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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Leader Martyrs’ Day

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Leader Martyrs’ Day
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In His Name

Full speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the memorial anniversary of the Resistance Leader Martyrs held in Sayyed Ashuhada Compound on February 16, 2015.

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Leader Martyrs’ Day

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, our Master and Prophet- Abi Al Qassem Mohammad, on his chaste and pure Household, on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.

Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

First, I would like to welcome you all on this dear and solemn occasion - the anniversary of the Leader Martyrs. 

However, allow me first to tackle a really grave incident. I find myself obliged to express our as well as your strong condemnation of the brutal and savage crime perpetrated by the Takfiri "Daesh" organization against the oppressed Egyptian workers in Libya. This crime cannot be tolerated or bore by the mind, the heart, conscience, religion nor humanity. In your names, we extend our condolences to their oppressed and vulnerable families, the Egyptian people, the Egyptian government, and the Coptic Church. We also express our consolation and deep sorrow for this calamity which has afflicted them. In fact, it has afflicted us all - Islam and Christianity; Muslims and Christians; and every human being who has a mind, a conscience, and an intact nature. We will return to this topic again in the course of the speech.

First, I would like to talk about the occasion and the act of commemorating this event. Then, I will talk a little about the Lebanese affairs before giving a general overview and stance on the situation in the region.

Each year, on this very day, we mark together the anniversary of the Leader Martyrs: the family of leaders, Martyr Sayyed Abbas Moussawi- our Secretary General, leader, master, beloved, and inspirer; his well-educated, resisting wife Martyr Sayyeda Um Yasser; and his small child Hussein; the Sheikh of the Islamic Resistance Martyrs- His Eminence Martyr Sheikh Ragheb Harb; and the senior jihadi Leader Martyr Hajj Imad Moghnieh who are all the symbol of our steadfastness and victory. We mark their anniversary for our sake and our good, and not theirs; we mark their anniversary to teach our children, grandchildren and future generations. We commemorate this occasion so that the near past which we lived and partook in its making remains connected to the present and overlooking the future.

This period of time must remain in our minds - we who have lived this era - and it must dwell in the minds of our children, grandchildren, and the generations to come.

This period of time extends from the establishment of the State of "Israel" in 1948; the wars which were staged later in 1967 and 1973; the events that took place in Lebanon; the resistance announced by the Palestinian people; the resistance announced later on by His Eminence Sayyed Moussa Sadr (May Allah return him back safe and sound along with both his companions); the Camp David Agreement; the divine and historic victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran which took place in days like these ones under the leadership of His Eminence Imam Khomeini (May Allah sanctify his secret); the "Israeli" invasion in 1982, and the post-invasion era to our day including the wars, confrontations, events, and conspiracies.

This era is rich with events and development, and no one - neither we nor our children nor the generations to come - can approach the present and the challenges of the day in a logical, objective, scientific, intact, and sound way apart from all of this past and the equations and achievements made: the facts and illusions, logic and lunacy, desperate bargains and sound options, the waiting for a mirage that did not and will never come true and for victories made by the determination, sacrifices, tears, blood, aspirations and pains of men and women. This time era with all that it comprises represents a great humanistic, fiducial, cultural, and jihadi school for our people and nation.

These leader martyrs were among its most prominent figures and leaderships and its martyred witnesses. Secondly, we always as well as all year long need to resort to them. We need to turn to Sayyed Abbas, Um Yasser, Sheikh Ragheb, and Hajj Imad as ideals to follow. 

We need to learn from them to abstain from this world when it ornaments to us its vanities: prestige, wealth, and luxury. We need to learn from them to be modest and even humble when we become strong. We need to learn from them to be strong when we confront quaking and hurricane-like calamities. We need to learn wisdom from them when we are fought with ordeals and seditions that disperse minds and insight. We take from them and are inspired by their ardor and zeal when tired, by their boldness when hesitating, and by their unlimited sacrifices when the position requires that. We learn from them to trust in Allah, our nation, our people, ourselves, and our resistance fighters when people feel frustrated as hardships, difficulties, and challenges surround them from all sides.

We take from them hope, confidence, and insight. As you heard a while ago, when "Israel" was occupying our land, Sayyed Abbas, Sheikh Ragheb, and Hajj Imad earlier and later on expressed their vision that "Israel" would not only withdraw from our land but will also be eliminated from this world. That was at a time when "Israel" was occupying our land, when our men and women were in prison, and when we were weak and "Israel" was strong. As such, we take from them a clear vision and intact insight; confidence and hope; and most importantly, we learn from them to be faithful and loyal; to have tolerance; to be up to the level of the tough and difficult current challenges we are facing; and to be competent at shouldering the responsibility of making a decent, noble, and prideful future that befits our people, our homeland, and our nation. Thus, we always take pains to talk about them, their biographies, their morals, their conduct, their achievements, their jihad, and their sacrifices so that we as well our children, grandchildren, and the future generations come to know and learn.

This is what we must take pains to achieve when we broadcast the names, photos, biographies, and wills of all the martyrs every day and throughout the year. That's because they truly present an integrated, intellectual jihadi school which we must introduce and with which we must be acquainted. For 32 years and until now, a generation of young men who were 18, 19, 20, 23, and 25 at most at that time and who were scholars and fighters- whether men or women- took the initiative and shouldered the responsibility. Some of them were martyred in the different stages of the path.

Many of our veteran cadres were mighty in the fields of jihad and endured difficulties and wounds, and then died of a long struggle with illness- the last of whom was a dear leader of the pioneer Resistance leaders late Hajj Mustafa Shehadeh (May Allah have mercy on him). Some were detained and suffered from the cuffs of detention. Some were wounded and are still suffering from their injuries. Some are still moving in this path holding their blood on their palms. The slogan held by this first generation which included Sayyed Abbas, Sheikh Ragheb, and Hajj Imad, and Hajjeh Um Yasser is {Among the Believers are men who have been true to their Covenant with Allah: othem some have completed their vow, and some atill wait: but they have never changed their determination in the least}.

Among the young men, today, are children of the first generation who, in their turn, made a pledge, lived up to and adhered to it, and many of them passed away as martyrs- the last of whom were those martyred in the "Israeli" aggression in Quneitra.

The children of the first generation were also senior partakers in making victory. The anniversary of the leader martyrs comes this year with evidence of what I am saying. The son of Leader Martyr Imad Moghnieh- Jihad- stood on this podium to pledge his allegiance and willingly declare his affiliation, identity, and option. No one obliged him to do so. He could have continued his university education. He was a young gentleman. His life and his future were before him. The entire world was before him. However, the son of Hajj Imad carried Hajj Imad's spirit, soul, knowledge, and love. He abandoned all of that. Where did he go? He went to Golan and to Quneitra where his life was sealed in martyrdom. As such are the martyrs of the sons of martyrs. The blood of martyr Jihad and his brethrens in Quneitra days ago forcefully revived the anniversary of the martyrdom of Hajj Imad Moghnieh.

It brought him back to life again. At that moment, we felt as if Hajj Imad was martyred anew. People had this emotional, spiritual, and moral feeling. The people sympathized with the incidents which brought this matchless, brilliant, and historic leader to the forefront of events again, emphasizing that his memory and presence is still the most forceful and supreme in the conscience of the friend as well as the foe, who is still haunted by the blood of Imad Moghnieh and who will always be haunted by the blood of Imad Moghnieh.

Brothers and sisters! On this great and dear day to us and in a show of loyalty to these leader martyrs and as responsible people, we will tackle some issues that concern us in Lebanon and some issues that concern us in the region as well. 

Firstly, I will tackle some Lebanese affairs.

Firstly, we are in the month of February in which many incidents took place, especially on February 14th. On this occasion, I extend my condolences and consolation to the family of Martyr Premier Rafiq Hariri, his lovers, his party, and his supporters for the sorrowful event of his martyrdom that shook Lebanon and the region, and the repercussions of which are still taking place to this very day. I also extend my consolations to all the families and lovers of all the martyrs - whether men or women - who fell on that day in that painful, sorrowful, and very dangerous incident.

Secondly, today, and before the danger of terror that is threatening Lebanon and the region, we- in Hizbullah- support the call for devising a national anti-terror strategy. I believe that the Lebanese political forces and Lebanese leaderships may agree on an enemy which is terrorism. That may not be as difficult as agreeing on a defense strategy in face of "Israel" for, unfortunately, we disagree over another enemy, which is "Israel". Anyway, we support the call for devising a national strategy against terrorism. Now, how are we to achieve that?

Right now, I received the result of whether there was shooting in the air or not as I started my speech. It is supposed that in the compound, you haven't heard anything. I thank all our honorable people in Dahiyeh, Beirut, and all regions for abiding by our call and appeal. This is always expected from you, and you always live up to our expectations. We must always cooperate, and God-willing, we will come to an end with this phenomenon so that we don't find ourselves obliged to issue a statement for every ceremony and request from you to not shoot in the air.

We must cooperate as far as this issue is concerned. It is an old tradition in Lebanon to shoot in the air in funerals of martyrs, martyr processions, and in the various occasions, and we must cooperate on the media, cultural, and political levels to put an end to it, God-willing. Many thanks to all those who answered our call and adhered to our recommendations. I am very thankful to you all.

So, we are with devising a national anti-terror strategy. Now, who is to work on this? It is the government. The parliament presents an initiative. A national unity session may be held. This needs follow-up. The mechanism needs discussion. Anyway, in principle, we call for that and we support it.

The third point has to do with the security plan in Bekaa. We renew our ultimate support for the plan which we believe came in late. The security plan must continue and must be activated. So, it must not last for a week or two, or a month or two. The Bekaa region has been suffering from thieves, criminals, corruptive people who kidnap individuals to receive ransoms, and outlaws who terrorize people.

We hope that this era has come to an end, God-willing. Between parentheses, I say that there were popular requests that we - Hizbullah, Amal Movement, and the political forces in Bekaa - assume this responsibility, but this was not a right step. Here, I am telling our people in Bekaa that this is not right and will not be right in the future.

What is right is that the state is the most capable and the most competent side of assuming this responsibility which is, in fact, its obligation. All of us must support and back the army, the security forces, and the government in controlling the security situation. Thus, the security plan needs follow-up. It was said that ‘the wanted' fled. Well, that is good. Now, let the army and the security forces be aware and serious so that they do not come back. As long as they are away from the region, the region will be free of thieves, criminals, corruptive people, and killers. As such, no such things will be tolerated in the future.

Alongside the security plan in Bekaa, two other things are needed. I will only mention topics so that I can cover all the points. The first point is the development plan in Bekaa. If the state wants to control that area, it is not enough to dispatch the army and the security forces. It must develop the area: a hospital, a school, roads, water, electricity, job opportunities and anything possible so that these honorable people live in dignity and stay and stick to their land. The north, and especially Akkar, needs development and not only security.
The second point is resolving the problem of tens of thousands of people who are wanted for trivial, minor or old offenses. This issue is still unresolved, and it must be addressed after all. It is not right that tens of thousands remain wanted and are arrested on checkpoints for very trivial reasons.

There is a third point which is imminent and upcoming. I will not tackle it in detail; I will leave it for another occasion. I will only mention it because we are talking about Bekaa. It will take place when the snow melts. Today, on the other side of the eastern mountain range and in the hills and mountains of Arsal, "Daesh" and "al-Nusra" are found. "Daesh" extends from Libya to all of the regions it wishes to be found in until reaching the barren mountains of Arsal. Well, now the mountains are covered with snow. The windy weather and weather conditions have limited or prevented confrontations. However, when the snow melts, there is something waiting to take place there. The state as well as the Lebanese people must decide on how to deal with this threat and danger on the hills and mountains that intimidate the villages and everyone. A person must take a position. When we tackle the regional issues, we will return to this topic again. These can easily be defeated but that matter requires a decision and a national will.

We are coming to that stage, and we must take a position accordingly. Now, we are in the month of February. There are storms with many names, and it has become difficult for us to memorize the name of each storm. There is snow, and it is freezing cold. Our brave men are on the top of mountains of elevations between 2000 and 2500 meters. On this occasion, we must renew our tribute to the officers of the Lebanese Army and the security forces, as well as to the Resistance men. Also, on the other side, there are the officers and soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army and the Resistance men. These men in that area are preventing terrorist attacks and preventing bomb-laden vehicles from being dispatched to the various Lebanese regions. On the Day of the Leader Martyrs, we give all our regards and esteem to their patience, determination, and steadfastness in the face of the storms and freezing snow.
Fourthly, on the anniversary of the understanding between Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement, which also took place in February, the importance of this great achievement is manifested more and more, day after day. Its consequences are also manifested on the political situations in Lebanon and in the region as well. That is because one of the most important consequences of the understanding is the impact of the stance related to the Resistance, which is a part of all the challenges, consequences, and victories of the region. We call for deepening and strengthening the relationship between Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement. We also call for making similar understandings on the national level. At that time, we dreamed that the very understanding would widen to include the others. Well, some clauses may be sensitive or there might be some pro forma protocols. Let's keep such clauses aside.

Any two or three sides or movement may reach an understanding similar to this national understanding, in which all of us may join. So, it would not hold the name of Hizbullah nor the Free Patriotic Movement. We would rather be among those partaking in making and inking it. It would be a whole new agreement that includes everything that closes ranks, achieves accord, addresses the dilemmas of dialogue, and ensures great national interests.

Fifthly, as for presidential elections, we call for exerting internal efforts in this perspective as there is not any such internal effort in fact. No side is making any move except for remote or insignificant steps. Thus, we call for resuming internal national efforts, and it is well known where, how, and with whom. So, there is no need to go into more details. The concerned persons are well-known. Again, I tell all those who care for putting an end to vacuum and for remaking institutions in Lebanon: Do not wait for the changes in the region and foreign changes. Do not wait for the Iranian nuclear file or the US-Iranian talks or the Saudi-Iranian talks. Do not wait for anything in the region. On the contrary, the region is moving towards more crises and confrontations. New fronts are being opened.
I will tackle the regional affairs later in my speech.

Previously, we used to say that no one is that free enough to be bothered with us. In the future, too, no one will be that free to be preoccupied with us. So, let's not let this vacuum stay for long. If we are serious and every one of us claims to be independent, sovereign, and a decision-maker in his bloc and can vote for the person of his choice, let's resume this internal national effort to resolve the issue of presidential elections.
Sixthly, regarding the government, we support it and back it in resuming its work. This is a national need. In fact, the Lebanese have no other choice. The alternative is vacuum and forfeiture. I believe that no one agrees to this alternative. There are problems facing the work of the government; we must cooperate to resolve these problems. As for the issue of the mechanism of taking a decision, we will deal positively with some of the presented solutions. Some of these solutions are logical and appropriate, and we call on the forces partaking in the government to deal positively with this issue to overcome this crisis so that the government convenes anew, resumes its work, and assumes its responsibilities.

Seventhly, Hizbullah will continue the dialogue with the Future Movement, God-willing, as we see that this dialogue has so far led to good and positive results within the ceilings of expectations set at the very beginning. That means, from the very beginning, they and we knew the magnitude of expectations. Well, let's not handle this issue according to what is said on platforms. The expectations are clear. The agenda is agreed upon. It is clear, too, and it is within the expectations. Within the agenda, the results are good, and with the seriousness characterizing both sides, we hope to reach a good and positive result that would be to the interest of Lebanon and all the Lebanese, God-willing. We will move forward in this dialogue. Now, some people may bother us; others may be annoyed by the dialogue; some people still talk inappropriately. Still, we, along with our masses, must tolerate and endure all of that to the interest of the country.

The last point on the domestic level has to do with us renewing our encouragement and support to any form of dialogue between any Lebanese political forces no matter what title it comes under or what results it may yield. Even if the results are humble, dialogue remains the best option before us as Lebanese.

This is as far as Lebanon is concerned. Let's move on now to the region, yet through a Lebanese prelude. There is a critical and crucial point which I hope we would all contemplate. For decades now and all through the stage we lived and passed through to this very day, there has always been a dispute in Lebanon. There are two logics which you hear of in ceremonies and occasions.

The first logic says that we want Lebanon apart from the region and apart from the events taking place in the region. It is the policy of isolating it from what is taking place in the entire region. This policy is against interfering in the affairs of the region. This logic is nice regardless of whether those saying this are committing themselves to it or not. We are talking in theory. In theory, there is a logic that goes against interfering with what is taking place in the region, whether on the political, media, or military level. This is the policy of staying apart. Lebanon cannot tolerate interfering. Lebanon's conditions are complicated and difficult. Thus, Lebanon must remain away, and it must not be hurled in any of the axes. I reiterate that some sides - no matter who they may be - say so, though in practice, that may not be the case. That's because many sides in the country may or may not be parts of an axes. They may or may not be interfering in the affairs of the region. This is another field of study.
The other logic theoretically says: That is impossible. The logic you are talking about is nice. This Arabic composition you are making is nice; however, allow me to say that it is unrealistic. The true status quo, the land, the field, history, geography, demography, security, peace, and livelihood all say against that. It is similar to natural phenomena. When a snowy storm is approaching, you can't stand in its face and tell it: Cool down. We are Lebanese. We want to stay isolated from storms, snow, and rain. We have our own snow, our own rain, and our own climate. We are a piece from Heaven, and we have nothing to do with anyone else. Well, how is this translated into action? Is such logic realistic or right?

Whether the Lebanese like it or not, Lebanon has always been affected by what takes place in the region: the establishment of the state of "Israel" and the usurping of Palestine have had great repercussions on Lebanon and on the region. Everything that takes place in the region has its repercussions on Lebanon. No one can say: Hold on! We cannot and we do not want to be influenced by your repercussions. Here, we have to say- here, one may be logical or illogical- what is the truth? What is the true situation? This is the truth. On the contrary, Lebanon, today, is under the impact of what is taking place in the region more than at any time in the past. Today, the destiny of Lebanon is not made in Lebanon only. Now, the fate of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Yemen, among other countries, is made in the region as a region. No fate is made in one country alone. The region has been molded anew. The entire region was shaken and scattered. It is now being recreated from scratch. Whoever wants to decide the fate of Lebanon must partake in making the fate of the region, and whoever is absent in making the fate of the region is in fact telling others to make it as we cannot do anything. No, today, the fate of the states in the region is made in the region. Even more, the fate of the world is now being made in the region.

In a while, we will start talking about "Daesh", Libya, Italy, and Europe. However, now, and in light of this "labor pain", the fate of entities will be determined. Some entities may continue or cease to exist. In light of this "labor pain", some people will continue or cease to exist. Will things remain as such or will there be a kind of rejoining or disintegration, or are we heading to years and decades of destruction? What is the future? All of this is being made in the region? States and peoples in the region as well as the entire world are being influenced by that. No one can say I am Lebanese or whatever. That is unrealistic. This is not the subject of intellectual luxury nor political luxury. The fate of our people and of our country is at stake. Our dignity and the future of our generations are at stake.
In this framework- and as a joke- I say that in the past, we faced the problem of convincing some Lebanese that we are part of the Arab region, the Levant, the Middle East, and the Arab-"Israeli" struggle when having discussions with them. They used to say that is not the case; Lebanon is an island in the Pacific Ocean. We live at ease, we are not influenced by anything, and we are not concerned with anything. Their stance, today, has taken a more negative course because we now have to convince them that Lebanon is part of Planet Earth, not of Mars. Today, the globe - the entire globe - is influenced by what is taking place in the region. This logic has, in fact, always been a point of disagreement that used to cause further disagreements. Well, we approach this issue with such a mentality because we believe that the fate of Lebanon; the fate of the people of Lebanon; the future of Lebanon; the will of Lebanon; the security of Lebanon; the ability to live in Lebanon; and the economy of Lebanon cannot be isolated from the developments and events taking place in the region. When I talk about the region, I will talk in general and not in detail.

Still, however, I have a brief comment which I find appropriate to say. To those who criticize our stance from what is taking place in Bahrain, for example, by saying that such a stance harms the relation with a dear fraternal country called Bahrain, I say:

Indeed, Bahrain is a dear fraternal country exactly like any other Arab country is to us. I accept that they criticize our stance, and they have the right to criticize our stance only if they abide by this policy - the policy that goes against interfering in the affairs of others; however, that is not accepted by those who interfere in the affairs of another Arab country, of which its relations with Lebanon are by far more important and more critical than Lebanon's relation with Bahrain. I mean Syria.

Security, economy, path, horizons, sea, water, people and families are common between Lebanon and Syria. Since the beginning of the events in Syria up until now, some have interfered and even been part of the battle on Syria and its government, regime, army, and the choice of a wide section of its people, and they were part of the media and political war against it. Arms were led into Syria, and money was paid and is still being paid. Those acting as such with Syria have no right to criticize our stance on Bahrain. After all, what did we do as far as Bahrain is concerned? We issued a political position. We did not send arms to Bahrain. We did not instigate violence in Bahrain. We did not call for toppling the regime in Bahrain. On the contrary, we always used to back the callers of the peaceful movement, call for dialogue and reform in Bahrain, reject violence, and avoid violent reactions and suppression practiced by the regime.

The stance we took must be met by appreciation by the deaf and blind government of Bahrain. It must be appreciated by everyone who cares for any Arab country. That's because when a political side in any Arab country addresses another Arab country, saying- Your demands are rightful. Resort to peaceful means. Do not head to violence. Go towards dialogue. Accept any settlement- such a stance should be highly evaluated. However, because the government in Bahrain is afraid of any rightful word, it is frightened by any call believing {that every cry is against them}. As such, it becomes tense and starts threatening you. By what? By expelling the Lebanese from Bahrain. This is the means resorted to by the weak and feeble authorities, acting as such. They threaten that they will expel the Lebanese in Bahrain if so and so carry on talking in such a way.

Anyway, we are now in the month of February which also witnesses the anniversary of the peaceful, civil, and civilized uprising of the people of Bahrain whom we salute and hail for their patience, steadfastness, awareness, and wisdom.
So, whoever gives advice and preaches must first observe them himself; then, we can talk together if we are to observe them or not and whether what we are doing is right or wrong.

I will tackle the situation in the region alongside the "Israeli" threat in a couple of words. We will talk about what is new as we do not want to reiterate what is old. The threat and danger represented by the Takfiri current in its most prominent form - "Daesh" - has been forcefully evident in new fields and domains.
Previously, we have said that this is not a threat to some governments only, but rather to all governments. It is not a threat to some regimes only, but rather to all regimes, entities, peoples, and armies. It is not a threat to religious, or factional, or racial minorities. It is a threat to everyone.

We have said that very early on. We also said that it is a threat to Islam as a religion and as a divine mission. Since that day until today, all the events that took place assert this concept which we have talked about together very early on.

Now, the entire world has admitted that, yes, the Takfiri current under the name of "Daesh" is posing a threat to the security of the region and to world security. Does anyone in this world argue this point? There is only "Israel" because it does not consider "Daesh" a threat nor a danger. You have seen "Israeli" War Minister Yaalon making an inspection visit to Golan a couple of days ago and saying that "Daesh" does not pose a threat nor danger. He also said that "al-Nusra" does not pose any threat nor danger.

Well, "Israel" alone considers that "Daesh" and "al-Nusra" do not pose a threat. Still, all world countries consider - even if apparently - that "Daesh" poses a threat and a danger to the security of the region and to world security. Later on, we will talk about "al-Nusra".
"Israel" has the right to say that "Daesh" does not form a threat because all what "Daesh" had done so far and is still doing absolutely serves the interests of "Israel" whether "Daesh" is aware of that or not.

What is taking place now? New fronts are being opened. There are new forms of brutality and criminality which they brought along from Hollywood or from other places. The way in which the Jordanian pilot Maaz Kassabah was burnt is catastrophic. The way in which the oppressed, vulnerable Egyptian workers were slaughtered, which we saw on TV screens is disgraceful and frightful. Hostages are being slaughtered in such a way. Even more, new fronts are being opened and new targets are being set.

"Daesh" has nothing to do in Palestine nor in al-Quds.

That's why Yaalon says that "Daesh" forms no threat. In fact, the true and absolute target of "Daesh" is Mecca and Medina. I call on the brethrens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to calm down a little. The absolute goal is Mecca and Medina. Today, I watched that in the news. I am not very sure whether new rulers were appointed today or whether they are talking about an old report. I am saying so to be precautious, but what I heard today says that Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi - the "Caliph of Daesh" - appointed a prince on Mecca and ruler on Medina.

So, the goal is Mecca and Medina, and not al-Quds. It's because the "caliphate" of "Daesh" would not be completed without the two holy shrines of Mecca and Medina.
What did those who slaughtered the Egyptian Copts in Libya say? They said that their goal is Rome! Their options are very remote!

Mecca and Medina remain relatively nearer than Rome. They may say that we can go to Mecca and Medina, and from there, we move through Jordan to Palestine. Still, they want to go to Rome! What do they have to do in Rome?!

These are new wars and fronts. Whom are they serving? For whose interest are they fighting? Here and for the first time, I dare to say: Consider the "Israeli" Mossad, the CIA, and the British intelligence. Previously, we did not pose the theory of a conspiracy. But now, we say, let's take that into consideration.
Everything that the Takfiri current and "Daesh" do serves "Israel", "Israel's" hegemony over the region, and the US hegemony over the region.

They are also provoking Europe. Imagine for example that a couple of days ago, the Italian Defense Minister said: We are ready to lead an international coalition against terrorism in Libya. Between parentheses we ask the Italian Defense Minister: Why do you want to lead an international attack on terrorism in Libya?

Listen very well to the answer of the Italian Defense Minister- I hope that the March 14 Bloc would hear the answer very well. It is because "terrorism is now only 350 kilometers away from the Italian border." She says only 350 kilometers.
The Defense Minister, Italy- the ‘civilized' country, and the European Union are thinking of how to stage military action against Libya because terrorism is now 350 kilometers away. As for us, terrorism is on the barren mountains at the border, in al-Qseir and Qalamoun. Terrorism is on our hills and in bomb-laden cars. Still, some parties are arguing whether I am right or wrong.

Before this status quo which is in fact not exaggerated, there is a truth called a true serious danger. 

The threat was in Syria. Now it is in Syria and Iraq. It also reached Libya. Also, in Sinaa, they say that "Ansar Beit Al Maqdes" has pledged allegiance to "Daesh" or something of that sort. Similar things are taking place in other places, too. Today, in Tunisia, there is a state of full mobilization. In Yemen, a branch of al-Qaeda had pledged allegiance to "Daesh" and its "caliph" and are proceeding and occupying camps in southern provinces in the country.
There is a true threat. They are slaughtering and killing. These are not films. They are producing true films. It is absolutely sure that their mind, spirit, and brutality come from Hollywood. This is the culture of Hollywood.
What is the culture of Hollywood? Is there anything other than killing and slaughtering? Is this from here, from the Orient, from Islam, from Christianity, from prophets, from the caliphs, from the companions of the Prophet, or from the Household of the Prophet (Peace be upon them)? God forbid. It is not from any of these.
The origin of what we are seeing now before our eyes on TV screens is clear. In the face of this danger which is threatening everyone, we call on the peoples and the governments of the region to join efforts to confront this vast, dangerous, terrorist Takfiri threat.

I reiterate that we are all able to defeat this threat as well as to defeat those standing behind it- whether it is the "Israeli" Mossad, the Americans or the English.
Brothers and sisters! The strategies followed by the international coalition and the international community are minor - that is if we thought good of them. If we thought bad of them, we wonder whether they really want to get rid of "Daesh" or not. Let's be serious. I will refer to this again in a separate clause. Thus the nation, the peoples of the nation, the governments, the scholars, the political parties, the resisting forces, and the armies are all concerned in confronting this threat which is the most dangerous threat except for the "Israeli" threat.

Thus, I have a couple of clauses to say briefly.

Clause One: The intellectual, political, media, and field confrontation of this Takfiri current must be considered a kind of defense - a defense of Islam. It is not anymore a defense of a definite axis, nor regime, nor state, nor faction, nor sect nor minority. They are threatening everyone. They are threatening Islam, above all.

I hope that everyone understands very well what I am saying. Any conduct made by a Muslim who claims to be a Muslim that disagrees with human nature cannot be from Islam. It is impossible to be from Islam. Allah Al Mighty says {So set thou thy face steadily and truly to the Faith (establish) Allah's handiwork according to the pattern on which He has made mankind; no change (let there be) in the work (wrought) by Allah: that is the standard Religion}. This is the nature which does not change since Allah created man}.

From the very beginning to Doom's Day there is one and only one human nature. {That is the standard Religion}. The standard religion is the religion that agrees and is in harmony with human nature. Such deeds which sicken the minds, hearts, and spirits and which all humanity with its various and diversified doctrinal and political ideas, visions and directions loathes cannot be Islamic deeds or deeds pertaining to any religion.

So, this battle is a battle in defense of Islam. And today, I will tell you with pride: As we form or consider ourselves part of this battle in the face of this Takfiri current, we consider ourselves defending the Islam of Mohammad Bin Abdullah (Peace be upon him and his Household). We are not defending Shiites, Sunnites, this sect, nor that sect.

Everyone knows that when the battle becomes a battle in defense of the religion of Allah Al Mighty and of the sanctities of Allah, then our sacrifices will have no limits; our patience will have no limits; our tolerance will have no limits' and our willingness to go to the end is with no limits as our Master Imam Abu Abdullah Al Hussein did in Karbala.

Here, I am saying that we are doing so. I further call on everyone - on all Muslims - to defend their religion no matter if they are scholars, authorities, journalists, or authors. So, arms are not a must. The worst deformation in human history for a divine religion is what "Daesh" is perpetrating now. No such thing ever took place in history.

Seconly, the entire world - or at least the states in our region which are living this threat and this danger - must tell some regional states which are still supporting "Daesh" with arms, money, facilities, and media that the game is over. Apparently, such satellite channels may not seem to be defending "Daesh". But if you listen carefully, you find that, in fact, they are defending "Daesh". I am not going to explain this now. The game is over. The region, the peoples of the region, and the governments of the region will not be able to tolerate this level of criminality and brutality which is being perpetrated in the name of Islam against all the peoples of the region.

Thirdly, this is a very important point. I will be frank and mention names. We must not fool ourselves or allow anyone to fool us by trying to differentiate between "Daesh" and "al-Nusra Front". As we have always said in the past, I do not want to reiterate. They are one reality. They have the same essence, ideology, culture, spirit, goal, conduct, and goal. I hope that one of the Lebanese or the Arabs would explain to us the difference between "al-Nusra" and "Daesh". How is "Daesh" a terrorist and "al-Nusra Front" rebels? I wish I can find someone, especially in Lebanon, who may explain this to us on the TV or when sitting with our brethrens.

We must not be fooled. They are the very current. Their dispute was organizational. It was over leadership. However, the outcome is one and the same. Thus today, there are calls to confront the Takfiri currents with no discrimination. That is true. This is a sound stance. As for Jordan, it cannot fight "Daesh" in Iraq and support "al-Nusra Front" in Syria. Some Gulf countries cannot partake in an international coalition to fight "Daesh" in Iraq while offering money, arms, capabilities, and facilities to "al-Nusra Front". "Al-Nusra" is, in fact, the other face of "Daesh". The entire current which poses a real threat must be confronted.

Fourthly, the governments in the region and the states in the region must limit and address the ongoing struggles. We must help, and we must take initiatives, too. Some may say that I am exaggerating in my theories. However, after all, we must be responsible when talking about this stage. What can we do or what can others do? I do not know. Today, there are two priorities: The priority to confront the Zionist scheme which is proceeding in Palestine in demolishing houses and building settlements and in threatening Gaza and the region. The second priority is the Takfiri scheme which is threatening us all. Well, this must be a priority, too. This means that we must be realistic in the other files, as well.

Some Arab countries, especially Gulf countries, must approach the region's problems in a different manner because they are in the circle of danger. So do not {be led by arrogance to perpetrate more crimes}. Do not get agitated and nurture anger and grudge. Cool down and sit and contemplate. After all, in Iraq for example, the Iraqi people, the Iraqi troops, the Kurdish troops, the Shiite as well as the Sunnite tribes fought "Daesh" and rendered it inactive. In fact, they prevented "Daesh" from reaching Kuwait. They prevented "Daesh" from reaching Saudi Arabia. Otherwise, its eyes are not on Baghdad only. Its eyes are on Mecca and Medina as we said before. So, approach Iraq from another perspective.

Today, in Iraq, there is a political operation. The Shiites, Sunnites, and Kurds met one way or another. At times, there are some flaws. At times, crimes take place. However, instead of instigating sectarian and factional ordeals in Iraq through your satellite channels, do play an active role in keeping the Iraqis united together so that they would be able to prevent "Daesh" from expanding again and to be able to confront and crush "Daesh". The Iraqis are defending you as well as your thrones and oil.

You have to approach Iraq in a different way. Enough with your Sunnite-Shiite-sectarian grudge.
You also failed to achieve your goals in Yemen. Search for the reasons behind your failure after you have spent billions of dollars. Power is not founded on financial corruption through buying consciences....

Still, you can approach Yemen in a different way. Today, there is a true popular revolution which cannot be ignored. In fact, this revolution is standing in the face of al-Qaeda and "Daesh" which are threatening all of you. All of these documents talk about al-Qaeda's original scheme, which was to control Yemen and Syria and thereof move to Mecca and Medina. O rulers of the Gulf. If you do not want to read, don't you have people who may read for you? Why don't you read a little?

Approaching Yemen is not to the effect of pushing Yemen towards an internal explosion, nor to the effect of instigating the Yemenis against each other, nor to the effect of seeking help from the Security Council in the face of the Yemeni people or a large section of the Yemeni people. The approach must be peaceful and quiet. Ansarullah and its leadership are brave, wise, aware, and responsible enough to lead dialogues and make agreements. As such, the entire situation would be under control. As for agitation and wrath, that would lead Yemen to unfavorable results, and the Gulf countries will pay the price for that because they will turn Yemen to a neighboring volcano and they will be widening the field where Al Qaeda and "Daesh" act.

As for Bahrain, go and talk with the Al Khalifa monarchy. Let them calm down a little and act reasonably. Let them stop acting with suppression and open the gate for dialogue. Let them set the detainees free. The people in Bahrain want a settlement and reforms. Indeed, some people in Bahrain do not accept what I am saying. But the majority does.

Let's move to Syria now. The game is over in Syria. The continual fighting in Syria is just a stubborn act to the effect that some said a word and they want their word to be implemented, even if all of Syria were destroyed and casualties increased.

Be realistic in viewing the status quo in Syria. Open the gate for a political solution. Allow the opposition to partake in a settlement. Here, I do not mean the Takfiri opposition which is not allowed to partake in a settlement. The regime is ready to partake in a settlement. Let's see if it's possible for people to calm down a little, sit together, and address the affairs of the region so we can create a situation that helps all sides to confront the danger that is threatening everyone.

Even in Lebanon, lift the veto on the presidential issue and allow the Lebanese to sit down and negotiate to reach an agreement over a president and over the entire composition in the country. What is the problem in that? In another word, as far as this clause is concerned, do us a favor and allow the people to reorganize their priorities and act accordingly.

Fifthly, the peoples of the region and the governments of the region must not wait for an international strategy, nor a NATO strategy, nor an American strategy nor anything of this sort.
They must take the initiative as we did in Syria, in Lebanon, in Iraq, and as initiatives are being taken in more than one Arab country. We must take the initiative to confront this current, and we must not allow it to expand, gain power, and become deep-rooted and the like.

Saying that America wants to get rid of "Daesh" is disputable. Who says that America wants to get rid of "Daesh"? Have a look at the status quo and see how it is to the interest of America under the pretext of America defending the states of the region. This is a conspiracy of regimes. They lowered the price of oil and opened the fire on themselves and on all of their friends and foes.

It is robbing the oil of the region and the wealth of the region. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being robbed under the pretext of the military burden of the international coalition troops. Through "Daesh" only, America is robbing our oil and our wealth.

America is exhausting us as well as our armies, peoples, states, and nerves.
Through "Daesh", America is planting grudges and enmities which might not end in decades. It is ruining the entire region for its interest and for the interest of keeping "Israel" powerful, prominent, and protected.

Why is America in a hurry? In best cases, if America finds out that it wants to get rid of "Daesh", it can still do that slowly and later on, when the American presidential elections approach. So, why should it get rid of "Daesh" now? When the American presidential elections are due, they would make several moves and hit "Daesh" so that the Democratic Party wins. So, the knife of "Daesh" must remain on our neck - we, the Iraqis, the Syrians, the Lebanese whom "Daesh" is at their borders in Qalamoun and the barren mountains of Irsal- the Egyptians, the Libyans, the Tunisians, the Yemenis, and all the peoples of the region until the American presidential elections approach to know whether the Americans want to make any move in this perspective.

Brothers and sisters! Those who bet on the Americans are bargaining on a mirage. How do you bet on the very side which robs you, conspires against you, and had fabricated those and dispatched them to you? It is not allowed that we wait for the Americans or the international community. Act as the resistance acted.

The Resistance of Imam Sayyed Muussa Sadr, the resistance of the Lebanese, the Lebanese resistance, the national resistance, the Islamic resistance, the resistance of Sayyed Abbas, Sheikh Ragheb, and Hajj Abbas, the resistance in Lebanon, the resistance in Gaza, and the resistance in Palestine did not wait for a united Arab strategy or a united international strategy, and still, the resistance made victory.
Why are we to wait for the Americans? We will not wait for the Americans or the NATO. In Iraq, they did not wait. In Iraq, the religious authority, scholars, the government, the army, the security forces, and popular masses that included Shiites, Sunnites, Kurds, and tribes held arms and fought. So far, the Americans haven't handed them the arms they paid for beforehand. The arms and the ammunition come from Iran and from other sources.

They did not wait for anyone. They defeated "Daesh" in Diala Province. They defeated it in most provinces - Salaheddine and Jarf Sakher. Now, they are defeating it in Anbar, and they will defeat it in Mosel. Why not?

In Syria, too, this is taking place. It is taking place every day with the good "Daesh" and the bad "Daesh" because they are both "Daesh", whether in al-Qseir, Qalamoun, or the barren mountains of Irsal.

So, it is not allowed to wait for anyone. We must take the initiative. We must assume the responsibility. Thus I have something to say. You will find what I will say strange. It is, in fact, the conclusion we draw from this look over the situation of the region. I tell those who call on us to withdraw from Syria: I, in my turn, call on you to join us in going to Syria.

I further call on you to go to Iraq, too. We did not talk about Iraq previously, though we are humbly present there now in this first and critical stage. Let's go together to Iraq, too.

They may say that I am going too far but I will say it, anyway. Let's go to any place to confront this threat that is threatening our nation and our region because, as such, we will be defending Lebanon and the people of Lebanon. This is the way major powers, decent states, and strong armies in the world act.

However, we will not take you to Ukraine!

On the light of the situation in the region, let's reconsider and discuss your logic as well as our logic and your evidence as well as our evidence. Let no one be afraid that in case things are settled in Syria, the Syrian rule will return. This is part of the past, and you know all the conditions that accompanied this past. You know it better than we do. There is no need to put such fears before true and serious dangers that threaten us all.
I call for coordination between the Lebanese Army and the Arab Syrian Army before the snow melts on the eastern mountain range borders. I call on the Lebanese government to coordinate with the Syrian government as per the refugees, the displaced, and security.

Today, the danger is by far greater than any party, sectarian, or factional considerations. In this framework, we also call for a comprehensive view of this issue. 

It is our fate to fight in defense of Lebanon and the nation since 1982. We were young men then- our beards were not yet visible. However, we assumed this responsibility, and we proceeded. Some among us were martyred, and we continued in our path from 1982 to 2000 to 2006.

Today, on the path of our leader martyrs - the symbol of our steadfastness and victory - the caravans of martyrs move along to make victory with their blood. The Resistance has always been and will always be the answer. We will always assume the responsibility and make victories with our steadfastness, blood, and inspiration from our leader martyrs - Sayyed Abbas, Sheikh Ragheb, Hajj Imad, Um Yasser, and all the martyrs until {Allah commands; and He is the best to command}. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Source: al-Ahed news