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The Ghost, Mohammad Daif: "Israel’s" Hunted Nightmare

The Ghost, Mohammad Daif:
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Local Editor

He is Mohammed Daif , the famous man who troubled "Israel" and prevented its
leaders from enjoying their sleep.
Since the late eighties he humiliated "Israel" by escaping all attempts to catch or assassinate him though the Zionist entity devoted all its agencies, intelligence, and strength for this purpose.

The Ghost, Mohammad Daif: According to "al-Akhbar" Lebanese newspaper, "Daif is the Commander in Chief of the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, which announced Tuesday in a rare message broadcasted on al-Aqsa TV, the start of cleansing the al-Aqsa Holy mosque."
In his message, Daif pledged "Israel" with capturing soldiers, and paying a heavy price in case it decided to carry a ground invasion into the Gaza strip."
"The Sigil Stones operation came after a continuous effort, training, manufacturing, and sacrifices of blood and sweat and blood after the al-Forqan war," he said.

Al-Akhbar commented on Daif's threats by saying: "the message will have an impact on the enemy because it knows very well who is Mohammed Deif, or Abu Khaled."

Daif's real name is Mohammed Diab Ibrahim al-Masri.
He is primarily responsible for many of the resistance operations against the Zionist occupation, including reprisals of the martyr Engineer Yahya Ayyash.
These operations led to the death of more than 50 "Israelis" at the beginning of 1996.

In parallel, the shadow man is known for being caution in his movements and having a too narrow circle of connections.
As some people describe him by the ghost, because he is not seen. However, his traces are found in every operation. Prudent not to deal with modern communication devices, Daif connects whoever he wants from resistance men.
In this context, al-Akhbar noted that Daif was the target of five assassination attempts. Some say that he lost his eye in one of the attempts, and was paralyzed in another.

Daif, who was born in Khan Younis in 1965, grew up in a poor family, what forced him to go out to work at an early age. Despite the harsh living, the resistance leader did not leave his studies.
People, who knew him, say that he is good-hearted, humane, and never hesitates to help others, possibly due to his religious beliefs. Daif is one of the mosque's pioneers in the strip.

However, what is remarkable in the Ghost's personality is according to "al-Akhbar", was being a theatrical artist. He is the first who contributed to the creation of the first Islamic artistic group called "The Returnees ".

Source: al-Akhbar Lebanese daily, Translated and Edited by