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Jihad Sermon 27



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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of August in 1996...

Islamic Resistance Performs Eighteen Operations in August, 1996

The resistance squadrons performed 25 operations, 18 among which were performed by the Islamic Resistance. In spite of the low number of operations, the fighters have achieved unique results.

The enemy has acknowledged the death of 3 "Israeli" soldiers and 2 Lahd militiamen, in addition to the injury of 6 "Israeli" soldiers. Still, an agent was captivated during an operation, and upon the fighters' coups, the enemy reached a stage when two Zionist patrols targeted each other and went into clashes, pushing the enemy to commence investigating the "dangerous" incident.

Islamic Resistance Again Penetrates Enemy's Security Procedures, August 4, 1996

Keeping its vow concerning the release of all detainees and captives, the Islamic Resistance has sustained its heroic operations by penetrating, anew, the enemy's security procedures; whereby a group of commandoes of the Resistance men went deep into the occupied region at the night of Monday, August 4, 1996.
As the commandoes lay in perfect ambush on al-Borj Site-Sidon Route, they captivated a Lahd militiaman in the site's surroundings.

In fact, the factors of surprise and accuracy applied by the fighters allowed them to captivate this agent and get him out to the liberated regions without any obstacles or confrontations. The Lahd agent is called George Fouad Bolus al-Khouri: a corporal with military number 59310; he served for five years in the sites of Sidon and al-Borj.
In its statement, the Islamic Resistance said that this operation brought Agent Provocateur Antoine Lahd to the challenge when he had to prove his claims on his adherence to his soldiers' safety and destiny.

Islamic Resistance Attacks Braachit Site, August 5, 1996

The fighters have delivered another harsh coup to the Occupation forces, performing two operations against Braachit Site in less than three hours; whereby on August 5, 1996, the Islamic-Resistance group of "al-Mansouri Massacre" martyrs chivalrously attacked the site as Zionist reinforcements were there.

As a result, the site suffered definite casualties and was set afire for more than quarter an hour. A helicopter could be seen landing down onto the site ground, evacuating the dead and wounded soldiers into Site 17. Afterwards, the fighters shelled the site with different shells.
The enemy has acknowledged the operation, pointing out that two soldiers, one of whom was a lieutenant, were wounded severely.

Islamic Resistance Makes Security, Military Accomplishment, August 29, 1996

The Islamic Resistance has had a new security and military accomplishment, performing a unique operation at the heart of the occupied region, near Blat Site.
On August 29, 1996, the group of "Qana Massacre" martyrs lay in ambush while a Zionist military patrol was passing at a close distance from the borders with occupied Palestine. The fighters struck the patrol with barrage of firearms and artillery, killing or injuring each of its members.

In its statement, the Islamic Resistance has reported that for more than 30 minutes, the fighters clashed violently with the counter force; thus, the enemy brought its helicopters to the confrontation zone. Then, the Islamic Resistance struck Zionist reinforcements in the surroundings of Blat Site, preventing their reinforcements from backing the patrol targeted.
Different information on the results of the operation has been reported; whereby the French Press Agency (AFP) has confirmed that a Zionist soldier at least was killed, whereas security sources in the South have reported that two soldiers at least were killed and several others were wounded during the clashes.

Islamic Resistance Targets Braachit Site, August 6, 1996

In the morning of August 6, 1996, the Islamic Resistance targeted, anew, Braachit Site, attacking it while the enemy was entering reinforcements to the site. Using firearms and artillery, the fighters caused casualties among the garrison soldiers, who were evacuated by a Zionist helicopter that landed down on the hill between Kownine and Beit Yahoun.

A Zionist military spokesman declared that a soldier was killed and two others were wounded; whereas the correspondent of the enemy's "Channel 2" in the South declared that the Zionist killed was a twenty-year-old first sergeant from "Kfarkana Town".
The report has added that ever since "Operation Grapes of Wrath", 13 "Israeli" soldiers had been killed and 29 others had been wounded in Lebanon, which expressed the non-stop combat in southern Lebanon.

In consequence with the operations and the results that the fighters achieved in Braachit Site, the Chief of the Northern Region of the Occupation Military, Amiram Levin, checked the site. The enemy's channel has reported, upon his statement, that he formed a committee to investigate both operations.
On the other hand, the Resistance announced the martyrdom of fighter Abbass Mahmoud Bahjat: he was born in 1977 in Jibchit and was martyred while performing his jihad duty on August 2, 1996.

Resistance Perfectly Ambushes Lahd Militiaman, August 13, 1996

In the context of targeting agents, a group of fighters set a perfect ambush for a Lahd militiaman on Alman-Deir Syriane Military Route on August 13, 1996, whereby the fighters bombed his car with an explosive bomb, killing him at once.
The enemy sources acknowledged the operation, whereas some security sources mentioned that he was Saleem Abu Ta'am from at-Taybeh; he used to use his Mercedes car to transport the needs of the agents' sites, which was an attempt of the collaborators to distract the attention of the Resistance men who would keep targeting the Zionist-Lahd patrols.

Islamic Resistance Executes Twentieth-Battalion Officer Emile Georges, August 19, 1996

The Islamic Resistance sustained the same rate of operations, bombing with an explosive bomb an officer of the Lahd agents' Twentieth Battalion, Emile Georges, on August 19, 1996.
Georges, nicknamed Nimr (Literally "the Tiger"), and one of his companions were killed at once as the bombing took place in Dahr-ar-Ramle-Jezzine.

The statement of the Resistance declared that as the enemy brought reinforcements to the operation zone, the fighters bombed another explosive, bringing about more casualties. The Resistance has offered the following résumé of the agent's life:

Agent Emile Georges:
- 31 years old; born in Bselya
- As first lieutenant, he joined the agents in 1985.
- He has recently worked as administrating officer in Jezzine Barracks, and he has constantly accompanied agent Joseph Karam.
- He has been in charge of Brigade 205 of the Twentieth Battalion, which is in charge of Jezzine's "security". Also, he's been in charge of the villages of Bselya, Sidon, and Deir Shkadif.
- He has once been targeted by an Islamic-Resistance operation, and his leg was amputated.

Upon the occupation soldiers' devastation and fear of the fighters, a clash between two Zionist forces occurred, whereby the forces were on a mission in Zibqeen Valley inside the occupied region on August 20, 1996, planting bombs on the fighters' route.
The military correspondent of the enemy's "Channel 1", Alon Ben David, has reported that while a force of the Givati Brigade was on a mission in "the West Sector", the force's front, including the commander of the squadron, separated from the back of the force without the commander's recognition.

Hearing voices behind, he got afraid of the presence of fighters in the area; thus, he ordered his soldiers to set a hurried ambuscade. In the meantime, another group had noticed moves behind, which made the soldiers believe the fighters had something to do with it, especially when the soldiers noticed "ghosts" behind. Having set another ambuscade, the second force opened fire at the first force.
Actually, the distance between both forces was nearly twenty meters, but the soldiers were afraid of finding themselves in front of the fighters; hence, they reacted quickly, not realizing the real situation until after the clash, the death of a soldier, and the severe injury of another.

"The Northern Command" has commenced an investigation into this incident. A Zionist military source has mentioned that First Sergeant "Valerie Ganzman" (22 years old) was killed and another was wounded severely as two "Israeli" units opened fire by mistake at each other in "the West Sector" of the occupied borderline.
Still, after the Lahd Militia's fear and psychological pressures had begun to increase upon being continuously targeted by the fighters, the enemy Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the occupied region for the first time since he became prime minister. He was accompanied by his senior military officers and the War Minister Isaac Mordechai.

During his round, Netanyahu met Agent Provocateur Antoine Lahd, who started to reflect on special alternatives upon fears among the agent's major commands that the enemy might withdraw from Lebanon without settling down the agents' affairs, particularly when there were judicial warrants for the chase of tens of Lahd agents. Netanyahu threatened Syria and Lebanon, warning that keeping the Resistance's arms would lead to more "Israeli" aggressions.

Islamic Resistance Foils Zionist Force's Infiltration, August 26, 1996

Adhering to the civilians' safety, the Islamic Resistance monitored a Zionist force attempting to sneak towards the liberated region of Abu Rashed in West Beqaa on August 26, 1996.

Consequently, a group of fighters encountered it and clashed with it, using different kinds of arms and causing its members several casualties.

One Islamic-Resistance Fighter Martyred in August, 1996

On August 3, 1996, martyr Abbass Muhammad Bahjat was martyred during the Zionist shelling against Mount ad-Dahr.