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Ahmadinejad: Western Powers, the Real Loser of their Unilateral Sanctions

Ahmadinejad: Western Powers, the Real Loser of their Unilateral Sanctions
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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad affirmed that the Western sanctions on Iran target the Iranian people, but will not affect them.

During the inaugural ceremony of 14 development and industrial projects in the southeastern city of Sarcheshmeh in the Kerman province, Ahamdinejad affirmed that it is a big lie that the Western countries are not targeting the Iranian nation, but "God willing, the people will pass the barriers set by the western sanctions against them", IRNA reported.

"You are the real enemy of people and you are putting pressure on them, but the Iranians are decisive to being victorious in this battle", Ahmadinejad stated, addressing the region's western enemies.
"I reproach you to pave the right track and do not make any excuses while the time is still ripe for negotiations", the Iranian President further noted.
Ahmadinejad: Western Powers, the Real Loser of their Unilateral Sanctions
On this level, Ahmadinejad stated that the western powers are avoiding negotiations, and this was illustrated through imposing new anti-Iran sanctions and resolutions on the eve of resuming talks on the Iranian nuclear issue.
"Why should one make excuses and avoid negotiations while one is rational and has something to say?
But only arrogant [powers] and oppressors make these excuses", he further indicated.

"I once advice you to be friendly with the Iranian because it is no longer a time for making noises and bullying others in the world", the Iranian President warned.
Furthermore, the Iranian President referred to the US sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), stating it is "a big blow to Iran's economy but [...] it is about 30 years since the CBI cut ties with the US, therefore, it will not work and it is in fact a useless initiative".

Also, elaborating on the EU oil embargo, Ahmadinejad indicated that the total Iranian foreign trade is 200 billion dollar, and only 24 billion dollars are due to oil exchanges in Europe.
"Once, about 90% of the Iranian trade was with the Europeans, but nowadays it is about 10%, so, we did not voluntarily cut ties with them and they will be the real loser from their unilateral sanctions", he reiterated.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by team