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Imam Khamenei: US in Complete Submission to Zionist Entity

Imam Khamenei: US in Complete Submission to Zionist Entity
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Imam Khamenei: US in Complete Submission to Zionist Entity The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei said that despite all US claims of supporting democracy, the US all-out support for the most despotic and totalitarian rulers of the region and the world is not hidden from anyone. Addressing a large crowd of Iranian students on Wednesday, the leader noted "Another principle they claim to be advocating is supporting human rights while the worst anti-human rights measures take place with the US support, and the Zionists who have openly violated the rights of the innocent Palestinian nation for sixty years have complete support of the US."

Imam Khamenei described the US complete submission to "Israel" as one more example of the American government going back on its advocated values and principles, noting, "It is a great shame that the US presidential candidates compete with each other in their debates to show their devotion to the Zionists and have made their nation their slave."

On the challenges facing Iran and its nation, Imam Khamenei asserted that such challenges posed by the global hegemons against the Islamic Republic will never end and will only make the Iranian nation stronger.

"The reason for these continuous plots, is that the US failure in 1979 [following victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran] was not only its defeat at the hands of the Iranian nation, but also its failure in the region, and what is now going on in North Africa and the Arab World, and also [various] nations' increasing hatred towards the US are the results of the same failure," the Leader highlighted. Imam Khamenei: US in Complete Submission to Zionist Entity On Iran's Student Day, which this year falls on November 3, Imam Khamenei went on to say that over the past 34 years, the Iranian nation has grown stronger and greater, while status of the US has been in decline.

"One of the values that the US advocates is fighting terrorism... but now the US government joins forces with terrorists and even supports the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) and removes it from the so-called black list [of terrorist organizations]," the Leader stated.
He also pointed to the ongoing economic crisis in the United States, saying that while the US boasts about being the wealthiest country in the world, in reality, it has become the world's most indebted nation. 

Imam Khamenei also referred to the number of American prisoners in the country and said, "The high number of inmates in the US which has placed the country atop the world (in this regard) runs counter to the administration's allegations on supporting freedom of the people."

The US has for long claimed to be an advocate of democracy and human rights, while blatantly breaching all criteria of such values. 

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