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Ahmadinejad: Muslim Countries to Join Hands

Ahmadinejad: Muslim Countries to Join Hands
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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated on Wednesday that the establishment of monotheism and justice around the globe is in need of Jihadi campaign.

In a meeting with the Tunisian Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Munsif bin-Salem, Ahmadinejad assured that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Tunisia must take part together in the Jihadi campaign.
He had stated "The Iranian nation is and will always stand by their Tunisian brethren."

The president referred to the global development and the movements of the Muslim nations which he said are in line with the dreams of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH).
Ahmadinejad reiterated, "Monotheism and justice are innate to human beings, which is why we need to join hands and introduce the Prophet of Islam's (PBUH) genuine and exalted culture world nations."

"Any advancement achieved or that will be achieved in Iran is of the entire Muslim brethren, and we must make use for each other's progress," he further accentuated.
Furthermore, Tunisian Bin-Salem stressed that the "Republic of Tunisia, with all its might, stands by the ideas and ideals of the Islamic Revolution of Iran."
He highlighted the need of a broad cooperation among Islamic countries and forming an Islamic common market to encounter the European Union's, as well as bilateral academic, scientific and research cooperation.

Source: IRNA, edited by