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Maareev: Range of Hizbullah rockets encompasses Dimona

Maareev: Range of Hizbullah rockets encompasses Dimona
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Source:, 28-03-2008
The 'Israeli' daily Maareev said that 'Israeli' security agencies believe that Hizbullah has acquired long-range missiles capable of reaching the heart of 'Israel', even as far as the city of Dimona, where 'Israel's' nuclear reactor is located.
According to the daily, Hizbullah has been restocking its rocket arsenal since the end of the 2006 July War.
"The party possesses tens of thousands of missiles, much more than the 14,000 it had during the July War," the daily reported.
On the other hand, 'Israeli' security sources complained about UNIFIL's position against 'Israeli ' army maneuvering on the Lebanese-Palestinian border.
"UNIFIL is raising different problems with us, as it has become very difficult for us to cross the borders, even for a few meters, and conduct flights over Lebanon, even for intelligence purposes," a source told the paper.
UNFFIL Spokeswoman Yasmina Bouzaine told the daily that UN troops have not uncovered any weapons smuggling in South Lebanon.
"We have not received any reports on the existence of new weapons in the South," she added.