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Jihad Sermon 27



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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of November in 1996...

Islamic Resistance Performs Forty-Six Operations in November, 1996

The resistance squadrons performed 48 operations, 46 among which were performed by the Islamic-Resistance. The enemy has acknowledged the death of an "Israeli" soldier and 3 militiamen, in addition to the injury of 8 "Israeli" soldiers and 3 militiamen.

Resistance Marks Martyr's Day, Performs Operation Series, November 9, 1996

Commemorating Martyr's Day, The Islamic Resistance performed a series of consecutive operations, which have provoked another kind of quarrel within the Zionist military institutions. After the enemy had carried out security procedures so as to limit the Resistance's operations, the military instrument itself required reconsideration, particularly after the fall of the Merkava legend upon the strikes of the fighters' missiles. The Zionists had had a common belief that the Merkava tank had been the most developed and armed in the world.

In fact, the Resistance's operations reached sixteen in a week, the most significant of which was "Operation Blat-Mount Baseel" on November 9, 1996, whereby some Islamic-Resistance groups attacked Blat Site, using firearms and artillery and destroying a Merkava tank, a machinegun, and a number of the site mounds.
Also on the same day, the fighters targeted armored "Israeli" gatherings en route to Baseel Site. Using proper arms, the fighters brought about direct casualties to the gatherings. Five minutes later, the fighters targeted enemy reinforcements while they were en route to Baseel Site, in addition to other reinforcements in as-Salehani Region.

Upon the declaration of a Zionist military source, the international news agencies have reported his acknowledgement that a Zionist soldier was killed and three others were wounded as the fighters attacked Blat Site, whereby they launched Sagger missiles, hitting an "Israeli" Merkava tank and demolishing it.
Also, it has been mentioned that the deceased Zionist was Sergeant "Yeriz Isaac" and that one of the three wounded soldiers suffered a critical injury.

While the fighters were performing the aforementioned operation, another Resistance group hunted a Lahd militiaman at Alman Site, shooting him dead at once. The second morning, the enemy brought an armored force the Mount Baseel; thus, the Fire Backup Unit targeted the force, destroying a Merkava tank, killing or wounding each of its crewmen, and causing casualties to reinforcements brought by the occupation to the same site. Three soldiers were wounded - the enemy has acknowledged.

Two Merkava tanks were demolished, "the Northern Command" Chief Amiram Levin has admitted. And as he checked Blat Site, he requested that a military investigation committee be formed in order to figure out the reasons beyond the increasing casualties among the occupation soldiers.
Describing the incident as painful, he has said, "Hizbullah fighters attacked two sides of the site: a group approached it at a distance of 300 meters, shooting the site directly with their firearms and artillery.

In the meantime, the second group was attacking an armored "Israeli" force that was heading to rescue the forces at the site. The Resistance group launched Sagger missiles against the aforementioned force.
On the other hand, the Islamic Resistance has declared in a statement that the Lahd agent the Resistance shot dead at Alman Site was Ali Muhammad Jomaa from Kfarfila. He was born on August 5, 1971.
He joined the Lahd Militia in 1991, and he had three specialization sessions in the Armory in occupied Palestine.

Islamic Resistance Foils Assassination of Resistance Commander, November 16, 1996

Anew, our fighters' and people's awareness of the criminal plans of the enemy has exposed an aggressive conspiracy, whereby the Islamic Resistance has frustrated the assassination of a Resistance commander: On November 16, 1996, the Zionist enemy implanted an explosive bomb in his car in Simailyeh Village.
The bomb was actually camouflaged and resembled a car accessory; it was implanted at the bottom of the car, where it could not be distinguished easily.
Nevertheless, the fighters' awareness frustrated the operation as surveillance planes did not leave the zone; the fighters evacuated the region at once and carried out a security encompassment of it, for they knew the bomb could be bombed aerially or at a distance.

Indeed, after the enemy lost hope in achieving its aggressive aims, whether assassinating this brother (fighter) or drawing a crowd of civilians towards the bomb, the enemy desperately bombed it, and none was harmed.
Observing sources have seen that the enemy has shifted into a new aggressive style, sneaking into the heart of the liberated region to perpetrate its crimes away from confrontation fields.
Also, the sources have pointed out that surveillance planes (MK) were in the zone the moment the explosive was bombed, which implied that the explosive was directly guided by the Occupation, and indeed this was as it got bombed.

Islamic Resistance Executes Agent Toni Nohra, November 25, 1996

Sustaining unique accomplishments, the Islamic Resistance had made a further step in breaking the Lahd Militia down; this time executing an important agent in Jezzine Region, the forty-year-old agent "Toni Nohra", who served the Lahd Militia's Twentieth Battalion.
As well, he ran a wide security net headed by agent Simon ash-Shami, whereby this net would be directly in contact with the Zionist-enemy commanders, among whom was an officer nicknamed "Tamer".

The Islamic Resistance has explained the details of the operation performance, saying that Martyr Ali Ashmar's unit, relative to the Islamic-Resistance Special Forces, went deep into the operation zone in Jezzine in the occupied region, lying in ambush by Jezzine-Haitoura route on Monday, November 25, 1996, at 10:20 p.m.
On its way back from Marjeeyoun Barracks, "Nohra's" motorcade reached the ambush spot; right then, the fighters struck it with a barrage of firearms, executing "Nohra" as Allah's will required.

The occupation forces have acknowledged the operation and the loss of an officer of "the Southern Lebanon Army" (the name "Israel" calls the Lahd Militia with). On the other hand, an Islamic-Resistance source has declared that the execution of agent Toni Nohra required accurate monitoring and an almost continuous follow-up with his moves, especially when he worked in Marjeeyoun Region.

The source has iterated that this operation confirms the Resistance's ability to take initiatives and strike the enemy in the right setting, especially when the enemy and agents have been ultimately alert after the unique "Operation Blat".
In fact, this operation has shocked the commands of the Lahd Militia; thus, they broke into the houses of Jezzine, arresting its men. Some knowledgeable sources have considered that the arrests came upon the occupation forces' and agents' fear of Jezzine's residents' sympathy for the Resistance.