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’Israel’ Calls 10,000 Reservists

’Israel’ Calls 10,000 Reservists
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"Israel" approved the call-up of 10,000 "Israeli" reservists on Thursday, two days after the collapse of negotiations in Cairo.

’Israel’ Calls 10,000 ReservistsThe decision was reached during a conference call between members of the Cabinet.

The "Israeli" army called up 86,000 reservist soldiers in the first weeks of the Zionist aggression on the sieged Gaza strip, which began in early July.

Many were sent back, however, after it appeared that an agreement was in reach.

The "Israeli" army stated on Thursday evening that more than 300 rockets have been fired at the Zion sit entity from the Gaza Strip since "Israel" broke up the cease-fire on Tuesday afternoon.

In a televised press conference Wednesday night, "Israeli" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the "Israel" would keep fighting in Gaza until calm had been restored to the south.

"The exceptional intelligence provided by the Shin Bet thanks to its professional and diligent work, together with the precise operational capabilities of the "Israeli" army, allows us to take the decision to launch an operation to strike at the Hamas leadership," Netanyahu said.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team