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How Do Saudi Prisons Give birth to Takfiris?

How Do Saudi Prisons Give birth to Takfiris?
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Mohamed Kisirwani

After the spread of the phenomenon of the takfiri thought in the region in particular and in the world in general, a prominent Saudi source reveals the truth about the "political" prisons in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the so-called (General Investigation Directorate for the ones belonging to the Terrorist Organizations).

The source stated that, "these prisons are responsible for giving birth to takfiris and teaching Wahabi thought." And in an exclusive interview with al-Ahed news website, the source confirmed that the known number of the prisons is approximately seven. The most prominent ones are al-Ha'ir in Riadh (the largest one), al-Shi'ar prison in Abha in al-Qassim region, Zahban prison in Jeddah, al-Qassim prison in the Qassim region, and al-Rimah prison in the eastern region.
Nationalities of the Detainees

According to the same source, the detainees are not only Saudis, but there are also others from all of the Arab countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria, UAE, and Yemen, in which some Yemenis were arrested at the borders, tortured, and imprisoned without trial. It pointed as well to the presence of Europeans in the prisons, including: French, Americans, Austrians, and Germans.

The Number of Detainees Exceeds the Limit!

Concerning the number of detainees, the Saudi source confirmed to al-Ahed news website that "the number is huge and that in some prisons, it exceeds the international limit."

Moreover, it pointed out that "the regime is deliberately ‘cramming' detainees in some of the prisons for reasons relating to the impact on the psychological state of the patients."

Furthermore, the source attributed the rise of detainees to the Saudi system of justice throwing many behind bars as a result of "misdemeanor" issues instead of detaining only those convicted of political or ideological issues such as belonging to takfiri groups.

It should be noted that a ‘misdemeanor' is defined as a "small" criminal act which is punishable by a fine. Some common misdemeanors include crimes like: petty theft, simple assault, disorderly conduct (Disturbance or fights), simple vandalism of other people's properties and other similar things.

How do they Become Takfiris?

The same source explained the process of the creation of takfiris during the period of conviction, mentioning cases of conviction that were very far from being related to religious extremism and ended up in terrorist plots (heavy caliber). Moreover, once the convicted enters into prison, he is put firstly into solitary confinement in order to demoralize him and psychologically destroy him.

According to the source, the duration differs from one convict to another, but in most cases it exceeds one year. It also narrated one of the prisoner's statements that "one convict spent 4 years in solitary confinement, and later was released more likely as an insane person."

He also explained that "after solitary confinement, the convict then faces the (real threat) which is represented by (the public rooms), where the takfiris and whoever is in charge of them are gathered. The convict thinks that he has survived and that the torment is over. But, in fact, he is unaware that by entering the public rooms, he has joined the takfiris and the place of transformation."

The source also stated that, "as a result of the deterioration in the mental state, the convict needs to communicate with others and form relations, but only finds that he is chanting to chieftains of Wahabi thought, yielding to them and becoming immersed with terrorists as they become his friends and the chieftains as his reference."
"With time, the convict starts to accept their actions and believe in them. In this manner, in a few years, the convict becomes a takfiri marked with "made in Saudi Arabia.""

What are "counseling" committees?

On the other hand, the source told al-Ahed about committees known as "counselling". Their mission is to publicly check the detainees and to ensure the validity of their vindication sentence. But, in reality, they are committees recruited by the Saudi authority for its own benefits. It has controlled its crews and selected the "counselors" from among them which are takfiris who guide the convicts to extremism, or advise them to take the takfiri chieftains as their role models. The source wondered about how a takfiri could mentor a convict.

Salaries for Takfiri Convicts!

Moreover, the Saudi source revealed another truth about the prison related to giving monthly salaries to every person that belongs to the extremist ideology.
It also stated that "after beginning the process known as ‘brainwashing', the heads of takfiri gangs promise the detainees of monthly salaries that they will get after the completion of their sentence."
It added that, "the salaries reach 2000 Saudi Rial for European convicts and foreigners; whereas, the salary rises up to 4000 Saudi Rial for Saudis and some of the Arab convicts."
The source also pointed out that, "some of the salaries get delivered to the families of the convicts, and this strengthens the relation between the convicts and the chieftain. This makes the convicts believe that their presence in this project is a blessed matter as they are providing for their families from within the prisons, hoping that upon their release they will be able to sustain for themselves and get back to work.

The "Damned" Trade

At the end of its exclusive interview with al-Ahed news, the source talked about trades he described as "damned". These trades are prepared by Saudi authorities in cooperation with the brainwashed prisoners that have become extremist terrorists. The source also added that, "the Saudi regime agreed to release some of the convicts in return of fighting alongside the Saudi army or terrorist takfiri groups- and Wahabi ones.

Furthermore, the source quoted some of the prisoners that were in those prisoners as saying that the Saudi authority gave them many offers during the invasion of the Peninsula Shield Forces of the Bahrain in the month of March 2011 in order to participate in the operation. It also made them other offers in order to head to Syria at the beginning of the crisis under the slogan of "revolution victory". In addition, there are still many offers being offered today to the convicts in order to go to Syria and Iraq under slogans such as "jihad".

Source: Al-Ahed news