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Yemeni Army Spokesperson to Al-Ahed News: Options Open, KSA Humiliated in Our Swamp

Yemeni Army Spokesperson to Al-Ahed News: Options Open, KSA Humiliated in Our Swamp
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Zeinab Daher

In light of the endurance the Yemeni resistance is showing, besides the successive achievements that are surprising both friends and foes, the Official Spokesperson of the Yemeni Army, Colonel Sharaf Luqman stressed that the army and the popular forces in his country have strong defense and endurance.

Yemeni Army Spokesperson to Al-Ahed News: Options Open, KSA Humiliated in Our Swamp

In an exclusive interview with al-Ahed news, he stated: "We exist in all the liberated sites in the Northern Yemeni provinces occupied by Saudi Arabia since almost 80 years. Now, we are restoring those sites, we were able to enter them, and it is still needed to enter the first phase of the strategy."

Luqman added that the army and the resistance are escalating the field military action, whether on the level of the speed of movement in entering sites and towns and so on, or the speed of the usage of weapons and the surprises that allowed them to develop weapons or manufacture new similar samples as the series of M75 missiles [Zilzal-type] that provoked the "Israelis".

On the field developments, Luqman noted: "We are escalating a phase beyond confrontation."

He further noted that the Yemenis and revolutionary forces control almost all the first Southern electrified defensive line of the kingdom which is equipped with the most advanced weapons. "This line has been destroyed and it is open for us to enter it. The issue however includes decisions and stages, it requires entrance, yet the military progress must go along with the political statements."

Cleaning Military Sites, Destroying Vehicles

Yemeni Army Spokesperson to Al-Ahed News: Options Open, KSA Humiliated in Our Swamp

In a related context, the Yemeni Army Spokesman stated some of the latest achievements in facing this Saudi-led aggression:

"In the previous days, we combed the Southern borderline from their side, which is the Northern from ours. We combed it with fire, as well as with ground troops. We used more than 1000 weapons and artillery bombs. Between 40 and 50 military sites used by the Saudis have been cleaned. More than 75 military vehicles have been destroyed, most of which were Abrams Tanks, known as the American legend, as well as a group of American armored Bradley Tanks, in addition to some little vehicles. The sum of the destroyed vehicles hit 75."

On the strategic level, the progress made against the aggression is represented as follows: "All sites are now in our hands, in which we overlook the main cities of Najran, Jizan and Asir. As for the inside, our options are different: we are confronting the American intelligence hands in the region, al-Qaeda and "ISIS" that recruited masses of mercenaries from all over the world, calling themselves "mujahedeen" while they are operating according to the American-"Israeli" agenda, which was confessed by the American agenda as well as the "Israeli" media. We are fighting them all. And thanks God we are achieving victories in all levels," Col. Luqman explained.

Further commenting on the military level, the Yemeni top military official informed that "Thousands of armored vehicles entered through the al-Wadia region, in addition to thousands of mercenaries. All of them were killed, and you would have probably heard from the first day when they were hit by the "Tochka" missile in Sarwah', and the military confrontations that followed, they couldn't make progress."

Options Depend on the Level of Aggression

Yemeni Army Spokesperson to Al-Ahed News: Options Open, KSA Humiliated in Our Swamp

Strategic options come as a result of the changes on ground. The stances would be based upon the developments in fighting the aggression, according to Luqman. "The more the enemy went on in its aggression and arrogance, the more options we would have to cause them pain and damage," he added.

"The previous stages were elementary, in which we hoped that Saudi Arabia would learn its size and stop its aggression. However, it didn't stop the aggression, it rather went too far in its arrogance. In the few past days, we stormed several Saudi sites there, who in turn revenged by "Israeli" and American aerial attacks against women and children in the many cities and towns of Yemen, killing many and destroying much more. This is the only thing they could do. However, we will keep our path to restore the occupied areas in the Northern Yemeni provinces since more than 80 years."

Furthermore, Luqman proved that the army and the popular committees were able to deal with them, in which they destroyed six of their warships, the last of which was on Friday off the Mocha Coast. "The aggression forces want to enter and stick to any region on ground on the Western Yemeni coast," he said, asserting that "all the movements of the coalition's navy in the Red Sea are rejected."

‘Any ship, warship or boat that approaches our regional waters is targeted and destroyed. We are able to do it and we announced it, they would never enter from this side."
Luqman explained that the rest of mercenaries based inside, supplied with Emirate support through Aden, reaching Taiz to occupy the Tahama Coast, were targeted and attacked, while the group that was able to penetrate is now surrounded in some areas of Taiz. "We are surrounding them, they could not move forward or make any achievement."

"Our options will remain open, they are numberless, and they are limitless. The fiercer the aggression was, the similar the response would be. For every action there is an equal reaction. We will remain on the same path."

Military vs. Politics, Parallel, not Equal!

Yemeni Army Spokesperson to Al-Ahed News: Options Open, KSA Humiliated in Our Swamp

In comparison between the political solution and the military action, Col. Luqman stressed that: "The military path and the political one are parallel but not equal. We, in the army and the popular forces, have an agenda, a target, and a plan based on a strategy of going in parallel and moving forward, which we started with cleaning the occupied areas."

Moreover, he stressed that: "What would result from the political negotiations is a different issue. It would stop the army's movement, but we notice that every time the Yemenis approach an agreement, Saudi Arabia intervenes in the last moments to fail this dialogue and interfere in the Yemeni issue."

"There is no way to retreat unless we have our independent decision, policy, and will. The Yemenis are free to make their local Yemeni decision," he added.

The man of military stressed that: "Saudi learned and we proved that it stuck itself in a swamp from which it could not exit unless defeated, humiliated and defamed in the whole world. America and "Israel" are trying to find some formula to take Saudis outside Yemen. Saudi Arabia entered the war without a clear plan and target other than destroying Yemen, which it achieved. But the Yemeni army, people and popular committees are ready to restore our rights with power instead of political negotiations. The political negotiations are another issue. But we will not stop, this is the army's duty."

Regarding the Saudi plan to hand the South for the Wahhabis known as "ISIS", al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia, the official Yemeni stance came as follows: "For us, whoever enters the country, time will come when we will return to the South and liberate it from them as long as they didn't withdraw respectfully. The coming days will prove this, and we will make new surprises every day we enter a new region, every time we produce a new missile, and every time we follow a new tactic. This is the path we are following. I reassure our dear ones in South Lebanon, in Hizbullah and the entire Arab world, that we are the supporters of resistance, we reject oppression. We die not to be humiliated or oppressed."

Source: Al-Ahed News