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Imam Khamenei Urges Arabs, Muslims to Support Gaza

Imam Khamenei Urges Arabs, Muslims to Support Gaza
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The Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei urged Wednesday the Islamic and Arab countries to take action to support the people of the Gaza Strip and end the blockade on the Palestinian strip.
"The Islamic countries and in particular the Arab governments should, in a united move, help the oppressed people of Gaza and try to end the blockade on this region," Imam Khamenei confirmed.

Imam Khamenei Urges Arabs, Muslims to Support Gaza

His Eminence further stressed: "The conduct of the Islamic countries was not proper. Those who claim to defend the Islamic world should show themselves."

During a meeting with a number of Basijis [volunteer forces] in Tehran, Imam Khamenei called "Muslim countries, particularly Arab governments to revise their attitude toward the issue, help the oppressed but courageous and esteemed people of the Gaza Strip."

"The Islamic nation should follow the victorious resistance of the people of Gaza and should be aware that resilience and resistance is the only way to achieve victory and defeat the enemies of Islam," he added.
Meanwhile, His Eminence slammed the Zionist aggression on the besieged strip by saying: "The Zionists' acts of savage in attacking the innocent people and civilians in Gaza should awaken the conscience of the Muslim world."

The Leader added, "The Zionists' crimes in Gaza revealed the true nature of the enemies of the Muslim world."

"The United States, Britain, and France did not even frown at the cruel Zionist regime", he said, and wondered "How come the leaders of the hegemonic bloc, including the United States, which support the atrocities of the savage Zionists in Gaza, presumptuously make claims of advocacy of human rights?"
Imam Khamenei also stated, "Arab and Muslim countries have also not adopted a proper attitude toward Gaza's developments because a number of them only condemned "Israeli" attacks and some of them did not even condemn them."


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