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Jihad Sermon 27



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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of July in 1996..

Islamic Resistance Performs Seventeen Operations in July, 1996

The various resistance squadrons performed 20 operations against the enemy and agents, 17 operations of which were performed by the Islamic Resistance. Yet, what was significant this month was the that Hizbullah continued its initiative to resolve the issue of the captives and detainees in the occupation prisons after Hizbullah's earlier initiative of setting two Lahd militiamen free.

The Lahd militiamen Khalil Ali Hassan and Francois Aoun were captivated in two heroic operations performed by the Islamic Resistance more than two years ago.
This initiative was actually announced in a press conference held by Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem and attended by member of "the Follow-up Committee for Supporting the Case of Detainees in "Israeli" Prisons", Haj Muhammad Berjawi, in addition to a delegation of this committee. Also attending the conference was Chief of "the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights" Bshara Merhej.

Sheikh Qassem iterated that this initiative marking with the Lebanese Detainees' Day, aimed at supporting the detainees and captives. Sheikh Qassem requested that the Lebanese government and the International Community implement political, media, and actual activities to release all detainees.

As for the released Lebanese detainees, they are: Khalil Ali Hassan: born in Blida Town in 1973 and was captivated in the heroic operation the Islamic Resistance performed against Tallouseh Site; Francois Aoun: was born in al-Aychieh in 1957 and was captivated in the heroic operation the Islamic Resistance performed on al-Aychieh-al-Rihan Route.

Islamic Resistance Attacks Lahd Patrol on Sojod-ar-Rihan Route, July 15, 1996

On July 15, 1996, the Islamic Resistance attacked a Lahd patrol on Sojod-ar-Rihan Route, killing a Lahd security official called Abu Qassem; whereby the fighters blasted his white Mercedes car while he was en route to Beit Lif, and he was killed at once.
On the other hand, the Islamic Resistance has announced the martyrdom of two fighters during the confrontations of "Operation Sojod-ar-Rihan": Nasser Hussein Hawi (from Khirbit Selm Town) and Muhammad Hussein Hassan (from Zkak el-Blat).

Islamic Resistance Ambushes Zionist Infantry, July 31, 1996

The Islamic Resistance has continued to strike the enemy forces in the occupied regions. On July 31, 1996, the Resistance set an ambush for a Zionist infantry patrol en route to Rob Tleteen. Having reached the required spot, the patrol was bombarded with the fighters' firearms and artillery, and violent clashes took place.

Most of the fourteen infantrymen were killed or injured before the fighters had another battle in the same field as the enemy brought reinforcements there.
The Islamic Resistance has announced two fighters' martyrdom during the confrontations:
Haj Muhammad Fayyad Habhab (from Kfarhouna) and Jamaal Abdul Ali el-Khalil (from Markaba)

In fact, the increase in the Islamic-Resistance's operations, the brilliant results the fighters have achieved, and the enemy's continuous failure in encountering these operations have pushed the enemy's command to make suggestions and try to find solutions in hope for getting rid of "the trap of which the "Israelis" have become prisoners", as the former "Israeli" minister and Knesset member Yossi Beilin put it, adding that "Our soldiers have become targets in the south of Lebanon."
Beilin called for a unilateral withdrawal of "Israel", too.

For his part, the enemy War Minister Isaac Mordachai announced he would suggest that his government carries out a unilateral withdrawal from the South of Lebanon as requested by officers of the "Israeli" military and security systems.

Four Islamic Resistance Fighters Martyred in July, 1996

The Islamic Resistance has offered four martyrs in July:

1- Muhammad Hussein Hassan; was martyred on July 9, 1996
2- Muhammad Fayyad Habhab; was martyred on July 25, 1996
3- Jamaal Abdul Ali el-Khalil; was martyred on July 25, 1996
4- Nasser Hawi; was martyred on July 29, 1996