice."

He further told the daily "No one can prevent me from taking a decision that I consider as appropriate and I will assume the responsibility of my actions. And that does not mean that I am overriding the government that at the end of the day has the final decision and executive role in the matter," Salam said.

Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday the formation of the Islamic alliance aimed at combating terrorism. It includes 35 countries from across the Muslim and Arab world, except Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

Earlier on Tuesday, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry categorically affirmed in a statement that it was not at all consulted over the issue of the establishment of an Islamic alliance to fight terrorism.

"What happened tampers with Lebanon's status and the powers allocated to the Foreign Ministry," statement said, stressing that the Ministry has by no means received any correspondence or phone call related to the subject of the formation of this alliance.

AL-JOMHOURIA: Presidential Vacuum to Continue for Months to Come

Al-Joumhouria newspaper on Wednesday anticipated that the presidential vacuum in the Lebanon will continue for the months to come, after the failure of the proposal made by Future party chief Saad Hariri and the lack of consensus over the issue.

Informed sources told the newspaper that "the March 8 and 14 camps will soon hold separate meetings in order to "resolve the internal rifts" that emerged in wake of the presidential proposal. Upon an initiative made by Hariri to end the vacuum in the presidency, Franjieh emerged in recent weeks as a potential presidential candidate.
Lebanon has been without a president since May 2014 when the term of Michel Suleiman ended without the election of a successor.

AN-NAHAR: Garbage Disposal Seeing Final Touches

An-Nahar Lebanese daily noted on Wednesday that "The final touches to resolving Lebanon's garbage disposal crisis are being made as officials have agreed to export the waste."

"The ball is now in the Finance Ministry's court to provide the necessary funds to ensure the success of the plan," ministerial sources told the daily. Meanwhile, the cabinet will be summoned sources added.

The waste management crisis erupted on July 17 following the closure of the Naameh landfill south of Beirut, which had been receiving trash from the capital and Mount Lebanon since 1997. The landfill was meant to operate for only a few years until a comprehensive solution was devised. But the government has so far failed to resolve the issue.

Sukleen; the main company in charge of collecting trash in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, stopped its work last week after it was no longer able to store waste at its facilities. Piles of trash filled the sidewalks and streets across Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

AL-AKHBAR: Shift in Tribal Support Foils Saudi Attacks on Ma'arib

A military source in Yemen told al-Akhbar newspaper that the shift in tribal support to the Saudi coalition and armed groups in Ma'arib has changed the equation in the region, where with the support of the tribes, the Yemeni army and popular committees were able to have the upper hand once again in the area.

According to the source, this shift in the tribal stance was an important factor in the foiling the Saudi plan to take control of the province.

Moreover, another source unrevealed to al-Akhbar newspaper that there has been constant coordination and cooperation between the tribes themselves to defend their areas from the danger imposed by the militias and extremist groups and preserving stability and security in the province.

Source: al-Ahed News