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Imam Khamenei Censures Western-Style Freedom

Imam Khamenei Censures Western-Style Freedom
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Local Editor

Ayatollah Khamenei counted some cases of the Western-style freedom, noting that "freedom in economy" that creates a system with special advantages for a certain group of people, "freedom in the political scene" within the framework of bipartisan monopoly, and "freedom in moral issues" manifesting itself through corruption are the results of the Western-style freedom.

"These issues reflect terrible, bitter, heinous and in some cases abhorrent realities in the Western society, the results of which are discrimination, bullying, warmongering and double standards towards noble issues like human rights and democracy," the Leader added.

In a meeting with scholars, researchers, academic and seminary teachers on Tuesday, Imam Khamanei criticized the particular way of thinking that equals freedom with the absolute lack of restrictions.

His Eminence pointed to the differences between the notion of freedom in Islam and the West and stated that the main difference between the Islamic and Western viewpoints regarding freedom lies in the basis of freedom.
Moreover, he said that, in the liberal way of thinking, freedom is rooted in the notion of Humanism, while belief in God and disbelief in idolatry is the basis of freedom in Islam.

Imam Khamenei also described human dignity as one of the major principles of freedom in Islam.

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