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Mofaz to Netanyahu: “Israelis” Should Know You are A ‘Liar’!

Mofaz to Netanyahu: “Israelis” Should Know You are A ‘Liar’!
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"Israeli" Knesset Foreign Affairs and War Committee chairman Shaul Mofaz shouted at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday during a committee meeting when he found out that Netanyahu's office had falsely briefed journalists by claiming that Mofaz had stated that IDF Chief Benny Gantz lied during a discussion on the security budget.

"[Netanyahu] lies when it comes to economics, he lies to young "Israelis" when it comes to the peace process. And today he lies when it comes to the most sensitive issues in the security system. "Israeli" citizens must know that they have a lying prime minister," he told reporters later.

According to the "Israeli" Haaretz, Mofaz accused the Prime Minister's Office of "wronging the media," and said it is "unimaginable that [Netanyahu's] advisers will throw in such a wrong utterance by someone who has previously served as IDF chief."

The Jerusalem Post reported that an hour earlier, a spokesman from the Prime Minister's Office put out a statement alleging that Mofaz said "Israeli" Occupation Forces Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz did not report truthfully about the defense budget and expenses. Mofaz vehemently denied making the statement.

"You do not misquote a committee chairman, who was a chief of staff, criticizing the chief of staff," Mofaz continued. "There are things that cannot be done in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee."

Speaking with reporters after shutting down the committee meeting, Mofaz called the incident an "unprecedented, villainous act by the prime minister and his media staff."

"I said that the IDF never falsely reported its budget, and I rely on the chief of General Staff and those in uniform to report the truth on the budget," Mofaz continued, "That is what I said."

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