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Jihad Sermon 27



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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of February in 1996...

Resistance Performs Eighty-Four Operations in February, 1996

The various resistance squadrons performed 131 operations against the enemy and agents, 84 among which were performed by the Islamic Resistance.
The enemy acknowledged the death of 5 "Israelis" and the injury of 7 others, in addition to the injury of 16 Lahd militiamen.
In contrast, the Resistance announced the death of 4 "Israeli" soldiers and 6 Lahd militiamen, in addition to the injury of 13 "Israeli" soldiers and 19 Lahd militiamen.

Islamic Resistance Ambushes Deputy Chief of War Staff Matan Velnai, February 14, 1996

On February 14, 1996, an Islamic-Resistance group monitored a motorcade of senior "Israeli" officers inspecting the enemy sites in the West Sector. While the motorcade, on which were Deputy Chief of War Staff Matan Velnai and several assistants, was on Beit Yahoun Route, the Islamic-Resistance group launched rockets against it, causing it severe casualties.
The Resistance sources declared that the motorcade consisted of a white Mercedes car, a half-track, and a military truck.

The sources as well mentioned that the fighters had monitored the motorcade's route well. As soon as the motorcade reached the ambush spot in Beit Yahoun, the Resistance artillerists bombarded it.
After the operation, "Israeli" reinforcements encompassed the operation zone, launching smoke grenades and landing a helicopter down there.

Operation Series Marks Islamic-Resistance Week, al-Quds International Day, February 16, 1996

Marking the Islamic-Resistance Week and al-Quds (Jerusalem) International Day, the Islamic-Resistance fighters bravely confronted Zionist-Lahd forces on February 16, 1996.
The Resistance brigades attacked 26 Zionist-Lahd sites and patrols along the confrontation frontline starting in an-Nakoura and ending in West Beqaa. The Islamic-Resistance groups caused many losses to the enemy and agents and killed or injured many of them.

As the Resistance usually marks al-Quds International Day and the Islamic-Resistance Week, the groups demolished most of the fortifications of the targeted sites. This occurred though the occupation had made strict security measures.
Even though the Zionists censored any acknowledgements, some Lahd-Militia sources acknowledged the injury of a Zionist officer and 5 agents.
In fact, the operation against the motorcade of Deputy Chief of War Staff Matan Velnai overwhelmed the enemy.

Resistance Performs Striking Operation near Headquarters of "Battalion 80", February 27, 1996

On February 27, 1996, the Islamic Resistance performed a daring operation in the occupied borderline near the headquarters of "Battalion 80" located at al-Jamoussa Site.
The groups of the Brigade of Self-sacrifice Martyrs' Knight Salah Ghandour perfectly ambushed a Lahd patrol, whereby the fighters struck the patrol with their firearms and artillery, destroying a military vehicle and killing or wounding the militiamen on it.

A Zionist helicopter landed down into the center of "Barracks 17" in order to evacuate the casualties into occupied Palestine.
The agents' sources acknowledged the death of a militiaman and the injury of 3 militiamen and a militiawoman. The sources declared that the killed militiaman was called Antoine Salloum and that his wife, the militiawoman, was transported on the helicopter to occupied Palestine.

Martyr Saeed Harb's Group Attacks "Israeli" Patrol, February 7, 1996

On February 2, 1996, martyr Saeed Harb's group attacked an "Israeli" patrol of 12 vehicles while it was on Arnoun-Shkief Route. Using firearms and artillery, the fighters destroyed a common car, on which were many soldiers.
Several patrollers were killed or wounded. At least two soldiers and an officer were killed, and an ambulance transported them to Shkief Site.
The occupation sources acknowledged the operation, claiming that 2 patrollers were injured.

Resistance Blasts Lahd Force Lurking on Teir Harfa-al-Jabeen Route, February 12, 1996

On February 12, 1996, the Islamic Resistance bombed an explosive while a Lahd force was lurking on Teir Harfa-al-Jabeen Route. Three Lahd agents were killed at once.
The agents' sources acknowledged the operation, declaring, "Two militiamen were killed, and another was severely wounded in a deserted house in Teir Harfa. The militiamen were lying in ambush when an explosive bomb Hizbullah had implanted exploded."
The sources named the deceased militiamen: George Masaad and Danni ash-Sheikh. The sources also said that "the wounded" militiaman was transported into a hospital into occupied Palestine.

The Islamic Resistance has displayed a video on the operation. The video showed the deserted building where the explosive was implanted. Unaware of the Resistance's ambuscade, the militiamen appeared getting positioned on the second floor.
In the blink of an eye, the big explosive bomb exploded, producing a huge fire mass and killing the three agents. One of the corpses' pieces appeared flying off a window.

Resistance Ambushes Zionist Force in Khallet Mayfadoun, February 18, 1996

On February 18, 1996, at 10:45 p.m., the Islamic Resistance fighters monitored a Zionist force lurking around Mazra'et el-Hamra and Khallet Mayfadoun.
As soon as the force reached al-Mrabaa Region, where the fighters had been lying in ambush, the fighters clashed with it for thirty minutes.
Striking the force with firearms and artillery, the fighters made it retreat from the place. The enemy covered its retreat by dropping smoke grenades and sending helicopters to fly intensively in the clash zone.
However, the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit targeted the withdrawal routes of the Zionist force.

Resistance Performs Fierce, Concurrent Attacks against Zionist-Lahd Targets, February 19, 1996

On February 19, 1996, groups of the Brigade of the Islamic-Resistance Martyrs' Sheikh Ragheb Harb carried out a series of concurrent, fierce attacks against Zionist-Lahd targets.
Likewise, martyr Hassan Abboud's group ambushed a blue van while it was on as-Suweidaa-al-Jarmak Route. As the van reached the ambuscade spot, the Resistance artillerists bombarded it, burning it and killing or wounding each of the Lahd militiamen on it.

Islamic Resistance Performs Striking Operation Series, February 26, 1996

As the enemy was still doing its aftermath after the occurrence of the self-sacrifice operations in al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Askalan, the loyal Islamic Resistance saluted the Intifada's heroes; whereby the Resistance performed a unique jihad operation, killing or wounding 17 Zionist soldiers.

The Brigade of the Islamic-Resistance Martyrs' Master Sayyed Abbass al-Moussawi performed a daring operation series on February 26, 1996. The operation series began as martyr Ahmad Hariri's group attacked a Zionist patrol of 17 infantrymen entering Shkief Fort.
Positioned only a few meters away from the infantrymen, the Resistance artillerists killed or wounded 12 infantrymen, and they dominated the battle field.

Four Islamic-Resistance Fighters Martyred in February, 1996

The Islamic Resistance has announced the martyrdom of fighter Muhammad Hussein Mathloum.
The fighter was martyred while performing his jihad duty at one of the Islamic-Resistance's havens on February 16, 1996.
Martyr Mathloum is from Britel Town.

Also, the Resistance has announced the martyrdom of three fighters, who were martyred on February 22, 1996 while defending the Muslims' havens:

- Martyr Ahmad Muhammad Hariri: He was born in Kuwait in 1979
- Martyr Ahmad Melhem Shahrour: He was born in Nabatiyeh in 1979
- Martyr Ali Yahiya Khalil (Sajjed): He was born in Berish in 1977