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US Enhances Its Pro-"Israeli" Agenda

US Enhances Its Pro-
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Ali Rizk

The visit paid by the Secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security council Saeed Jaleeli to the region earlier this month led US officials to come out and state the real essence of their policies loud and clear.

Jaleeli's tour included Syria where he met with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and expressed support for the Syrian government describing Syria as an essential part of the axis of resistance. Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the United Nations, made it abundantly clear that al-Assad's affiliation with this resistance axis is the real issue at hand. While she was commenting on Jaleeli's regional tour, Rice said that the "Iran, Hizbullah, Syria axis was bad for the region" and MORE IMPORTANTLY "bad for our interests".

While it is well known that this issue is the real driving force behind the campaign on Syria never has it been stated with such clarity by an American official.
Rice's comments were proceeded by a US decision to slap sanctions on Hizbullah over what was described as its involvement in training the Syrian armed forces. The US state and treasury departments' said that Hizbullah was "providing extensive support for the Syrian governments violent suppression of the Syrian people".
Then came Hilary Clinton who stated from Turkey that these sanctions aim to "expose and disrupt the links between Iran, Syria and Hizbullah".

While it goes without saying that these statements uncover what was already known, at the same time they do point to an interesting trend that is developing and will only gain more momentum just a few months ahead of the US presidential elections in November. These blatant American statements clearly have the traces of "Israel" on them.(It is worthy to note here that during the announcement of US sanctions on Hizbullah, State Department official Daniel Benjamin stated that Hizbullah could launch an attack in Europe or elsewhere at any time. His remarks came after a failed attempt by "Israel" to get the EU to blacklist Hizbullah).
"Israeli" premier Benjamin Netanyahu is well known as the maestro of Iranophobia that extends also to include Syria and Hizbullah. While the Obama administration might have focused on al-Qaeda previously the comments by Rice and Clinton point to a new trend that will be completely in line with the "Israeli" rhetoric and focus on Iranophobia, at least until election time. Obama is trying to prove himself to Netanyahu's allies in the US by adopting such language of course, but more importantly this could very well be related to "Israel's" war mongering.
According to sources close to the Pentagon, there is a genuine fear amongst the American war establishment that "Israel" might "pull the trigger on Iran at any time" and force America into a war it would very much rather avoid.
Indeed, the "Israeli" ambassador to Washington Michael Oren has said that the ""Israeli" clock is ticking faster than the US clock with respect to Iran". Therefore, in order to deter Netanyahu from attacking Iran (according to the US way of thinking) US president Barak Obama will adopt language and policies more and more in line with "Israel", short of advocating a military attack on the Islamic Republic which would be disastrous for the US and world economy, not to mention the danger it would pose to American troops stationed in the Persian Gulf. Of course, the Obama administration has already begun this process as stated above with the new sanctions on Hizbullah and the talk of the so called "global danger" it poses, including in Europe. Other possible steps could include deeper US involvement in Syria to weaken the resistance regime of Bashar Assad, in addition to deeper US roles in attempted assassinations.(it is worthy to note the assassination of the high ranking Syrian security officials last month).There could also be the possibility of deeper American involvement in bringing about internal strife in Iran and playing on any internal divisions to bring about instability in the Islamic Republic).

All this with the aim of what: with the aim of deterring Netanyahu from going on an extremely dangerous military adventure.
What this means is that we can expect significant escalation against Iran, Hizbullah, and Syria in the coming months leading up to the race to the white house.

But as the Secretary General of Hizbullah His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has rightly pointed out: the resistance was able to achieve victory when the whole world was against it. Now, with the emergence of the multi polar world and new anti western stances of Russia and China , the least which can be said is that the resistance is not in a weakened position.



person JB

Israel and the United States. . .

Israel and the United States and to those who oppose what is right : Resistance is in our blood. It is who we are and what we breathe. If you don't like it, then tough! Don't try to play games in our land. You will never stop our efforts and will never eradicate us as a people. We are followers of Imam Hussein, so we will always be victorious against aggressors. Never underestimate the Resistance. Your mischiveious tricks and worthless efforts in trying to silence and shutdown the Hezbollah have failed. Any future efforts WILL fail. The Resistance is strong, powerful, and greater than imagined. Like the first leader of Hezbollah, Sayyid Abbas al-Mousawi said,"...peace must not be begged for from America, but rather, the ones who will bring about peace is us. . . . One of our main objectives is spreading peace throughout the world, yet, peace is usually not taken from others, it cannot be achieved by begging others, rather, you as a nation can secure peace for yourselves and for the rest of the other nations." And he was right: peace was brought by Hezbollah, not by Israel or the United States.