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ISF Eavesdropping Scandal Waits Telecommunication Ministry’s Confirmation

ISF Eavesdropping Scandal Waits Telecommunication Ministry’s Confirmation
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Local Editor

Pending the return of Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sahnaoui from Spain, discussions went on about the New TV report regarding the eavesdropping equipment belonging to the Lebanese Information Security Branch.
ISF Eavesdropping Scandal Waits Telecommunication Ministry’s Confirmation
According to the report, the equipments were fixed on the emission poles of the two mobile telephone companies.
The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces issued a statement denying that the Information Branch has set up eavesdropping devices on emission stations and expressing surprise "at this weird insistence on involving the branch in fabricated news."

However, a high ranking source within the ISF asserted to "al-Akhbar" Lebanese daily that the "ISF Information Branch fixed the devices on several emission poles in order to broadcast microwaves."
"This network belonging to the ISF is used to connect the centers of the main barracks of the Information Branch to its headquarters spread over the Lebanese territory from Tripoli to Sidon passing through Beirut, Mount Lebanon and Zahle," the source added.

For its part, sources involved in the telecommunications sector informed the same newspaper that "what will be revealed in this case is related to the files found in the Ministry of Communications and the governing Agency."
"This raises more than one question, most notably about the reason for the ISF entering in negotiations with one of the cell phone companies phone to allow the branch dismantle the above mentioned equipments," high ranking sources added.

Source: al-Akhbar Lebanese daily, Translated and Edited by