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Hizbullah Wins Another Brain War Round, Blinds CIA’s Spies in Lebanon

Hizbullah Wins Another Brain War Round, Blinds CIA’s Spies in Lebanon
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By Muhammad al-Husseini, al-Intiqad

The Islamic Resistance has won a new round of intelligence confrontation with the United States and "Israel", lethally striking one of the most prominent intelligence centers in the Middle East, which is headquartered in the US Embassy in Awkar, east of Beirut. As well, in cooperation with the Lebanese Army and the Lebanese official security corps, the Islamic Resistance has exposed tens of intelligence agents working for the "Israeli" enemy. They have also discovered several "Israeli" telecommunication and electronic-transmission systems specified for spying and monitoring the movements of the Islamic Resistance and the Lebanese Army. The systems were actually planted in several Lebanese regions.

Sayyed Nasrallah Exposes CIA Den in Awkar

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has exposed the US intelligentce activity run by the US Embassy in Awkar, creating a strong shock among the local and foreign media, particularly among the US and "Israeli" media; whereby Sayyed Nasrallah's exposition included precise information on certain incidents, names, places, and the details of the intelligential activity.
Hizbullah Wins Another Brain War Round, Blinds CIA’s Spies in Lebanon
On Friday, June 24, 2011, "al-Manar TV" broadcasted the statement of Sayyed Nasrallah, who declared that ""Hizbullah Counter-Espionage Corps" has apprehended three individuals who betrayed "Hizbullah Organizational Corps" and dealt with counter intelligences."

His Eminence added that "the so-called "A.B.", recruited five months earlier and the so-called "M.H.", recruited even before the first one, haven't been connected with each other, and they have acknowledged their contact with CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) officers who work as "diplomats" at the US Embassy in Awkar. As for the third, so-called "M.A.", he has acknowledged his security connection with a foreign corps.""Unlike the news reported by the media, the spies' number is three - not more," His Eminence confirmed, adding that "none of them has been a figure of "Hizbullah Primary Command".
And none of them has been a religion scholar or a close acquaintance or a security aide of mine. Besides, none of them has had any relation with the frontline or the most important military units as "Hizbullah Missiles Unit", which the US and "Israel" seek information on. Furthermore, none of them has had critical information that might harm the structure of the Islamic Resistance, for they haven't been assigned for such critical responsibilities that may harm the military and security structures of the Islamic Resistance or its ability to confront the enemy in any coming war.

Besides, none of them has had anything to do with the assassination of the martyred Commander, Haj Imad Moghnieh or with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL); that is, neither are their names among the ones which some Lebanese security corps have, nor among the names of individuals summoned for investigation by the STL Investigation Committee."Then, Sayyed Nasrallah declared, ""The US intelligence is now assisting "Israel", for the "Israeli" security corps has suffered harsh coups in Lebanon in the last three years." His Eminence reiterated that these incidents actually spotlighted "the espionage den in Awkar; we are now absolutely certain that the US Embassy in Awkar is an espionage and recruitment center serving "Israel"."

Denial... Confusion... Acknowledgement

On the 25th of June, the spokesman for the US Embassy in Beirut made a hastened response, which was reported by "the French Press Agency (AFP)": "This is the same kind of false accusations we've heard Hizbullah making over and over again... There are no solid grounds for these accusations...

Apparently Hizbullah is dealing with internal problems that have nothing to do
 with us." The spokesman added, "The US stance on Hizbullah is well-known, and it hasn't changed."Nevertheless, Robert Baer, a former CIA operation officer in Lebanon, wrote an article published by "The Times" to talk about the Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's "slap" for the US intelligence as His Eminence declared Hizbullah's discovery of CIA agents. Baer concluded that the discovery was made through "the links-analysis technique", one of the electronic intelligence systems using an informatics program that can search trillions of GB, the telecommunications data; also that can search for unusual calls as a series of short calls by analyzing "the GPS (Global Positioning System)"* reports of telecommunications companies." As well, Baer saw that "the security corps of Hizbullah is not only as good as any other corps in the world but also is the best - even better than "the KGB (The Russian Intelligence)".
Hizbullah Wins Another Brain War Round, Blinds CIA’s Spies in Lebanon
The CIA, however, refused to comment on these urgent incidents; whereby the CIA spokesman Preston Jolson said, "In accordance with its rules, the CIA does not address any "claims" regarding its operations." Still, "Reuters" reported upon the statement of US officials their confirmation that "some CIA informants, assigned to collect information on Hizbullah and Iran, have been harmed. Any loss of this kind actually harms the US efforts to collect information."

"Israeli" Confession

The other confession was made by Zionist analysts; whereby the military-affairs reporter of "Yedioth Ahronoth" Ronen Bergman considered that "the CIA has received a harsh coup in Lebanon." As well, Bergman said, "Arresting the CIA agents in Lebanon is another proof of the unique improvement of "the axis of evil's" abilities in confrontation with the pursuits of Western espionage and devastation."Bergman added, "The CIA's protective measures haven't been enough for its agents; that is, unlike the "Israeli" intelligence, the CIA lacks expertise in espionage tasks, and this has made its agents get arrested and allowed Hizbullah to successfully discover them and unravel a part of the US espionage webs in Lebanon.

"Yedioth Ahronoth" reported the statement of a US intelligential source to "The Times", "We've been careless and lazy, and we've started to feel the steps we make in the dark." In addition, a senior intelligence officer said, "It's been wrong for this big number of agents to meet at the same place ("Pizza Hut"). The intelligence officers knew they were being monitored."As for the ""Israeli" Channel Two", it described the US intelligence fall in Lebanon as "difficult and harsh". "Channel Two's" correspondent in Washington DC "Aharon Barnea" pointed out that "the US intelligence is very worried as it has lost main and critical information regarding what is going on in Lebanon." Likewise, "Channel Two's" correspondent for Arab affairs "Yaron Schneider" saw that "Hizbullah has worked for years to confront the real targets of many corps trying to penetrate Hizbullah.

Thus, Hizbullah has increased the level of its attention and precaution and has intensified its counter efforts to expose the agents and stop them from accomplishing their missions. Apparently, Hizbullah has made a success here."The " "Israeli" Channel One's" correspondent for military and security affairs "You'af Lemoore" spoke about "the disappointment of the US intelligence; Washington's intelligential failure in Lebanon today has brought about great harm to the ability of the US to collect information in the Middle East."

Yet, Lemoore claimed that "this is not going to affect "Israel" negatively, but it represents a new slap for the "awe" of the US, which has basically been lost in the Middle East." Back to the "Israeli" expert in intelligential affairs Ronen Bergman; he saw that "what has happened actually points out that the operating sides have been working unprofessionally; they have been doing the very work of an amateur. Thus, they've enabled Hizbullah to discover the recruited agents, some of who have turned out to be double agents who haven't supplied the US with important information."

Information... More Information

On the 9th of August, 2011, "al-Intiqad Website" published information regarding a five-year plan made by the US intelligence. The plan was initiated after "the July War" in 2006 and later extended until 2013. As for the corresponding expenditures, they'd reached $ 67 million by January 1, 2010. The plan actually required finding a group of youths or encouraging them to form associations, whereby they would later be directed to do different activities as all beautiful, stimulating, and attractive titles are used, e.g.: "Education for Peace", "Women and Their Rights", "Sectarianism Eradication", and "Arts". As well, the plan aimed at alluring youths to exuberant fun...

As for the sum which the US Foreign Department of State has specialized for "programs" called "Supporting the Civil Community" and "Training for Democracy in Lebanon", is estimated to be $ 75 million. The sum funds "Reneh Moawad Foundation (RMF)", "the Phalanges' Youths", "the March-14 Alliance General Secretariat", and "Fares Khashan's" " Website", as well as ten other websites and local magazines in southern and northern Lebanon and some local television channels. The US Ambassador to Bahrain, "Adam Ereli", actually supervises this program, among the priorities of which is encouraging theatrical, songs, and music bands to do suspected tasks of normalization so as to support "multilateralism", "freedoms", and "fighting the culture of killing and terrorism", as Washington DC puts it.

On the 23rd of November, 2011, the Head of the Media and Telecommunications Committee of the Lebanese Parliament MP Hassan Fadlallah held a press conference at the Lebanese Parliament, accusing the US Embassy in Beirut of involvement with espionage operations and requesting that the Lebanese government carry out immediate procedures concerning this matter. Some days afterwards, the Minister of Information Walid Daouk said after a Ministerial-Council session, "Actual summons haven't been made. Premier Najib Mikati has asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs Adnan Mansour to get information from the US Ambassador to Beirut Maura Connelly regarding the "validity" of the press information on the matter of espionage." As for MP Mansour, who had met with Connelly before the session of the Ministerial Council, he confirmed that "the information revealed regarding the CIA's performance of espionage operations and intelligential operations in Lebanon has shocked the Lebanese government and public as it violates Lebanon's sovereignty and national security."

Facts about Awkar Den

On the 12th of December, an exceptional episode of the political show "Hadith as-Sa'a (Literally: The Talk of the Hour)" was displayed on "al-Manar TV", whereby the show hosted MP Hassan Fadlallah, who revealed more information on the activity of the intelligence center permanently headquartered in one of the buildings of the US Embassy in Awkar. The center runs and operates big webs of spies all over the Lebanese territories; whereby the spies infiltrate several military, political, social, educational, security, health, and media sectors. Fadlallah said, "The Islamic Resistance is leading a covert war versus the US and "Israeli" intelligences." Fadlallah also pointed out that "the outcomes are thundering; yet, what is being revealed is only a very little part of these outcomes."The show displayed a detailed report on the names and missions of the spies of the intelligence center in Awkar, the places where they meet with each other, and their targets. The current head of this center is called Daniel Patrick McVilley, who is in charge of a ten-officer team that runs the intelligential work in Lebanon. The team includes male and female officers assigned for running and keeping up with the work of the CIA's security webs in Lebanon. As well, these officers serve in the aforementioned center for three consecutive years, and all of them work as "diplomats" for the American Embassy in Beirut.

Still, there are other intelligence officers, who are not devoted for work at the intelligence center; that is, they arrive in Lebanon for short periods of time (ranging between several weeks or months), often assigned for specific missions, after accomplishing which they leave Lebanon. Among the working officers are: Rosendo Cedeno, Chuck Lisenbee, and Sarah Gittere. The officers actually use fake names while operating; among these names are: Officer Lisa and Officer John. Furthermore, the intelligence-center team of officers recruits various individuals of the Lebanese community: governmental employees, official security members and militants, members of Lebanese parties, and Lebanese political figures working in the fields of politics, media, religion, social activity, banking, health, and academic people, etc...)
However, the most significant activity of the CIA is recruiting the individuals acting in Lebanon against the "Israeli" enemy. The meetings are held in public places like restaurants and cafés ("Starbucks", "McDonald's", "Pizza Hut", etc...); whereas some other meetings are held on cars having the US Embassy's diplomatic label.

Among the missions of the CIA informants is providing information on everything about the members and commanders of Hizbullah, their phone numbers, addresses, addresses of their children's schools, their financial troubles, in addition to the names of Hizbullah commanders of villages, the weaponry they have, the missiles depots, the Islamic Resistance's logistic structures, the prominent figures known to be assassination targets chased by the "Israeli" enemy, and the medical, social, and financial institutions of Hizbullah, which are spread all over the Lebanese regions. In certain cases, the US intelligence relates some sources with "Israeli" officers who later become in charge of running these sources and keeping up with their work, serving, therefore, the execution of a completely special security program of the enemy.

On the 14th of December, the Head of the Media and Telecommunications Committee of the Lebanese Parliament Hassan Fadlallah called for carrying out the legal and judicial procedures and applying the operative laws in confrontation with these espionages after the names of the corresponding US officers had been revealed and after they had been accused of espionage and providing "Israel" with information, victimizing Lebanese people, therefore. Fadlallah added, "CIA's espionage in Lebanon violates our country's sovereignty and security. Exposing the names of the head, officers, and agents of the intelligence center, as well as its work programs and targets, the Islamic Resistance has delivered a harsh coup to this US security corps, in addition to "Israel" that has suffered greater damage upon the thundering loss of the CIA."

Espionage Devices

In cooperation with the Lebanese security corps and the Lebanese Army, the Islamic Resistance has sustained its intelligential confrontation, blinding the "Israeli" eyes in Lebanon; whereby this cooperation allowed a unit of "the Signal Battalion" and "the Engineering Battalion" of the Lebanese Army to Hizbullah Wins Another Brain War Round, Blinds CIA’s Spies in Lebanon disassemble an "Israeli" espionage set placed between "Ansarieh" and "Zrarieh". The set was a machine that allowed the "Israeli" enemy's espionage and photographic surveillance; that is, the set recorded photographic films whenever it was remotely and electronically operated. Afterwards, a receiver on the lands of occupied Palestine would receive these films aerially. "The Directory of Orientation of the Lebanese-Army Command" issued the following statement: "On the 17th of March, 2011, a specialized unit of the Lebanese

Army disassembled a set of espionage and photography, which was camouflaged as a rock and planted by the "Israeli" enemy in "Shama'" near Sur (Tyr). The Intelligence Directory has found this device after Islamic-Resistance sources had offered it information; whereby corresponding technical units initiated the discovery of the set, disassembling it, and transporting it away from the place. The set discovered included five parts: a photography system, a photographs-transmission system, a receiving system for the set-control signals, long-term energy-feeding sources, and a cooling system.

The discovered set, which worked in high technical definition, would provide coverage for the southern coast starting with al-Bayyada until Sur; whereby the set would be operated by surveillance planes, which would receive the photographs directly from the set's photographs-transmission system. On the 9th of April, 2011, Lebanon filed a complaint to the United Nations (UN) against "Israel" that had planted monitoring and photography sets camouflaged as rocks at the heart of the Lebanese territories. Lebanon urged the UN Security Council (UNSC) to "compel "Israel" to give up its practice of espionage." In the warrant it sent to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council Presidency, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry stated, "This is the second time "Israel" does such act. The set was found in a region near the City of Sur (Tyr), in the outskirts of the operation zone of the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL)." Besides, the Foreign Ministry warned that ""Israel's" planting of this set at the heart of the Lebanese territories offensively violates the Lebanese sovereignty, the international laws and conventions, and the UNSC Resolution 1701. This harms the international peace and security."

Srifa-Deir Kifa Device

On the 2nd of December, 2011, the Islamic Resistance discovered another "Israeli" espionage device in "Wadi el-Ain" (el-Ain Valley), which lies between "Srifa" and "Deir Kifa". After a technical unit had detected some signs of the presence of a strange body and some signals transmitted from the place, it patrolled there. "Hizbullah Media Relations" issued a statement as such: "The Islamic Resistance devastated an "Israeli" espionage operation as the Resistance discovered an "Israeli" device on the wire cable in Wadi el-Ain, which lies between Srifa and Deir Kifa.

That was before an "Israeli" surveillance plane aerially bombed the device. None of the Resistance fighters was hurt, however. The device was planted on a little hill, camouflaged as a rock, and placed at the depth of over 70 cm. A path exceeding 15 m was dug from the spot of the device until the location of the transmission device. The path penetrated a soil way and a rocky wall in one of the olive orchards. In fact, this incident resembles the one that happened in 2010 as the Islamic-Resistance telecommunications technicians discovered an espionage device the enemy had placed on the telecommunications network of the Resistance in "Wadi el-Qaisieh" near "Majdal Selm" in the South.

As the system was discovered, the enemy bombed it from a distance. A year and two months earlier, in October, 2009, the Resistance discovered a similar violation in "Wadi el-Onk" between "Houla" and "Mays el-Jabal" in "the Marjeyoun District". Even before that, the Resistance, in cooperation with the Lebanese Army, had devastated two operations of wiretapping and espionage in al-Barouk and Sannine. On the 19th of December, 2011, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry offered a complaint to the UN against "Israel" after it had planted this device; whereby Lebanon confirmed that this act was an offensive violation of the Lebanese sovereignty, the international laws and conventions, and the UNSC Resolution 1701, and that harmed the international peace and security.

The operation of the discovered espionage set, which was technically advanced, had been initiated years earlier. All probabilities pointed out the set had been planted in "the July War" in 2006 since at that time the "Israelis" took hold over that region, particularly over "Deir Kifa Height". The set was big-sized, and it included three parts: a wiretapping device; big-sized batteries; and a transmission device that received signals from the main device and transmitted information. Hereupon, planting this set needed twenty persons at least and required a several-day work, which is impossible in the current circumstances as the mentioned region is constantly watched and monitored. Besides, the farmers and olive-orchard owners of the region always arrive in the region.

*The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near the Earth, where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.