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Syrian Armed Groups Shell Hermel

Syrian Armed Groups Shell Hermel
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Local Editor

The Syrian armed groups militants intensified their attacks against the Lebanese sovereignty on Sunday.

Syrian Armed Groups Shell Hermel In details, eight short range missiles slammed into the north-eastern Beqaa town of Hermel.
According to information, the rockets which fell on various places in the city left no casualties.

One rocket damaged a cement factory while the others were reported to have landed in open fields, sources said.

Meanwhile, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman condemned the attack on Hermel.
A statement from Baabda Palace said the president highlighted the need for warring groups in Syria to respect Lebanon's sovereignty.
Suleiman stressed the need for "all warring parties in Syria to respect Lebanon's sovereignty and avoid military acts against Lebanese border areas that are targeting peaceful citizens."

In parallel, Suleiman described the latest "Israeli" over flights and mock raids over the South as "a new violation of Resolution 1701."
The president also called the "Israeli" violations "an attempt to raise tensions in the South, in a blatant defiance of the international will, which is represented by the UN force tasked with preserving peace in the area stretching from south of the Litani River to the international border."

Recently, a number of rockets struck in and around the city of Hermel.

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