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DAILY SCOPE: Syrian Army Makes More Advances, Espionage Network Arrested in Lebanon

DAILY SCOPE: Syrian Army Makes More Advances, Espionage Network Arrested in Lebanon
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Lebanese newspapers on Monday revealed the arrest of an espionage network that has been working in South Lebanon, and sharing the same goals and targets as the "ISIL" network that was arrested one month ago. The papers also touched on the cabinet impasse, as some political parties are still boycotting the sessions. On the regional level, newspapers discussed the ongoing events in Syria and Yemen, and followed up on the latest developments in Syria as the Syrian army makes more advances in Aleppo.

DAILY SCOPE: Syrian Army Makes More Advances, Espionage Network Arrested in Lebanon

AN-NAHAR: Espionage Network Arrested, Same Goals as ‘Previous' Network

An-Nahar Lebanese daily reported that the Lebanese General Security Directorate arrested a spy network working for "Israel".

It said that it arrested a Syrian with the initials R.A. and his Lebanese wife S. SH., in addition to another Lebanese national H.M. in South Lebanon on espionage charges.

The detainees confessed they were tasked with gathering information on various security and military figures in order to assassinate them later on.

They were also tasked with photographing roads and other "sensitive" areas in the South and sending these to their superiors who would use the information later to carry out the operations.

According to An-Nahar, the security forces arrested the network two weeks ago. The network was active in the area extending between Sidon and the borders with occupied Palestine. The daily noted that many of its goals overlap with the goals of the "ISIL" network that was arrested a month ago.

Moreover, the paper said that like the previous "ISIL" network, the former MP Ossama Saad and Sheikh Maher Hamoud topped the list of targets for assassination. Also, the network, like the previous one, were tasked with the monitoring of security figures including General Security Head Abbas Ibrahim.

The three suspected spies were referred to the relevant judiciary after completing investigations with the Military Prosecution, as security forces continued to search for other individuals believed to be a part of the same espionage network.

Several Israeli spy networks have been uncovered in the country's south, where the army has dismantled or destroyed spying devices found.

AL-JOMHOURIA: Economic Tsunami to Hit Lebanese if Cabinet Stalemate Proceeds

Well-informed sources told al-Jomhouria newspaper that concerned officials are trying to eliminate obstacles that have been standing in the way of holding a legislative session in Lebanon. The sources said that all sides are trying to find positive morale that would encourage moving on with the process and reaching an exit to the current stalemate.

The sources further added that a huge "economic Tsunami" will hit all the Lebanese community and affect their lives very soon, adding that the only way out is for a legislative session to take place and discuss the pending files that need resolving.

A legislative session is set to convene on the 12th and 13th of November to ratify urgent laws under the title "legislation of necessity", and ratify financial laws.

The World Bank has warned Lebanon that it would drop it from its list of aid receivers for years to come in the absence of the necessary financial legislation.

AL-AKHBAR: Syrian Army Making Major Advances in Aleppo

Field sources in Syria told al-Akhbar newspaper that the Syrian army was able to retrieve the towns that were captured by the terrorist groups on both Eastern and Southern sides of Aleppo.

It added that the army has made major advances, reaching strategic hills that would allow the army to take full control of the international highway. It further said that the army confronted attacks carried out by terrorist groups in the southern outskirts of Aleppo in an attempt to impede its advances.

In addition, another field source told the newspaper that the battles taking place in the mountains and outskirts of Northern Aleppo are of high importance, especially in terms of cutting supply lines that support the terrorist groups, particularly in the two towns of Salma and Rabi'a, where the Syrian army has been engaging in fierce battles to curb the terrorist groups and their attacks.

The control of Aleppo, which was used to serve as Syria's major trade hub before the crisis started in the Arab country in March 2011, has been divided between government and militants.

However, fresh gains by government forces have changed the situation in favor of the government of President Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian army recaptured the main international highway days after the Syrian army liberated eight villages in Aleppo Province from terrorist groups.

Source: al-Ahed News