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MP Moussawi: Geagea Is Ridiculed

MP Moussawi: Geagea Is Ridiculed
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Local Editor

In response to Geagea's speech, MP Nawwaf Moussawi stated, "The released ex-convict had played the role imposed on him by known regional authorities through defamation. He has become addicted to these insults, and has become a figure of ridicule and mockery among people."

MP Moussawi: Geagea Is Ridiculed
Moussawi further said, "The difference between what was said about him and what
he says about us is the broad difference between right and wrong. What he says is merely lies and allegations; however what is said about him is the result of absolute verdicts from the highest judicial authority in Lebanon condemning his criminal acts. Nevertheless, if he is certain of his innocence, let him be trialed again."
Geagea held a long press conference on Wednesday in response to His Eminence Sayyed Nasrallah's speech on Martyr's day.

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations, translated and edited by