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Syria to UN: Those Accusing Us Responsible for Yarmouk Catastrophe

Syria to UN: Those Accusing Us Responsible for Yarmouk Catastrophe
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Syrian Foreign Ministry stated Thursday that "It was not surprised that the parties known for their hostility to the Syrian government adopted overturned stances and distorted facts regarding the situation that emerged in Yarmouk Camp over the last few days, due to the attack that the al-Nusra Front mounted, backed by other terrorist groups."

Syria to UN: Those Accusing Us Responsible for Yarmouk CatastropheIn two identical letters addressed to the head of the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary General, the ministry clarified: "These parties have wrongly held the Syrian government responsible for the situation in the Camp, with the backing of biased media that has misled the public opinion."

Meanwhile, Syria reiterated its commitment, since the Nakba of the Palestinian people, to receive the Palestinian refugees and treat them as its own people, granting them all the prerogatives that the Syrian citizens enjoy.
''Syria has also been positive with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), imposing no restrictions whatsoever on its activities, as attested by UNRWA officials inside and outside Syria," the statement added.

It further mentioned that "sadly, the accusations about the situation in Yarmouk Camp are leveled at the wrong side, instead of punishing and condemning the terrorist groups that has been threatening the Palestinians' security and stability, not to mention killing many."
"The Syrian Arab army refrained from entering the camp, despite the locals' pleas after hundreds of terrorist members entered the camp to preserve the Palestinians' blood and property," the letter said.

Moreover, Syria urged the UN and its Secretary-General to urge the countries who have been backing terrorist groups and prodded them to occupy the camp, for well-known goals, to pressure them to leave the camp immediately to save the lives of the Palestinian refugees.

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