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FSA Takfiris Massacre More than 60 Civilians in Syrian Hatla

FSA Takfiris Massacre More than 60 Civilians in Syrian Hatla
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Local Editor

It is Hatla... a village in the eastern Syrian province of Deir Zour.

For decades, the people thought that their village is a symbol of calm and peace.

However, terrorists decided to turn the calm into cries of mourn and tears of grief.

This comes hours after both Sheikh Yousef Qardawi and the Saudi Mufti Abdul Aziz al-Asheikh poured their sectarian stances that call for fighting Shias in Syria.


In details, Syrian Takfiri armed groups belonging to the so-called Free Syrian Army attacked a village in the country's east, killing dozens of civilians there.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, known for its link to the Syrian opposition, stated that at least 60 were massacred in Hatla village in the province of Deir Zour on Tuesday.

The Observatory further stated that many villagers from Hatla were forced to flee to nearby Jafra.


In exclusive interview with english alahed news, one of Hatla's citizens detailed incidents of the massacre.

"The militants launched an attack on the village that led to the martyrdom of dozens of civilians," he said.
In parallel, he revealed that "the armed groups started bombarding and shelling the village ahead of storming it."

The witness also confirmed that "the militants stormed the village from different Deir Zour's towns and villages such as: al-Qouria and Bouknaiel."
"They entered Hatla with around 400 cars carrying all kinds of weapons," he said, and pointed out that " the militants carried the slogan of "Revenge for al-Qseir".

The citizen also highlighted that "the militants slaughtered a Sayyed, his two children [4 and 2 years], and his wife."

"They also kidnapped many civilians, and their destiny is still unknown," he feared.

Moreover, the villager uncovered that the Takfiris restored to burning the houses, buildings, and mosques after looting them.

"They also stole the cars, sheep, and livelihoods," he said.

Source: english.alahednews



person JB

Takfiris. . .

The evil Takfiris kill innocent people simply because they can't fight a real army. They have a warped belief about Islam; they need to be eliminated.