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Jihad Sermon 27



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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of October in 1996...

Islamic Resistance Performs Thirty-Five Operations in October, 1996

The various resistance squadrons performed 44 operations, 35 among which were performed by the Islamic Resistance. The enemy has acknowledged the death of two "Israeli" soldiers and the injury of 7 others, in addition to the death of 2 Lahd militiamen and the injury of 5 others.

Islamic Resistance Foils Zionist Force's Progress, October 6, 1996

The fighters have intensified their unique operations this month, proving that they are constantly watchful to keep our people secure, particularly after the enemy had intensified its aggressions and sneaking attempts into the residential villages.
Actually, the Zionists made their first sneaking attempt this month towards the surroundings of Haddatha Town on October 6, 1996; however, the fighters confronted this force and made it retreat from the place.

Likewise, the Resistance targeted Zionist-Lahd troops marshaled at the sites of Toumet Niha and Bir Kallab, in addition to Kassaret el-Oroush Region. The Resistance attacked a Zionist force near Tiri Town inside the occupied region, too.
A further operation yet was performed by the Fire Backup Unit, whereby it razed al-Jamoussa Site, where the Lahd Militia Eightieth Battalion is headquartered, shooting a depot within the headquarters and setting it afire. A T-54 tank was shot, too.

Resistance Blasts Lahd Patrol En Route to al-Jarmak, October 11, 1996

In response to "Safed el-Battikh Massacre" committed by the enemy, the Islamic Resistance bombed with an explosive bomb a Lahd tank headed by an infantry on al-Jarmak route on October 11, 1996. Thus, each of its crewmen was killed or wounded.
The agents' sources have acknowledged the operation, in addition to the death of two Lahd militiamen and the injury of two others. Also, the sources have said that one of the injured militiamen suffered a severe injury and was transported via a helicopter to a hospital in occupied Palestine.

Resistance Fighters Foil Zionist Force's Progress, October 12, 1996

On October 12, 1996, the Islamic Resistance encountered a Zionist force attempting to progress from Braachit Site to Braachit Town. Also, the Resistance struck a Merkava tank at the entrance of Shkief Fort and razed the military forces at the site.

Resistance Foils Aggressive Mission, October 12, 1996

The Islamic-Resistance fighters are constantly watchful in order to keep our people secure and protect them from the Zionist terror, and after having exposed enemy espionage nets, the fighters have made a new security accomplishment, foiling an aggressive attempt on Derdghayya-al-Homeiri Main Road, which connects Nabatiyeh District with Tyre (Sur) and Bint Jbeil and is considered a vital route between these regions; whereby on the 12th of October, 1996, the fighters discovered 4 explosive bombs camouflaged as rocks and placed accurately by the road so as to make it hard to discover them.

In fact, these explosive bombs were of a kind similar to the ones which were planted by the enemy in Braachit Town and which resulted in the martyrdom or injury of children during the April Aggression.
As soon as the explosive bombs were discovered, the specialized security apparatuses were informed; thus, they arrived in the place and bombed them.

Islamic Resistance Performs Operation Series against Enemy Sites, October 14, 1996

On October 14, 1996, the fighters performed a series of operations, attacking the enemy sites in al-Ahmadieh, Beit Yahoun, and Zemrayyah.
The sources of the enemy and agents have acknowledged the operation; still, comers from the occupied region have reported that the Islamic Resistance's operations against the aforementioned sites stopped the mounding works which an "Israeli" workshop was carrying out on Kawkaba Hill (in al-Ahmadieh).

The comers have added that a Lahd militiaman was transported to Jezzine as he fainted and had bleeding ears upon the drop of a rocket shell near a mound, where he had been hiding in al-Ahmadieh Site; also, two other militiamen had a nervous breakdown.

Islamic Resistance Blasts Zionist Infantry on Sahl al-Jarmak-al-Aychieh Route, October 24, 1996

On the 24th of October, 1996, the Islamic Resistance delivered a harsh coup to the Occupation forces, which - according to the enemy's acknowledgement - killed or injured each of 7 soldiers, among who were the chief and deputy chief of the force as they were killed.
"The Northern Command" Chief Amiram Levin, has admitted that "the operation was really tough, and the 3 "Israeli" soldiers could not escape the mine explosions... Hizbullah's men choose their operations and targets in a way that makes it hard for the "Israeli" Military to counteract outside the bordering region."

On the other hand, the Islamic Resistance has declared in a statement that the fighters bombed with an explosive bomb a Zionist infantry patrol on al-Jarmak-al-Aychieh Route, October 24, 1996, killing or wounding each of the infantrymen.
Immediately afterwards, two "Israeli' helicopters landed down in the operation zone to evacuate the casualties, among who were the chief and deputy chief of the unit, to Ram Bam Hospital in Haifa. The dead officers are: Chief of the force, Major Uri Ezolai and Sergeant "Tom Kadom".
Reporting the details, the Zionist sources have mentioned that 4 explosive bombs exploded at a time; thus, the two soldiers leading the force were killed, and the other five were injured.

The enemy's Chief of Staff Amnon Shahak has expressed that the occupation forces were suffering a real catastrophe upon the continuity of the Resistance operations, whereby he described the state of the "Israeli" military with much pessimism, pointing out that no cooperative spirituality existed among the military institutions and the civil community inside the Zionist entity.

Probably the most significant point among the enemy's acknowledgements is the declaration that the source of strength regarding the success of the Islamic-Resistance operations is that they are performed in accordance with "the April Agreement" rather than others.

Still afterwards, the enemy channel acknowledged that three of the soldiers wounded in "Operation al-Jarmak-al-Aychieh" and hospitalized were dead; this raised the number of dead soldiers to five.